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    [COR - FB] Quinnsville Shipyard

    Very nice yard indeed sir. The ships are quite well done. I do agree about the structural integrity of the roof ... I would have liked to see it on a scaffold with the office built within its supports. The only other thing I seen was the chain ... If you would have placed them on jumper tiles to give a slight gap and to create chain droop ... Im sure this is easier said then done in LDD Other than that solid build
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    Dee Wheelworks of King's Harbour

    @Captain Dee ships center wheel.... Are you building a riverboat/paddle boat?
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-WTC-FB1] Waymart Camp Isaac

    I like the wreckless disreguard for fauna ... The store fits well into the jungle my only gripe is your foot bridge appears only started ... Was that intentional?
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    Dee Wheelworks of King's Harbour

    It is a fine factory indeed ... I really like your floor treatment and your windows. The wheels are impressive as well
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-Ship-LDD] DMDR 6

    If Im understanding correctly if you licence her as yours ... You can still claim the original story as part of your amrca but if you were to attack anyone it would show as you not ESL so the backlash falls on you to avoid the example @Bregir gave. Im sure if im wrong I'll be quickly corrected but that was my interpretation of that
  6. Romantica is that a NPC nation? I tried to follow the link for the Palmetto, but it takes me to the other nations thread but im not seeing romantica?
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    Investing - A carrot farm

    I think it portrayed the farm well. I am glad you chose to keep the carrots underground as that is something that has bothered me with other carrot builds ... I do agree an irregular base and the building slightly askew would do wonders.
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-Ship-LDD] DMDR 6

    Great build ... I really like your solution for the companionway ... Also I think the sails look quite full of wind ... Its just ashame your having trans clear rendering issues as clear blue water would have showed off that lovely hull shape.
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR - ML] Market Place in Mesabi Landing

    A nice market square indeed... I think besides the awesome booths the little ties to builds really made this a fun read as well Good job sir lol
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    MOC Attack on Puerto Leon - WiP

    You said you only build occasionally..... Thats an impressive brick collection. Its awesome that you got to build this with your boy ... There is a ton of detail in this and the story is fantastic. I like all the detail elements such as lighting and the trapdoors and cut away buildings.
  11. Lol im sure at the bottom of the rat recipe a line of "chicken may be substituted for rat" ... I know there are places in the world where horsemeat is acceptable but we still bury our horses whole here lol
  12. Horsemeat cake with red sause? Hahaha
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR] HMS Intrepid - Class 3

    @Flavius Gratian You could always dye your string with RIT laundry dye ... Just mix it up in a bucket and soak your string ... Worst case you get charchol colored string
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR WTC] More prospecting on Argentia

    Very nice prospecting build ... Jacks sniffer might be broken though ... Shiney rocks ? Its a quartzite quarry then? Lol I really like the way you detailed the interior of the cave ... And the torch shot is quite convincing. Haha that's why you should always use asymmetric dice when playing craps ... You just never know how them others are gunna come up lmao
  15. Yes actually almost identical to what i was thinking ... Attaching that to the back of the cargo hatch so slightly raised from the tarplin
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - AMRCA - Doctor Thaum] The hunt for Red Oktober

    @Professor Thaum A now hairless Smithy sat in the corner of the Captains' cabin rocking in the fetal position mumbling nearly audible words mostly sounding like flames, flying, mommy, and home. Finally after what seemed like hours Smithy shares with Capitan B. Wolf what he saw before going up in flames, destroying the spare bowspirit and sail. Smithy: There are two wrecks Sir, one appears to be wedged in the rocks on a shelf ready to plunge into the deep at the right tide. She appears to be mostly intact but, the only way in would be the stern as the decks are littered with large rocks . . . Smithy's gaze went blank and he began mumbling about flames again ... Captain B. Wolf: Smithy! You said there were two wrecks? What of the other? Smithy: Sorry Sir ... The other is more broken up but still has large sections intact. That may be due to the reef shes resting on ... Im sure with low tide she will be mostly out of water. S.Spillet: Alas to what wreck do we explore first Captain? Option A) wait for low tide and explore the shallow wreck that will be mostly out of water but badly broken up. (build should include above and below water including part of the reef) Option B) explore the fully submerged wreck before she slides off the shelf and is lost forever. (build should include how the crew accesses the ship and what ways they devise to breathe since regular surfacing is not feasible) One build is required to progress but more are encouraged, however only one wreck may be explored this turn ... choose wisely.
  17. @Bart thanks for the additional pictures No what I was proposing is where the companionway would have three doors one on top that hinges over or slides back then the split vertical door similar to modern sailboats ... Ive seen it used on model wooden boats ... Couldnt find a good pic but this should give you a better idea what im picturing
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - MRCA Result] Fuerte Unido Grog Shop

    I love the hidden barrel door ... That's quite nice barrel operation ... Good looking shop but my favorite views are from above the base is awesome.
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL] The carrack "Hidalga"

    @Capt Wolf... I found splitting the hulls was easier with a standard blade screwdriver just set it down in from the to into the lock tabs and wiggle until it comes open. I found that does less damage at least for me then the butter knife method in tutorials. Unless your talking of actually splitting the ship up lol ... I put the grey on grey and never turned back I really love the black on brown... Part of me still wants to buy the old crossbones hull parts for all black ... Might have to build a green boat on white though
  20. @BartWould combining the companionway with the cargo hatch and having it open more like a sailboat be out of line? That would still give enough space for the strongbeam ... I do hope you keep that since its not a feature that many include.
  21. Maybe thats why Ive had so much trouble learning the names lmao ... I come from cattle and horses ... Life has not afforded me any involvement in sailing other than smaller motorised vessels with no rigging less it be fishing poles lol As far as your ship ... Im liking the way your making it "keel over" or is it "heal" .... Be affected by the wind thus raising the hull on the blown side. Lol ... I rather like the curved top on the hatch behind the mast. Is the tiles behind it the crew hatch to lower decks? Edit: I really like the windlass ... At the bow ... Any chance to get a close up?
  22. Thats quite the "swooshable" ship there ... Am I seeing correctly that only the spanker moves not the upper yard for the spanker? Sorry dont know its name The break down was perfect ... The gaps are they there to allow 1x2 stud spacing with the tiles or just that you dont need a full side of them?
  23. Just to clarify upkeep is off licence cost (flat across the game) or off actual licenced cost examples: So the free class 2 would have the upkeep as if it were licence as a non free class 2 correct? And SR specific question the upkeep comes off the non discounted cost correct?
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB Feb] Coal transportation in Mesabi Landing

    Lavender ... Hahaha very funny ... It fits the style quite well its a solid build even if a replica
  25. I recall a posting of a excel sheet ... Was it just a snapshot of the summary? ... It listed all the settlements and the breakdown quantity of what types of buildings are in the settlement (residence factory culture etc) ... It was when I was still trying to figure out the game and if I wanted to join ... It could have been in the ERA I stuff as I had done alot of reading ... Bur it only had the settlements no players