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    The Charred Skeleton

    The Snot approach works nice on this gives it a decent shape. Fortifications or a oversized crew for boarding will be needed
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    [Lay-Out - BELUG] Pirates at Brickmania Antwerp 2017

    There is so much to look at the pictures in sure did it no justice... The track ship is simply fantastic.... Was it actually the old 12v Lego system or just the trackage with rc components?
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    Thanks it means alot hearing good things... I've tried to implement some of the techniques I've seen on here with my own twist and the bricks I currently have... It's been almost 10 years since I've built anything like this. But alas here are some more changes... Black skeletons... Don't know if I like them on the stern but I do on the other parts of the ship there's six total And so it has begun ... Made the dive and started stringing up the masts Picked up some hemp string and it's not as great as Lego string I feel like it looks the part since many a ship had hemp rope Did have to change up the third mast . . . Had it rigged and it just didn't look right so it will be getting a large spanker to remedy the hole And yes it will have rat lines I believe is the correct term however I tied... Yes tied two and now fully understand why nobody likes them lol I originally tried greenhairs one continuous string tutorial but after ripping the mast down and the side walls off too many times to count I had no other choice but to tie each line separately. So far I'm liking it accept for the acute carpel tunnel lol I'm still waiting on a slow boat from Deutchland for some updates to come and a few color changes... But that's another post
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    [MOC] Mission - San Escobar, 1715

    This is some amazing work
  5. The roof and architectural elements really pulled me in ... I would love to see a step by step on your process for the roof.
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    Yea everything ive read on the model forum says its very tedious work and will take a lot of time just for that part. Thats why i rigged it with lego for now lol. I like that extra spar ... I never knew that existed ... That was common to see on ships wonder why it was left out? Selective compression? I like your idea of adding height might be a great way to add a top sail ... Im already using the base extenders on a pair of single high bricks that's off the lower deck which is three bricks and a plate off the bottom.
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    Thanks Its been a interesting journey getting where i am with it ... Lots of researching and borrowing of ideas ... I would definitely be interested in seeing a photo of the extender might be a future build option. Or this ... Im still not totally satisfied with the bow. I looked up the connectors ... The first part listed pulls up airplane fuselage on brick link ... Perhaps you have a picture ... I think i know what your talking about ... They did the railroad crossing gates with the smooth bores and connectors. And yes im very familiar with brinklink. Unfortunately for me it seems every time i get on there i see stuff i would like to use and my cart winds up being 400 dollars lol ... I have several wanted lists now ... I use tlc site ebay(compared to BL) and bricklink to get parts. I already have 80 bucks in grey parts to smooth out the transition ... You can actually see the bed started as a lounger in the one picture then i decided it should be a bed. Eventually it may have tiled decks but for now it will be plates .. Ive been reading up on the model ship forums on doing rigging ... Not looking forward to all the knots but love the results. I will be using the custom crows nest rigging (bits of some broken rigging that came in a ebay lot) on another ship ... Perhaps the one with the dragon i was playing around with. But you've been very helpful in the progression of this build ... I feel that future builds be much quicker ... But then again i only put four hours a week roughly
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    Shes drawing near completion ... I plan to rig this and add sails (custom but similar sized to lego sails although mismatched sets lol ... I decided against the pearl sails as the mounting locations are completely different on new from old style masts. The rigging thats on it now is temporary I wanted to get some yards hung so i played with it some lol like i said i want to rig it ... Does anyone have a source for the woven thread lego uses i read it somewhere but i cant find the thread ... Pun intended. I changed the mortars im happy with them may try to find those plates in black instead of tan though. Added a capitans cabin ... Dont yell at me the chairs are not lego but when i was sorting out my legos i couldnt bring myself to toss them in the giveaway box. I think they are fitting here. Yes the capitan has a thing for Rubys and a great smile as can be seen on his cabin mate. Also a neat picture of the actual sun coming in the stain glass. Moved the guns forward due to rigging conflicts still need to put my order in for final touch up items .... Lets see if you notice any other changes...
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    Queen Catherine's Revenge

    I like the blasters as cannons ... You've done a good job with the shape of the stern. I liked the crew introduction. The second face is more fitting of the captain.
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    Nassau MOC at Brickfair Virginia 2017 (Not my MOC)

    That is awesome i lovehow they openly admitted to last min building
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    So unfortunately i don't have the actual "work in progress" photos from last night as the phone was dead. But here's what transpired... I tore the ship down to the hull ... Save for the captains stairwell aft ... I installed a winch string that tied off two broken chains i had ... Had to make use of them somehow ... So it has duel anchors I ran an axel rod ... Two actually with a coupler to the center of the ship ... Installed a 90 degree bevel gear set ... Then build an entire lower deck around this set up ... Unfortunately this raised my gun deck (was slopped to a 4 brick wide center) now the floor is flat across the three center sections. So there's technically only room for minifigs to stand at the front three cannons ... Unless i employ dwarf legs on the gun deck crew ... But a good optical illusion unless you are a brick counter. There is a ladder that goes up to the mortars from the gun deck but it comes out with the mast so you can see the doors to the "rest of the ship" So I built a temporary capstan (believe thats the name) which hauls in ways anchors. Im sure it wasn't common for two anchors on a ship of this size but its there none the less just like the ram ... Because it looks cool and the chicks dig it Then I reinstalled the side walls and decided that since i found the parts to the fourth small cannon that i would use them on the upper deck. So i attempted to fit the medium guns under the forecastle ... I wasn't satisfied with the result so it was fitted standard cannons. I refitted the mortars and reworked the railings a bit because of the cannons but I'm happy with the change ... I need to find a different way to tie off the sail on the bow ... Don't know its technical name .... Its from the old imperial trading post ship ... Its too small to use on any boat sail accept maybe a royal or is it top? The upper one lol. The original boat was only 6 bricks wide. But i utilized it here and the spanker looks ok but i will probably change it. The sails will be custom or I'll use the pearl sails as i have half a set already from a ebay lot. Ive finally found a character that i feel matches the attitude of the ship ... Something i try to do with all my skippers ... Now I just need a good name for the "revenge seeking surviving brother" I discovered while walking through walmart at midnight ... No im not a freak lol just work second shift ... Took a walk down the lego isle as I often tend to do around christmas time to check out the deals and see new sets ... I gotta say i like some of the creator sets but i noticed something ... As i was picking up sets I was looking at them not as what a cool set but as what can I use in building a ship ... Lol well just so happens i reach the bagged lego sets ... Im particularly fond of these because i always got three or four in a stocking stuffer. I look through them and there's a cool hot rod (always wished for stuff like this when i was growing up) but everything else was lego movie batman or ninja theme ... At first i overlooked them but picked the bags back up ... Jack pot ship parts for decoration lol i need to go back and buy three more to get enough red legs to swap all of the white out ... The Captain's photo shows how it will look when finished but this is the whole bridge currently ... Didn't move the helm but did have the space to install the mast. I now have a four gun upper deck and gangways to the forecastle now Still need to work out the yard arms and sails ... The rigging is just to give me an idea of where it will fall i don't plan on using these. I haven't decided if i want to take the dive into rigging yet ... I know i love the look but i know if i do i wont ever want to use lego rigging again lol I tried a setup with the sheets and a blanket over the headboard ... I like the result unfortunately the photos are kinda fuzzy as i was in a hurry cause i had a three year old wanting to undo every part of the ship trying to look at it lol that and my cell is a cheepo lol And yes that may be batmans cape but this Capitan wears it better .
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    Spanish ship: Leviathan

    I really like the playability it looks like it could have been a set
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    That's sorta the idea I was building around sort of like the pearl a ship that inspires fear when seen on the horizon Im really liking the mortars as well its something i didn't see on too many builds... And the spiral stairs had to stay they just look awesome i think was just a matter of figuring out how to incorporate them. I still have the four loose med cannons that i wanted to put on the top deck. Got a lil distracted today and added a section to the pearl looks good next to each other accept for the mast spacing either need to move the main back or add a third.
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    So more rework ... Or is it progress? Seems like i tear apart what i just did to get where i am lol The staircase was redesigned ... Im really happy with them both sides come down then there's a short flight that leads back into the capitan cabin. The door system was redesigned here as well. There can't be a center door due to the rudder linkage Its hard to see but the short stairs are actually three tail fins separated by a plate to give the same spacing. The angle is perfect to let the doors open i also used one at the top to give me the right angle at the base I added length and redesigned the bow set the mast in deeper and reinforced it im pretty happy with it even though it wasn't that common i find it menacing Im not sure that this will stay on the boom but i like it for now - you can see the forward cannons as well The grey bothers me but i want to order the all red hulls if it turns out they are advertised incorrect and they are the same i will have to order some bricks to tie in the hull stripe ... You can see i redid the windows also Im not happy with the gangways so i will be redoing them But im liking the mortars on the forcastle
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    "The making of" our Spanish Imperial Galleon

    You sir might enjoy THIS thread
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    I like the look of the tiled decks as well however that would be a large link order as i don't have nearly enough even for a small area. I actually shortened it by one midsection today ... Didn't take any pictures though. It drops two guns off the side but looks a lot better and proportionate. The 5 looked great as far as the curve so i will keep that for a future endeavor. The half formulated back story was two brothers worked for a greedy profiteer i mean privateer. One night the capitan sailed the ship towards pirate infested waters the capitan tried to double cross the pirate capitan and steal back the cargo he had just sold. When caught the capitan betrayed the loyal brothers claiming they had arranged the robbery. The capitan escaped leaving the brothers stranded. Then and there the brothers vowed to search the seas to bring the greedy capitan down ... After sailing with a band of pirates and amassing a small fortune the captured a badly damaged ship the brothers made a deal with their current capitan to keep the ship instead of scuttling it. The brothers remasted it and reworked it to be a deadly hunter capable of bringing their old foe down. It was a beautiful ship. But when one of the brothers was killed by a mutiny started by a spy the remaining brother killed all of the crew accept the loyal ones making them take a blood oath to loyalty from that day on the ship was repainted and redecorated. It is a legend murmured in the taverns as they never show mercy and only attack the ships of their former capitans vast fleet despite flying the skull and cross.
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    A simple matter of math

    I love the use of the cigarette it really makes the scene ... I remember as a kid reading model railroader and looking at pictures that were done with reds
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    As far as the grey goes i have limited selection of the blueish grey all my grey is old grey ... I found some all red hulls on bricklink just haven't placed the order ... I was trying to keep with red and black because i have the most of those colors ... Ive thought about adding touches of yellow but im not sure how to weave it in at this point ... Well I might have to take a few more pictures because there's two gear sections one up top of the captain's cabin and the other below ... This is revision 13 i believe lol that was a long night figuring out what i had already built three times didn't travel far enough when i got the helm mounted then discovered my setup would get locked up is you turned the rudder by hand. I was thinking four mid sections ... I know he used 5 in the tutorial thread... It just seems so long ... But then again i was wanting to redo the pearl ... Im actually really disappointed in the set but i had to have it because i love the ship in movie form and the real life pearl. My original kits I kit bashed lol
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    Counting House

    I like it what all buildings do you plan to have on the warf
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    Pirate Diorama

    I love all the different bits to look at ... How you've woven lego sets with custom creations gives the feel that anyone can do it with enough legos.
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    So i added some center sections ... I like the length but i almost feel its too long ... Might take out a section this is five now was two like a standard lego boat. Have to substitute my black pieces out for red ... Didn't grab all the parts bins when I redid this This is why i feel its too long ... Its dwarfing the pearl set which i thought was big compared to my 90s sets I snapped a picture of the drive mechanism for the rudder ... There is a lot of gear reduction to get the right movement of the wheel and rudder I'm thinking this will work out for the floor of the gun deck Here are more detailed pictures of the stairs ... I will be splitting this in two and have two shorter cases that will lead to the gangways and Capitan quarters ... Which i believe i will relocate to two doors instead of one
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    Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    Made some changes and some progress last night. Still toying with the idea of a closed gun deck or open ... I have four medium cannons and three small left i can put on original plan was four med in middle and two mall up front and i had a spare ... Im sure if i dig deeper i can find the remaining parts to make a fourth little cannon I think though if i enclose it I will make two shorter curved stairs in the same style to the deck. I feel like the shore boat is too big but then i think its just right ... Moved the ladder to the center ... I had an idea but wasn't going to work out Not sure the bridge? Will stay this way but it is for now Worked on the rear of the ship added chase cannons Ditched the swivels for now. Was playing with mast ideas not sure if i want to stick old school or go new school Have yet to furnish it but the cabin is visible via both sides
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    So after stalking the pirate moc area for the past two weeks while building my first scratch built pirate ship. I decided to join the forum ... I started collecting legos on the late 80s and all the 90s then went off to college ... My ma added some to the collection and now i have the entire collection all four rubbermaid tubs and two roller drawers full of loose legos and built creations. Looking forward to posting a build thread ... Well mid build lol