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    [MOC] Mini Skull's Eye Schooner

    I really enjoy these ships made from the row boats
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL - Royal Arsenal of Astrapi] Cannonball foundry

    What a fine build indeed ... I aswell like the coal and ovens. The troops are a nice touch as well
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] La Couronne (1636)

    Let me start off with this is a fine ship and something to be proud of. Some improvements for this or future builds. While youve done a great job representing the style there are three parts that bother me visually 1 the blue on the stern should either be shorter or broken up by another color (refer to your second reference pic) 2 the flatness of her midsection ... Ships have a distinct curvature from bow to stern ... Its noticable in your references as well. This could have been accomplished with stagering plates tiles or cheese wedges to visually give a curve 3 the cannon ports where the shrouds tie in (the ropes up to the masts) in traditional ship design would have either not included ports their or rearranged the shroud spacing to accomidate the port Like i said these are ideas for improvement ... Overall still an impressive ship P.s. good job on including tumblehome (curvature of the sides) with use of the slopes
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    Black Eye's Revenge

    It looks like a fun playable ship ... I like playfulness about the skulls but seriousness of the ship as well. I would have bought this if it were a kit . I would change the hatches though or use item: 2335pb076 to keep the skull theme. Imho some black or red hatches would look swell on this and still be menacing.
  5. You really like building these xebecs ... Theres alot of little details in this ... I like the hold and the capt cabin. Its also neat that you added racks for the crew
  6. Impressive build indeed ... Seems to be quite large school ... Hopefully theres a good cookie to run the mess
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Ye Sculptor Workshop

    I repair them all day long ... Not so sure about building one being fun lmao but indeed you've created an impressive result
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    [AMCRA-Mesabi] Southbound and Down

    @Mesabi As the count sat in silent reflection he slowly drifted off to sleep. While dreaming of the good old days he was rudely awakened by Darby. Darby explained that all three vessels had broke through the fog amazingly unharmed ... However they had sailed off course and were quite low on musket balls and powder. The count was furious that there simply was not enough munition to go around. Darby asks the count what they should do next: Option 1) We make for the nearest port and resupply ... I simply can not have my men low on munitions. It is uncertain what we will encounter but we should be equiped properly. (1 build required - should show ships in port resupplying) Option 2) The BoC wants to babysit us then perhaps they can resupply us to. We will need to create a distraction so we can steal powder and shot from the galley unnoticed. (1build required - should clearly show your distraction and crew raiding the hold during the distraction) Option 3) correct course and stay true to the cause. The men will just have to ration their munitions. (2 builds required - First should show how they correct course. The second being a micro build of the three ships arrival in Kemblar) Only one option may be chosen this turn with each having a unique outcome. Please note while the builds listed are the minimum for turn progression, however more are encouraged to aid you in your story progression
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR] At a Post Office in Jameston

    A very convincing post ... Look forward to the off branch of jewel
  10. Seeing as I will be needing the ship in my MCRA result ... And it was un-MOC'd I had to build it first ... This is the result ... The shrowds are not great however they had to be "removable" to get the result for later pictures Comments welcomed
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR][FB] The Prio Ship Palmetto

    Thanks! I was looking for a ship of another nation so I wanted a different look. I'm pretty happy with this and may use elements of her in the future. I for sure will continue the custom sails seeing as they are a hit. You know those custom sails all started with my first FTA ship and I decided to buy a marker kit to continue for future sails. It was a challenge though cause I wanted it to look like nothing I've seen on here but yet still maintain the similar shapes of ships I've seen on here. The ship may have to make its way to charlatan bay ... And gustaf may have to take notes on some design elements. I am getting quicker at these little ships ... Also been stocking up on parts for them ... Still have three larger ships in WIP form lol As far as keeping it ... There's a good story forming for that behind the scenes
  12. @Maxim I So impressed with Emanuel's model of the ship, the First Mate created a crude "house" to explain that all the preparations had in fact been leading up to the ships homecoming. Unfortunately much was still unknown due to the language barrier. Later that day the sounds of the sea were sharply broken by the blast of a rams horn reminiscent of days of old. Shortly after the First Mate appeared rather excited and motioned Emanuel and his crew to follow quickly. As they reached the weather deck another blast of the rams horn broke the crisp air. This time however a reply came from somewhere on shore. This place was not like any Island he had ever seen before. Oddly enough it looked like a modern version of Halos from centuries ago, although evolved somewhat differently. While much of the technology was familiar, everything just seemed a little ... well ... different. Two more short blasts came from the lookout with the reply once again from the shore. Almost all hands were on deck and men filled the sails. As they came into port it seemed as if the entire city was there to welcome its sailors home cheering and shouting in the unknown language. Over the next two days there were many feasts and celebrations ... It was clear that Emanuel and his crew were indeed guests but to what extent, as they were not allowed to explore the city and they were always under guard. Startled by a hand over his mouth in the dead of night Emanuel was woken by the First Mate ... He was led in secret to a chamber hall. The First Mate kept looking towards the door as if he was not to be in this room nor be showing anything in it to Emanuel. The First Mate spread a large map out on the table showing a island roughly the size of Terra Versa. This was important he could tell ... If only he and the First Mate had more time together to learn the language of each other. All sorts of questions began to form in Emanuel's' head. Why was he being shown this in secret? Were they really guests or being held as prizes? Suddenly the First Mate returned the map to its drawer and rushed them both out the back and down many winding halls dropping Emanuel back off in the sleeping hall through a secret door so as the guards would not see. The next morning Emanuel shared his strange experience with the crew it was clear they had some choices to make. - Do we stay? Try to learn more of the culture and language? Perhaps the longer we stay the more freedom we will be granted as we prove that we are not a threat ... Assuming we're not eaten nor thrown into a volcano as an offering to the Gods. - Do we try to explore in the dead of night via the secret door? I really want another look at that map. Surely if we get caught there will be severe punishment though ... Hopefully they don't hang us or worse. - There's always the Arkady we know shes in the harbor perhaps we overtake the guards and make a run for it. Next time we are in the city square for festivities. We may not know exactly where we are but home is definitely north. Note: to continue one build is required however more are encouraged. Only one choice can be made this turn as each holds its own unique outcome
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Ye Sculptor Workshop

    Thats awesime both in bobs and in real life
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR][FB] The Prio Ship Palmetto

    Thanks that's actually drawing markers but yea my youngest was right by my side as I was drawing them lol Well thanks ... I have several of these ... I have ordered some of the other colors so i can change them over ... Im glad to hear the figure head is a hit
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR][FB] The Prio Ship Palmetto

    Thanks ... It actually looked really plain until I started adding all the gold lol. Thanks ... I was unsure on the colors going into it as the only real info I had was the prio flag to go off of but im glad it came together. The sails ... The main sail originally had a similar design to the gaff sail but my 2 yr old can be thanked for jumping on me while free handing with the marker so its actually a coverup lol but I thought it works ... I am tempted to add more corner detailing to the gaff as it looks so plain (to me). As far as a camera goes ... What ever is in the elcheepoo zte smart phone ... I do not have a laptop currently ... It self destructed and so far have been doing ok with out it. I settle with some of the pictures because its hard to focus while holding your breath and holding two kids out of the shot lol. One day Ill get the laptop rebuilt and be able to use my real camera and tripod again lol. I can thank a certain run of ESL ships with fancy sails for the inspiration ...and thanks again with the help on figuring out how she should look. Something new? .... If you say so lol I wanted to give it a beefed up look but still fit the class three. I also had the challenge that The Drunken Monkey is registered as a class 2 (my first game ship) and they both are built on the small hulls with one mid. So I widened it one brick to bring it back in one brick to give the appearance of tumblehome. The stern was new for me ... I angled the sides in with a hinge and tiles then built the back wall on a hinge as well ... I was pretty happy with the shape after that. The bow I redid twice before I decided upon the railings (which I originally had on the stern) then I decided to bling it out with gold all over ... Which inspired the figurehead. (btw im really disappointed in the super heros set for using 2d wings) but I went out on the street corner and threw my lemons life had given me at people and decided to use them anyway. Thanks again all for the comments
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    Lavalette Inn

    That building has amazing details that were simply not shown in the stories ... But it was a great read ... Im glad you included the final picture. I have taken note of several detail elements for future use.
  17. @LM71Blackbird you know looking at this ... If you married the rear ... (Starting with the long curve up and back ) .... With the front ... (from the last stern most cannon forward) ... then square rigged with a gaff rigged mizzen that extended over the helm ... With that side treatment ... I think that would be a slick looking ship ... But commenting on this ship specifically ... To me it seems like the masts are all crowded forward and there is a big gap at the stern ... The cannons only on the front of the ship throw me off as well lol but still a great looking build. @Legostone I am in love with that woodwork drawing ... Was that ship ever built in real life? But Im also really liking that flex tube work. It makes a really elegant headrail. Do you buy specific lengths or do you just buy a long section and cut to fit? ... One day I will have to borrow the technique @Elostirion ... I may agree with maxim here If you have enough bricks I would be curious to see a side by side shot with the 3 brick spacing to the 4. Is it enough to drop considerable ports off or are you only loosing a couple? Were your plans to keep it a single gun deck with guns on the weather deck or planing on another gun deck? If adding a second I definately would say go four so your ports dont line up and can remain staggard between the decks @Mesabi while I think its neat trying to use the "modern" hull I feel like it comes off looking rather tugboat barge shaped. In the example you showed he's made them look more like small sloops or schooners which works well ... Yours still has a more modern sailboat feel with the high center cabin. It would be nice to see you keep the stern (but add some railings) and taper that back into the modern hull then taper back up to tie in the bow ... Which i like the way youve included a figurehead. I would use the hollow center in that hull to your advantage to make it appear as if there is much more ship bellow the deck and less on top. As far as the rails ... Look at lm71blackbirds recent post of his xebec ... Take note of the way he did the railings to trick the eye into following a curve. Ships are like women the curvy ones get all the attention! Lol
  18. Messieurs, je ne parle pas français, mais avec l'aide de Google, j'ai ri assez fort à ce sujet.
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR] Lawliet's house - Small residence

    I think the porch blends very well
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR] An Act of Valour

    Some good shots ... Congrats on the year
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB2] The Amazing Sausage Holder

    Hahaha nice ... Needs something ... Perhaps if you smash a tomato on it lol
  22. And here I thought it was to help keep strength and stability when under a heavy list from the wind ... Shows what I know about ships ... Hahaha @Elostirion Im liking the color choices and look forward to seeing this progress
  23. Recently the KPA reported: Sailing Panther Sir Mowgli’s “house cat” Bagheera is still at large and the three chests reported as a reward in last month’s KPA remain unclaimed. So far the only leads come from rumors of a large black cat last seen riding a raft with a small sail. No one can say what happened to the original raft riders or where the panther encountered the raft, but the cat was last seen “sailing” its raft past Poorvintia While making a supply run a trade ship recalls the story to the press: I swar ta ya If I 'adn't seen it meself with my own two eyes I'd be callin ya a washed up drankard. Be that as it may I knows what I seen and I seen it clear as your standing here. One big black Cat Sailing this Raft South. OOC Just a fun little build inspired by some good editorial work C+C welcome
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    Sailing Panther [SR-FB] [KPA reaction]

    Thanks all for the comments ... The challenge was building the raft to fit the cat lol. I wish i could claim full rights to the raft but I borrowed the basic design then added a rigged mast and sail then extended the length twice lol
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR - FB] Quinnsville Shipyard

    Very nice yard indeed sir. The ships are quite well done. I do agree about the structural integrity of the roof ... I would have liked to see it on a scaffold with the office built within its supports. The only other thing I seen was the chain ... If you would have placed them on jumper tiles to give a slight gap and to create chain droop ... Im sure this is easier said then done in LDD Other than that solid build