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  1. I really like the spider its executed well ... Plus the use of the glow in the dark piece is great.
  2. As far as the curve I was intending on side rails addressing some of that There are four working gun ports the others are dummy ports (four in the center ... Not sure if this was historical as only images i find of painted ports is far aft and fore) I was thinking this was too small to be a brig? Its on small hulls and only two sections but it probably would look ok rigged that way. Technically this would be my second age of sail Wip although im actually trying to make this more historic looking ... Even though im still not using any specific build plan My first: And I finished this one for the game before finishing either of my first two lol
  3. I see where your coming from ... what I was suggesting is employ two scales that represent the same ruler. so the first 1x1 plate scale would be placed by the full plant view and painted as if your character set it there. The second 2x2 brick scale would be used in your close up paintings thus tricking the mind to believe its the same ruler and creating a "forced perspective" and reinforcing that the plant is larger than the flower instead of the other way around. I hope that makes what i was saying clearer ... Like I said it was my only issue is in my mind it saw the scale the same and at first (making the flower larger than the plant) Ps my example is not perfect as I just threw it together and did not want to detract from your thread but - cover up the left tire and scale then swap and cover the other ... Until you analyse your mind believes its the same tire.
  4. I like the use of the human interface tool ... The painted edit is clever My only issue is the field rule ... I like its use in the flower shot but i wish you would have used 1x1 plates in the painting of the whole plant ... Sort of a forced perspective. Thats my only issue with it other than that its a solid build
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    [Era II, Ch IA - OL] - Looking for accommodation

    Remember you dont have to use black ... Ive seen textured bricks used like drawn curtains and even dark yellow with trans black giving hint of candlelight
  6. An interesting floor plan and quite the story to match ... I like the window treatments.
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    [Era II, Ch IA - OL] - Looking for accommodation

    I think both roofs compliment each other well ... I like the use of the green to show tide change.
  8. You have some ... Er um news in your inbox
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL - 5+] The Cardinal

    Wow .... From seeing the teasers to this ... Just wow ... Theres no more i could say that hasnt been said. I would like to know your process for the sails as they are simply amazing ... Sorry just realized the date...
  10. Thats why Im a sea rat hahaha I can wear red pants or blue pants ... If Im feeling a wild hair I might even wear green or orange pant .... Hahaha the best part is flying any flag I please ...given the moneys right lol
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    Class 7 Espada de Luna

    So much to say about this ship ... The colors the rigging the sails the crew .... A lot of detail in this one. I especially love the sword and moon ... That came together well. I do have to ask how you made the custom printed sails
  12. Cards and fishing poles??? Hahahaha
  13. So I contemplated holding off posting any pictures of this but alas ... Ive falling into a rut. Ive moved the masts several times three looks too crowded and the placement of the second just never looks right. (dont have the inventory of bricks for masts). They are currently mounted to hinge plates giving them a slight rake with wedges. Admittedly I originally tried copying a build style then once i figured it out this developed. The colors are not final and have so far changed twice nor are some of them anything but place holders until i get the color scheme decided on ... As my intent was merchant ship I employed some decals for dummy ports. I also am not liking the way the galleries?? (Not sure if thats the name the side windows at the stern) tie into the hull ... But quite honestly I haven't found a good solution. So I come to yall for advice in going forward with this one Also it seems that dark grey is interpretive as I put decent order of grey in and its more comparable to dark blueish grey ... But im running with it for now.
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    legoland battle sized ships

    Are you refering to the theme park in Florida?
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 4] Keep off the grass

    Ahh quite unfortunate ... I would look forward to the completion of the story none the less even if not within the proper challenge timeframe
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    [Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 4] Keep off the grass

    Prof - I know its frustrating loosing work ... Take the computer to an actual computer repairman if your not capable yourself (not the best buy kind) unless it cooked the hard drive a lot of your data may be recoverable from your hard drive. The build: I have enjoyed the "sketches" of the encounters ... I find it clever and find myself going back and forth from the drawing to the color photo to see how it was executed. I love the "latin" species names as well. I have several how to articles on the custom car forums (actual cars) that are ruined because of this ... Plus all of my linked custom builds (owned my own fab shop for a bit) all the links broken .... I never did migrate the 2000 photos anywhere else ... And im not paying that price ... I didn't mind paying the extra storage but that much to use my own photos? No thanks ... Lost customer forever even if they go back to free.
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    Help with 8x4 Pirates Layout for my Son

    I would like to enlightened on your method here please pm some pics so as not to steal his thread.
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    Flying Dutchman "Capstan Hammer" release the Kraken mechanism

    That would be cool in a dutchman Good work on the engineering
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [MMM] The Charity of Luna

    Im really loving the way the supports play into the wall so well... I think this is my fav so far
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [MMM] Merrynight Mystery Mini-Challenge

    My Wip is still in the contemptitive stage lol had 65hrs this week at work so needless to say ...
  21. I belive livery stables were more towards the end stations?
  22. Has the means to he a nice out post
  23. Haha no worries im a couple years behind you then 9v tin rails were the big new thing when i first got mine ... Around where i grew up it seemed like it went from blue 12v straight into grey 9v and that was it. Im amazed going through my old bricks and they look like the dog chewed on them ... I wonder how until I build with my 3yr old (same age I started) and he does the same cant get it apart clamp it in the teeth vice lol
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    [Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 3] Luxuriant paradise

    I like the use of the flower stems looks tougher to pass than the leaved vegitation