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    [Esl - Ship] Buying A New Ship Licence

    I think the bookcase and the clutter on the desk is my favorite part ... Clever coat rack too though ... Ok ok i like the whole thing
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    [COR-FB2] Crashing a Wedding

    I think they work well .. Some creative iron work would help hide the numbers
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL - FB] The Storm might have passed...

    Would love some more of just the crane itself I like the ship damaged by the storm as well
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    [LDD]Various Fake Pirate Sets

    I happen to have some of those ... Might need to try it out ... Thanks And the old "tow hitch balls" are very limiting in range compared to the new ball and socket Thanks for the clarification
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    Captain Cookie hides a treasure

    Suspended with fishing line then or ???
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    The Drunken Monkey

    Introducing the smugglers vessel The Drunken Monkey. The crew at the Salty Shipworks had been working round the clock as the Capitan Larvey was hoping to slip into the escorted convoy that he knew was leaving in a few days. Gustaf had called in a few favors for his old friend and this was another. The paint on her still fresh the carved monkey figurehead drove home the Capitan Larveys' outlook on life ... More rum and the pursuit of treasure. She was fitted with minimal cannons as stealth and speed were her main defenses. Capitan Larvey had ordered her with a large hold and had forgone crew quarters and his cabin. Instead he had hammocks fitted just the other side of the small mess The crew were well seasoned one and all. (From L-R) Look out Joe, Handsom Jack, Sneeky Pete, Capitain Larvey, Left Eye, Hop along Bill, Master Gunner Edward aka Matchstick, and finally the quartermaster Jonas. This was Larveys inner circle who would get the ship underway. With such a simple rig she didn't need an large crew and he intended to pick up some bilge rats once in port Now for just the ship: Weather Deck- Looking Fore- Aft detail- Drunken Monkey figurehead- Side profile- I built this rather quick to meet the extended deadline ... Its my interpretation of what the renagade runner should have been. So I borrowed the sails from her and mixed in a top sail from the pearl. It has heavy influence from the set but has several little detail elements Ive been wanting to try. Im actually really impressed with how quick this build came together. You'll notice several little details that pay homage to lego ships of old. I plan to licence this as my class 2 free ship.
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    Ideas Tall Ship

    Did you make your 100 to get the extended days? Sorry haven't opened those emails lately been sorta busy. Do you think they would notice if there were several different accounts from the same ip? Lol i would feel guilty about cheating the system but man i want this set lol. On another note ... The white stern .... Did you try using the second level bow peice ... Or does that eliminate the chain holes? Idk i feel the same about the looking over complicated ... I dare say gaudy ... Maybe Im just biased towards the old prefab hulls they just have a certain elegance to them. I wonder why lego ventured away from them? Overall while the white hull is impressive and I may be borrowing its design I think that it throws off the color scheme makes it feel too black and white so to speak. The red is bold and imho gives it that great pop. I think any other color wouldn't do it justice ... Even redish brown I feel would make it bland and feel like just another boat. Honestly though what price range would you say this is if I were to aquire the bricks myself? Save for the sails ... As I already know that nightmare. The more i look at the photos i just noticed ... Did you plan the portions where the rigging for different sized rigging? That would be great actually a nice wide one on the mainmast with a narrow one on the foremast the current width looks right on the mizzen though
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    [LDD]Various Fake Pirate Sets

    The first really reminds me of lagoon lock up ... Or something or another outpost ... Early 90s sets both with bluecoats The cave with the palms - can you give a breakdown of those parts specific to how the palms attach in relation to the arch ... I wouldn't mind using that I would have bought the pirate lagoon hideout it looks like a playful dock set with the draw bridge to let a ship in to protect the lagoon.
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    Captain Cookie hides a treasure

    It is cartoony but i like it ... The clouds actually look like they are floating with the right angle ... It actually reminded me of the brick world youtube videos at first Nonsense why would a pirate bury his money in a bank? I think someone would get upset once he started popping up tiles in the corner lol
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - AMCRA FB4 Oct] Uncharted Jungles

    I really like the incline on the trail And thats some chest
  11. Haha let her sit for awhile and admire her ... Just remember any modifications will improve her ... Well not any, but you know what I mean ... Even now seeing that pic im thinking "man why didn't I add a fourth cannon" lol. I recommend taking a bunch of pictures then modifying then seeing what you like better ... You have the bricks so you can always change it back ... And on another note ... @lordbuckethead - I highly recommend a PM to him if you NEED clarifications - what he said is how his character feels - that way the thread isn't littered with unneeded dramatics and arm flailing. Remember Its a game ... Edit : that is the wishes of Kawatchi and Gulagurag if that was missed somehow in the letter.
  12. This a great ship ... Congrats on your score. I used to use it with the imperial trading post all the time. I've recently added a second mast and another mid section adding a third cannon ... I think it looks much better and puts the spanker in proper relation - I think, although it could use another sail ... (can't find one that matches my originals) Check out what i did with my Renegade Runner ... (Drunken Monkey post) the flagship has great bones ... If you can stand to break her up and make improvements i think it would make a great moc. I think as impressed as I am with the renegade improvements I may beef up the flagship for a story hook .... Again congrats - its one of my favorites
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    The Drunken Monkey

    Im really impressed myself I don't even have maybe 6 hrs total in this. It kinda took its own form fairly quickly. Thanks oddly enough as I was building it at first I was thinking of calling it the Panther even had a cat shaped head on it ... That i may save for later. I was playing around with other figures when i thought why not try the monkey. Thanks ... It was actually hard thinking up names lol i've never given my figs names before lol Seems like the monkey is a hit maybe lil drunky the monkey makes more cameo appearences lol Is this sourced somewhere? I poured over the ship thread and the licencing and even went through the summary looking at class 2 ships and I thought this was quite similar .... Maybe its a large 2 or a small 3 but if this infact is a three that makes the other small ship im building on small hulls a 4-5 not a 3 and that makes the brothers in blood a 5-6 possibly 7 by that lodgic Not being sarcastic i would really like some clarification ... But like it was stated i needed a free class 2
  14. Charlatan Bay, Infero Pordejon seemed like the perfect place to lay low and Captain Gustaf knew exactly how to hide in plain sight. After a meeting with the powers that be he took to work carving out some more off one of the old caves to build a workshop. The cave keeps the shop supplies secure and the stone removed was used to build the offices. Gustaf figured he'd pay homage to the old nickname Salty Devil and named it the Salty Shipworks. Gustaf hired an overseer to keep the books and the crew working smoothly that way he can have a more hands on approach with the ships. Most don't even know he owns the place ... Just think he's a hired hand. James Edwards overseer of Salty Shipworks The crew heads out to start the day including Gustaf who just met with Mr. Edwards to discuss the details on the current build.
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    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Just for those that didn't see it in the wrong thread apparently ...
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    Salty Shipworks, Charlatan Bay

    No worries im afraid I Do the same ... Seems here lately I have four or more tabs of various threads at any given time ...
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    Salty Shipworks, Charlatan Bay

    Is that not what happened here? I realized after I posted that there is a Era II thread as well ... Should I repost or?
  18. You know i would enjoy strolling past a lovely barber pole before entering the shop ... Hint hint. I love the scene the details and how you've tied the red/white of the pole (surgical and bandages) most people forget that once barbers were more skilled than doctors. Good to know we have such a skilled professional incase Gustaf ever needs to have some blood letting. Haha
  19. "Give me time sir ... Time is all I need" - Gustaf of Salty Shipworks
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL - AMRCA Dec]

    I like it I think it conveys the scene just fine plus i like your pikeman (skull on a stick)
  21. Noob question here is the 4th of the month the deadline each month or is this a sign up in Jan only kinda thing? I ask because I won't have a ship built in 6 days lol
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    Salty Shipworks, Charlatan Bay

    Well I've been around for a couple months now been asking a ton of questions trying to figure out the game lol but as long as real life doesn't flip upside down i should be here awhile lol. Already a couple in the works so ... But thanks for the compliments. And I seem to have fallen on good luck seeing as the settlement was needing factories anyhow ... So Im told
  23. Roadmonkeytj

    Salty Shipworks, Charlatan Bay

    The rails actually support the ship ... Was kinda a requirement of mine. The bulk of my bricks were purchase prior to 2001 (starting in 87) so im glad the classic translates well. I wanted it to show some form of mason work seeing as the prefab rocks don't offer much lol When I first thought of it I was just planning on a flat wall at the back of the elevated platform ... It kinda morphed into what it is lol. I kept kicking the long slope plates aside and finally they sat on some bricks at an angle and I thought maybe they would make a good roof. I actually spent an hour trying different methods if attaching them until I came up with the method seen ... Well a more crude version which morphed into it. The hull actually wasn't part of the original plan I was splitting hulls and discovered it works well with the keel and frame. The chest of tools is actually what secures it to the base. As far the grass. I mocked an old picture of mine ... My uncle Carl lived 50' above the Current river just a few miles from where the Jack forks in Van Burren, MO (for anyone that knows the area). The grassy area is actually a flat piece of land ... I didn't take a good angle of it but there's a ladder from the roof of the gate house that leads to a trail up to the winch platform. As far as the randomness of the grass on the face of the bluffs its kinda random in my picture to ... Seems that nature doesn't care where it sprouts. I do plan to rework the water eventually as I intend this to be part of other stories however I have limited selection currently of sand and even less of trans clear ... I had a 10 brick by 6 brick section done but it looked funny since the rest of the beach wasn't finished. I do plan to eventually fill the gap behind the bluffs under the trees with another build. But alas I told myself no more Brick Link Orders until the end of January as over the last 2 months I've spent about 200 bucks lol But thank you to all for the compliments ... I as well look forward to challenging myself to try new and better things. As my collection grows again (so many awesome parts since I got out of Lego) I hope to further stylize this build as I mentioned its sorta my Characters home base.
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    Monthly Free Build Registration Thread

    Salty Shipworks, Charlatan Bay | Roadmonkeytj | Sea Rats Bear with me as i get all the proper paperwork in order
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    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    The hat off Brick Link ... I would have to pull it up to tell what sets it came in the head came on one of western sets the gunslinger. The cape is off batman. The torso came from an ebay purchase and is supposed to be gibbs from PotC Thanks for the welcome glad to be here