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  1. Great landscaping indeed ... I was unaware we had such elegant forgotten dwellings in bastion and 5db what a steal lol ... I like the other detail elements you incorporated achitecturally ... Of course we should see the revamped estate after paint and vine removal and cathys approval ... Strike that accept... Tolerance? Of the home lol
  2. Wind Turbine Generator ... The big twirly fan things that make electricity lol as they are more commonly known ... I traveled commissioning them for 5 years we would be out a month and a half before being home for a week
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR - Cruisers of Terra Nova] HMS Paladin

    Theres a lot of nice details in this ... The hull the swabbie the stays the bow I agree about the sails if you had all the sails but two tops clued up it would give a fine impression that she is actually pushing the water not the other way round... Which by the way is impressive the way you depicted. A cut of blue felt would go a long way on that board too
  4. You by chance dont work on WTG's do you lol?
  5. With his speed that is entirely possible lol
  6. Use real bricks? Just kidding although ive never had rendering issues with my real bricks lol ... Ive read that you can play with the pixel counts in bluerender to get different effects to show well ... There are far more qualified people here to help you with that as the last rendering i did was in cheif architect lol I like your process ... I had actually considered doing this for shorelines and sand bars myself ... Like a mini topo map under the water with some texture on top. I looks really good in the LDD workspace though
  7. I may have to seek out some non white paper lol ... I as well noticed the color but didn't realise the "curve" was intentional ... Just figured it didn't look right without a bit of color there lol ... And you should really get that cough checked out before heading out on any long arduous trips lol
  8. Somehow I missed this ... The Xebec is quite stunning ... As mentioned the guns fit it well and the action shots were great lol. Im loving the fishing boat even if its not your design ... But the waves are my favorite. But i still spy no grey parrots lol ... I would be using those bluffs alot if they were mine so no arguments from me there
  9. Quite striking deck there ... Im surely borrowing some of your design elements in the future I know Ive asked about your sails before ... But I thought of another the paper you use ... Lol I used some of my sketch book and like the stiffness on my last one but yours appears to be "aged" with a slight brown/yellow hue is that just a camera trick or?
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL-FB] Shiplimit

    Very nice little build ... Love the statuettes and the curtains Where did you aquire the short elephant gun?
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR] FTA Redtail

    The boys at the Saltyshipworks have been at it again this time building for the FTA. Gustaf ran tight on the deadline and came up short on paint ... So she was christened the FTA Redtail. Haymish McGillicuddy was keen on taking command of this vessel bringing along his eldest son Ezera as first mate ... Don't mind helmsman Wentz photo bombing Custom Duck was fitted to ensure she would keep up with the fleet The deck may seem crowded but her hold is plenty spacious for valuable cargo This will be licenced as a class 2
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR] FTA Redtail

    Thanks ... Thats the same bell from build of Weelonds council hall lol I couldn't break it up so I reworked the base lol It was a last min change lol it was too plain ... Might be a signiture top sail for my FTA ships cause I like it ... So Im glad it went over well with a fellow FTA Thanks The lamp is a modified version of a build somewhere on here lol ... It was built for another ship but used here ...
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    Swordsmanship Practice

    Thats an impressive structure ... I as well will be borrowing elements in the future ... The wood top bottom and side is awesome truely. Is the table and chandiler your own design ? They are what caught my eye after that wainscoat treatment.
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    The Wonders of Celestia

    I love the alternate green useage it really adds to the old and forgotten ... The statue is impressive as well I think the best part is your camera work making it as if you were really there in minifig size lol
  15. This is just my opinion on the matter ... Mention my name at starbucks and they will give you a coffee for full price ... But imitation is the greatest form of flattery and if you know the "source" of the techniques give them credit ... But I think most of us here see techniques and use them to suit our needs in one way or another ... I think it makes the "community" better for it. Besides I've only come across one technique where I hadn't even a clue how it was accomplished. As far as if it is the Greenhair hull plan ... I think the fact he made a Frigate tutorial on here your good to go
  16. You don't have any slopes or even plates that you can add a curve to? On the Drunken monkey I just used 1x3 slopes and it appears to have quite a bit of curve ... I question the helm directly over the rudder. And the front mast the yard is very low to the deck. I like the pattern on the sails ... But for classing Im afraid youll need to wait for the experts to chime in
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Do you have a peticular stlye your looking for? I will say this ... Ive tried my hand at rigging shrouds ... Its a drawn out process and if your construction isnt sturdy it will be frustrating at best .... However saying that i will say this ... Youve spent this much effort and are making a hell of a ship. .. Why not go the extra mile and make it that much better with custom rigging.
  18. Im not familiar with barques but just looking at it she seems low in the water on the front and flat on the stern ... Other than that Its a good looking ship ... I envy your ability to crank out builds in LDD ... I struggle with bricks sometimes lol couldnt imagine not being able to hold it
  19. Great little builds ive been enjoying the reads great adventure so far
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    Silent Mary MOC

    Im impressed it does look quite well next to the flagship I do have a question though ... In buying two sets is there not simply enough bricks between the two to fill the holes in the hull with the pieces from the second set and somehow pin the front so it no longer raises up?
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    [VIDEO REVIEW] 21313: Ship in a Bottle

    While I agree I loved the original ship ... I have to say I really enjoyed putting this together ... I wish I would have bought 2 so I could display them at work and home
  22. Poisoned Nay my friend ... Refreshed very much so ... Here have a Bru-Haha and enjoy the calm
  23. I went ahead and licenced her as a class 2 FTA Redtail ... I really only made a couple changes from the picture here ... It was a trial of "custom sized paper sails" and utilizing the newer mast pieces ... I like the way its easy to add the yards with technic parts ... But I may marry the two together in the future ... Its hard to see but I statically rigged the yards with string (although there is a center pin for support) Thank you ... The one on the left is just a complete rebuild of the renegade runner (how I pictured it should have looked) the one on the right was more a trial and error in rigging and sails ... Im not as pleased with the hull shape on redtail as he monkey but It still a neat little ship imho I was asking because when I posted The Drunken Monkey as my free class two it was mentioned that its pushing a 3 (you were still mia for that I believe)
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    Cardinal's Shadow

    Beautiful ship and still an amazing background ... I may have to borrow your "sails" for a future build Am I just not seeing the dark grey parrots?
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    Iron Foundry for Weelond

    Correct on the iron pig iron became pot iron which eventually became ductile iron aka grey metal ... It is only good to be melted and molded ... It can be milled and drilled but not hammered to shape