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    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    @Capt Wolf Simple answer beer is legal wine is legal. Fill out a permit locally and be inspected once (not 4 times) by the state... No federal boys involved. It's like the difference of getting your drivers licence compared to being certified to drive the president around lol
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    I looked into it... The issue is it can take up to 2 years before you can actually run. You have gather all the proper permits then set up then be inspected by three levels of "gubbermint" as Laura put it. The equipment you can get by using in the woods won't cut it with the Health department so more expensive measures need to be provisioned for. Then during this whole approval you have a building and equipment sitting not making any money but sucking you dry. And at the end of 2 years they can still deny you because someone holds a public "not in my backyard" meeting.
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    Train Shed & Layout

    I'm so jealous of your "space" lol fine looking build and plenty of trains. Looks like it could be a fun operation session. Any chance for better pictures of your "tool room" on your shed
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    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    "purely for medicinal purposes" of course lol no worries ... I won't be passing my "skill" down but I don't want all my recipes to wither away lol. Guess that just shows where we've come as a country... I can name 5 I know(n) personally although I seem to have forgotten their names lol.
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    Currently... Industrial Maintenance .... Formerly ran an alternative beverage "distribution" haven't run any in over 5 years
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    [OL-FB] A new fort in Astrapi

    What's all this talk of "Hiding in Battle"? One does not play hide and seek with cannon balls lol I like the fort simple yet effective ... Good fig poses and great addition of the ships orders.
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Driftwood Heart

    Glad you like it!
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    Haha ancients passed down methods and generations improved upon them... Laura this has alot of connection to me... I ran shine for a period of my life. "Pink Panty Dropper" is a actual simple recipe of mine ... You soak berries on neutral spirit for a week you then strain the fruit (don't smash it just let it drain) save the neutral for later (will be deep red if done right) soak the fruit all down with ample amounts of sugar. Let it sit for a couple days until syrup forms then press the fruit (in a fruit bag or pillowcase) extracting the "simple syrup" bottle and save for later. take the pressed fruit and soak it down in a super yeast sugar and water bring it just to a boil and let it cool before adding the yeast. Let that mash for 7-10 days run it like a brandy... Add your neutral and your syrup.. Cut with water for desired proof and flavor. Should be kept in a cool place so not to sour. If you want the specifics PM me. P. S. I love your story about "Ol' Pig-Bristle Whisky" I wonder if it even affected the flavor? A batch of mash has slot of money tied into it both in ingredients and future profit. I wish I was around during prohibition honestly I had a late neighbor that ran down the road from me and he used to tell some great stories like that as well. Thanks! An earthquake that magnitude is sure to shift tides in other ports as well!
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Driftwood Heart

    To make you more jealous... I hadn't but the very center bottom of the ship started when I posted it would be finished in our pm muahhahaha. .... Sorry I really need to get that evil laugh looked at. I see that now... I actually forgot the second part of it lol. Guess I will go back and fix it later lol. Mainly this was experimenting with some new techniques... Mainly the snot decking. Overall it's more trouble than its worth IMHO lol it's actually the reason I left a few details off the decks because I was just tired of trying to work around ways to attach things symmetric. But yes I've had some good bit of inspiration over the holidays (as well as time on my hands with days off) Select, Place, Click, Repeat??? I'm sure I've missed a few steps in there lol. I actually struggled with the "forecastle" area of the ship the bow to me looks to modern although it's got a great shape... It was a major compromise for me as I'm still not very happy with it. (I achieved what I sought to do but will do it differently next time lol.) I had originally planned for the hand railings to curve up into the hull taking away some of the blocky feel but alas my flex tool was acting up and my align tool was just downright scary. It was literally scattering my whole ship to make connections lol. Thank you! Be sure to read above then lol! The tumblehome was one of my main goals in this was to play with a shaped hull (without having to look at @Bodi's great references) Taller .... O.O ... I thought they were pushing too tall so I dropped a yard and shortened them lol maybe I should add them back lol. It's strange that the shadows make it take on different colors but I wanted an "old wood" feel to the ship almost ghost like but a real ship.
  10. How nice of you to put a giant lion on the side of your target! I actually really like this one... The pirate cage and the shield work well. Although I would like to see more guns on a fort the effect is quite well achieved. I like that there is an interior as well. Should make for some good stories!
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    Thanks! In my personal experience wildlife makes for the best warning system! Usually the birds don't crap while the fires rolling... At least I was never pooped on nor my equipment unless I let it sit longer than a week. Leave a little grain out the birds don't crap where they eat unlike pigeons.... Funny enough I based this off my recipe for pink panty dropper... But back in the day they wore bloomers lol One thing that doesn't show well is there actually is berries under that trans pink disk! Thanks I was quite pleased with the look of the Lynth arm. Although I know it came in alot of colors (even trans orange) I'm not sure about brown Arrrgh you be trying Shanghai my booze? Thanks. I'm sure Bill could arrange a few crates for delivery. Leave 50DB at the old stump and come back in an hour. Warning if Bill sees any Signs of ambush he won't show. I'm quite satisfied with the elevation but I was worried the vegetation wouldn't Translate well so thanks!
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] Departing Jameston

    There's some great details in this for a rather "un-eventful" dockside. I like the window treatment and the archways. While it's well build it's very dark and hard to make out some details between the boat/carrige and building. A plate of tan between the roof line might have helped. I would have liked to see a few more characters on the dock as your story makes it seem as if the ship is being loaded with lots of action. Over all its a great dock scene. Let's hope Montoya has a safer travel then the last time he was at Sea! Any chance to get the sulkie cart pictured by itself?
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    Track Ballast - Ideas needed

    This is "simple" yet effective. I also really love how you added standing water with the sand green.
  14. Mesabi... I can understand the anger. It's a game... You have real life issues you need to address that fixing a make believe settlement on the internet won't fix. I have no doubt that once you get settled you will come up with a great relief effort story. I can tell you I've really enjoyed creating the story with Charlatan Bay ... And another player got inspired by it and it's become even better story. I might suggest downloading LDD or I'm sure you've noticed I haven't built any physical builds in a couple months... I have my collection put away currently and physically builds for my Lug take any priority currently. Don't look at this as a set back look at it as a story development no different than a Bad MCRA result. You haven't lost anything builds aren't deleted. You need 4 before natural growth takes over again. I really don't understand this comment. There is no such thing as Bad at Lego. It's about imagination and creation. You have the ability, you have the drive, so take time to think out your details... Don't just build because you need to build something for egs put time into it.
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [MCTC: Salida Este] A world of colours

    And people baulked about lime green? This is actually really fitting... My only change would be to the corners making them wood framed or masonry to make the purple look more like a stucco. Great feel all around very Mediterranean meets India lol
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL-FB] Miraforma near Myzectlan, Cascadia

    The flowers are the real score here... The platform merely fades into the jungle it's details overshadowed. Which is not a bad thing in this build lol.
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Myth Chaser

    Thanks... Glad it went over so well! This ! Exactly this! I feel like a trend setter lol
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Myth Chaser

    While in Fatu Hiva Samantha thought she recognized an old friend. So she followed her into the Blue Tassel for a better look Sure enough it was Cathy Derr. She approached her and surprised her. The Gals talked like gals do. They talked about old times then talked about the current. Samantha boasted that she decided to go abroad with her new Husband Darren Kedd, an Eslodian who owned his own trade ship now, and as luck would have it here are many fancy new dresses in the New world. Samantha asked where Rodish was as they were rarely apart. Cathy rolled her eyes and sighed... Stating he's gone off on a folly to go rescue his sister he's never met. Luckily we got the news after the Ball in Kings Harbor not before. Cathy straightened up and smiled though as she proudly proclaimed I am Captain of the Narwhal now though! Cathy explained further that she was preparing to head for a military exercise in Quinnsville, but was going to have to call it off as her crew refused to sail with soldiers packed shoulder to shoulder. She explained how it was really a pity as the Corish government had even sent her special flags to be flown from her masts. Samantha said you won't have to cancel at all, we have ample room aboard my husband's ship the Myth Chaser. After all they may not be neighbors any longer but they are still friends and that's what friends do. Cathy asked if Samantha would have to convince Darren to go along with it. Samantha told her don't worry it's as good as done... Just see if you can get a second set of flags dear! Later that day aboard the Myth Chaser Samantha told Darren of how she ran into her childhood friend Cathy and explained how she was going to cancel her mission but wouldn't have to because the Myth Chaser had plenty of room. At first Daren was shocked at the boldness of his new wife. He then scolded her as this folly would have no profit at all. To which Samantha batted her eyes and pouted her lip and said if you love me then the profit won't matter as long as it makes me happy right... That's what you told me. Darren was over a barrel. She had all the power in the world and he would give her anything to make her happy. Even if it meant getting his ship blasted with paint. He calmly said to Samantha It will give me an excuse to fire the guns and drill sailors, when do we depart darling? ______________ OoC: this is to explain the second ship raiding Quinsville since the Narwal does not have enough cargo points to transport all the troops @Bregir @LM71Blackbird This will also serve to Licence the new ship check the spoiler for photos Comments and Criticism welcomed Ship photos:
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Myth Chaser

    Magic my boy magic lol so basically LDD shows it as a conflict and won't place it so what I've found is to place two anythings on the minifig you have to place the top first. Then remove the body let a 1x1 round with hole attach to the head base. Install any length bar into the 1x1. Slide the 1x1 down and attach the lower item to it select and slide both the 1x1 and the lower item up to meet the head. Remove 1x1 and bar. Reinstall torso. Sometimes it will not "connect" the head so I make the mini fig a group so it can be moved and posed... In the case of Cathy I had to position her body at the angle I wanted then install the epaulette's and holster after posing her head. I discovered this when looking for a way to make Capt. Larry (beard with epaulette's) the capes sit down better using this method as well ... Then figured out you can add a beard to a cape with this method and it usually "connects" the head. Note some capes are a conflict with the beard. Does that make sense or should I whip up a lol How To? Thanks! Sometimes I like the shadows at least on the ships lol
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Myth Chaser

    I will take that as a compliment? Lol no physical Bricks for BoBs right now and I can take LDD with me. Thanks! I figured we needed some sort of story to explain the second ship lol I'm glad you like it! Well honestly the bar was built it was just a matter of posing figures in it. The captains cabin had to be built (a clever feller will notice it's been scaled up) As far as the yard sail on the bow. I've seen it somewhere before... Not sure how historical/practical but hey it does look great. And the figure head may be large but again it looks cool lol I was going for the look that the ship was actually on the Drakon's back. As the if he is trained Thanks... Cathy Derr is a copy from Bart's character... The only thing I did was add the sword holster. Daren and Samantha Kedd I wanted to come off as someone who had enough money to not join the military lol And even if she's not commonly seen she is named Myth Chaser lol I had to increase the sail proportions to make it look right but I feel like it does. To get three masts I would have needed another midsection to keep it from being crowded.
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL] Promotion to Admiral

    How did you achieve the inner planking to curve is that just a camera trick? Great little vignette... Admiral... Would be ashamed to loose a vessel under his new assignment ... Perhaps your luck has turned this year?
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL - FB] The Guemain Hunt

    @Ross Fisher The illusive ring tail fast forward about half way if you can't take the dogs
  23. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL - FB] The Guemain Hunt

    Nice little build (both) honestly the first I read it I had no idea what you were hunting either ... but seeing the dog I would presume ring tail or fox, although the dog is more fitting to ring tails - where horses are more prevalent in fox.
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    [MCTC: Salida Este] native swordsmith

    @Capt Wolf If I wouldn't have seen it in the first I may have missed it in the second I'm sure it's more prominent in person though... I know people love the fire to glow in our clubs layouts... We use the little light bricks under the fire.
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] Books for the People

    But that's the thing a mason used to be a highly skilled profession it was an apprenticeship to become one so you learned the style of your master... Look at any old building... They have prominent features they have class and style. Bobs is set in an era where great buildings were constructed - even a flop house would have a style to it as carpenters were skilled as well unlike the majority of "framers" now days. They built without technology and without machines so they would do it well the first time because it was a lot of work. To give you an example there's a wooden fort built by the French in the 1700s not that far from me. At first it looks like giant log cabin with spiked walls but look closer and there's detailing in the porches and the windows even the plain walls have details things hanging on them. The fort is very functional and not built to be fancy but it still has details. As far as factories... Think about where the misprints go... Where do they store the paper where's the editors office where are they getting the glue is there a store room cans of it about the work benches did they drop the letter q behind a press and that's where it resides. A broom against a wall a guy mopping. A boy delivering new paper or fresh ink. Factories should be full. This was before labor laws so is your press operator eating a sandwich while working... Did his wife bring him lunch? Is a politician paying off the publisher to run misinformation about his opponent? I personally cant build when "I need X for the EGS" I have to step back and look what I'm building and how the build would have been used.