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    MRCA Deadline October 23

    Adds together is what I needed to know! Thanks all!
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    MRCA Deadline October 23

    Remind me if a ship is used in the AMCRA does it count against your ship limits for the MCRA?
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Rahab's Gambit

    I think the catalogue calls it Azure but I've always called it teal lol
  4. Bru-Haha wouldn't dare miss it lol! The disclaimer seemed a perfect way to end this ad lol. Glad the short story is going over well lol
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Triton's Pithy

    I originally had one thinner mast section after those but it looked too tall so I took it off but I think your right just making the tops thin would improve her look! Those deck details were frustrating lol the deck is an odd number of studs wide and the hatches are even lol jumper plates were utilized lol Thanks for the comments!
  6. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Rahab's Gambit

    this should explain it nicely: I worry about the availability but I kept it to slopes I remember seeing in Azur This is my favorite as well. oddly it was the last build and I was in a builders block until I watched the video
  7. That actually has a real story behind it … although drinking was not involved. A young cousin of mine had to pee. He was not catholic but was visiting. He went to the back and thought that's what they were. He came back to the pew and said I couldn't find the toilet …. so I had to pee in the corner I couldn't hold it any more.
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] Gun barge no. 1

    @Bregir is there a historical reference for such defenses or just something you thought up for the game. I never would have thought of a raft with Cannons lol its a great lil build though.
  9. Glad you liked it … the mascot is sitting on the corners of the stand. I thought the disclaimer was fitting.
  10. But if a pirate is in debt... To whom is he actually in debt to?
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [BTSC] BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup 618

    Wow what a read... Congrats on the sudden death scores weelond!
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [BTSC] BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup 618

    Looking forward to some roasted pineapples... I find it funny we both made it to semis with "injured" players lol
  13. Very interesting ... Liking the progress
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    Switching Puzzle

    @supertruper1988 Ahh I remember that... Bom may be useful!
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    Adequate Excursions Pirate Island

    I love the eye patch on the skull lol
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    Switching Puzzle

    @Hod Carrier Thanks for all in advance... It will give me a starting point at least lol. Do you have links to any in particular... I haven't seen any lately @Chromeknight That's a nice little layout ... This was what I had in mind... But in Lego
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    [OcTRAINber MOC - WIP] Dodge Ferrobus

    This part lol minus the front truck and "cow catcher"
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    Switching Puzzle

    While not the scale I was looking for this is simply fantastic... But the LDD link seems to be broken? If it's OK with you I would love to build this for our up coming train show in December.
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    I really like this ... Your other cars are amazing as well but this "engine" is sweet
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [OcTRAINber MOC - WIP] Dodge Ferrobus

    I love it... I may borrow your front clip on the bus design for standard driven bus
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    2018 competition of China Lego Train Funs Group

    I like the power plant car!
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    [W - OKT] Fest Noz

    Very nice indeed I like all the movement in this
  23. Roadmonkeytj

    [BTSC] BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup 618

    Looking forward to today's games!