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    [COR-FB] Railside Moonshine

    Ha clever parts usage for a simple 20 gallon pot still.
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] Books for the People

    Ill echo that the press is convincing. I like that you included the "binding" process. Overall though I feel this lacks detail. Your a grand city now and still have plain Jane architecture that conjures images of low budget government housing from the 70s. I think your capable of much more. Don't hold back add detail in the rooms add baseboards... You added chair rail stripe why call that good enough? Windows with sashes or shutters awnings even? Don't get me wrong I'm not beating you down here... I really want to see greatness from you step out of your comfort and experiment with some architecture and some details. Even if you keep the flat roofs add detail like roof supports protruding through the walls. Sky lights or wildlife can dress up plain roofs a simple brick build sparrow is better then sparseness! It's a new year... Be inspired man!
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL-FB] Padoga

    Very nice looking... The technique is well used here. Make sure to let us know what tower won!
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    [MCTC: Salida Este] native swordsmith

    While I love the shaping of the roof I keep getting distracted by all the colors. To me it keeps drawing my eye away from all the details you put in the shop! I definitely like the open air feel very typical of smithys back then. I have been meaning to build a forge as well but have yet to get to it. Definitely will be borrowing some inspiration!
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR WTC] Shot Tower, Mesabi Landing

    Definitely should do an interior... Even if it's not this build but another to take place of this. The details all work well. extra little detail is noticed all over in fact... From the snake in the grass to the window details. I like that you included a bit of elevation on the dirt as well!
  6. Roadmonkeytj

    LEGO 60198 Cargo Train

    Just use the last cargo train (blue) to pull this
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    Torpedo Wagon

    Very impressive... I love how you build to go round standard geometry... The tilt is great as well! I will have to look up that yard switcher it's sharp! Now you must build the smelter and the foundry!
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    1900's steam loco and cars

    Very nice! I have something very similar drawn up waiting to order... (although I like your railings better than mine!) might I add a suggestion ... Put the car with the spaced windows before the car with close windows. Then make a short baggage car behind the engine! It looks great pulling together though! I love how you added modern railway men to the old consist! Those stickers look killer!
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    MOC - Train Control Station

    You have a ton of great details in this build... The windows and all the switch boxes... My only issue is what has been stated. Everything is foul of track... It you elongate your overhead structure to give the tracks more clearance it would solve this
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    [MCTC: Salida Este] City Gate

    Those balloon pieces work quite well for tower roofs! I like the archway and the decorative arches along the wall as well. I only wish you would have included a couple more vendors or at least more patrons of the market as it looks sparse to be a "trade center" overall though a enjoyable build!
  11. Great posing - good parts usage with the hair nests and the poop And funny
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    Those damned cannons

    Very well done indeed! I love the addition of the trenches! Also I think I have my next build in mind for this story as well! Check your pm!
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] Seeking out the consul

    I love that you have replicated the shrubrey <insert Monty python> This is a swell little build and again I look forward to the outcome
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    Nativity Scene

    I love that you included the inn really adds to the feeling. The "swadling cloths" are well represented as well. I think the angel was a good call as well. Now I do have two criticisms First I agree that the right side should include the angled plates to soften the edges... The stacked plates do work for shifting sand. The second is more of a gripe as you executed the three kings well. But it's a personal peeve of mine when I see the kings lumped in at the manager scenes. The kings did not show up until Jesus was almost 2 so it is inappropriate for them to be in Jerusalem at the manger when they were never there to begin with lol Overall it's a really great build and we'll done... I would rather display this than a porcelain figure any day.
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL Prospecting Results] Mercury Mine

    I like the vegetation and the track work... Well done sir!
  16. Since your using "ball joints" could you simply move them higher on the tumblehome then rotate them as if they are timbers to support the upper deck? And you gotta stop posting all these good ways to get great angles I now have two styles to work on. (seriously don't stop I love the inspiration and seeing your great work)
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    Lego fairground ride models.

    That's just amazing! And you don't use any programming just the gearing on the motors?
  18. Thanks all for the comments... I keep crashing LDD with this file so I'm afraid it is as it is. But there are several improvements I want to make so perhaps the next 5 days off in a row I get...
  19. I like how you have the sorting bins with loose flowers as well it's a really great build plenty to look at while not being overly complicated. I think a slight angle change would have reduced the glare on the roof.
  20. @Bart after seeing the facade as we discussed this ... It turned out even better than I imagined. Honestly if you left the figs off it would take a min to realise its micro. Well done and this is a favorite of mine right now!
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    Lego fairground ride models.

    These are amazing! Any chance you have the mechanical pictures... Did you just watch them run and try to reverse engineer or have some real blueprint?
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    GFLUG Tampa Show Coverage

    @brickbuilder711 I finally got around to watching the video. Y'all have an impressive layout. I like how you've simulated familiar buildings/industries I have two questions - is there any more info/pictures on the working hand car (being pulled earlier in the video? Also is there more info on the roller coaster... This looks to be similar to the one that stood in the fairgrounds in Atlanta ?
  23. While I initially had no opposition to the "catch up" licence I see it setting a bad precedence for us. Now while the rules were created with the idea to get good quality builds instead of 4 quick mediocre ones (which I've never seen anything mediocre from Elostirion ) I think in at same hand this could jeopardize the "overnight settlement" (sure not this particular time as they are spread out) Who's to say that this sudden licensing doesn't bump four startup hamlets to towns overnight thus making the trade values jump drastically to the ports the factions ships "were already sailing to next turn" I know there's alot of speculation and hypotheticality (new word!lol) but I think the 3 rule should apply here... As it's been said challenges don't count towards this limit so I think in a matter of a couple months you could be caught up. It may be worth looking into a temporary 4 builds licenced allowance (case by case). Just my thoughts
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    This is very convincing as a gingerbread train... You make me want to have my own now lol!
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    Ballabreek 2018

    I had bought multiples of this set for parts and figs and used the turntables with the batman records and the cmf scientist with the batman shirt under her lab coat with one of the crazy friends hair pieces and "DJ Mad Scientist" rocked out the monster bash in my Lugs Halloween section at BrickWorld this year. it's blurry as its zoomed from the entire layout lol should have taken individual pictures. But I really enjoyed reading through this... It's neat the way you evolve the city with current sets.... I really love the way you used the balloon man and the cop! Your stories are really what take it to the next level. And it was nice to bring back memories... I used to set up a town this sized in the living room for a weekend as a kid (everything had to be put away on shelves)