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    HMS Brunswick

    This is a very elegant ship all the rigging really draws the eye too!
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-KPA Reaction] For whom the Bell Tolls

    I'm sure there are more than one "body collector" you should still do it! Haha I remember reading in one of their rail builds that they only eat the horse after they work it to death lol! Firstly thank you for the detailed feedback. I did struggle a little as my understanding of the Landing is very sparse and desert like. I was also trying to keep the building very simple yet while adding structural detail like the crown detailing. The cracks in the side of the building did not translate well at this angle. The two angled slats were supposed to be wall chunks missing. Again didn't translate from the angle (you can see I've wedged a tile in the one (like you said not easy in LDD). Over all I had fun building this and again I will take all your suggestions in mind on other builds!
  3. I just realized your trying to get Intel on a certain Captain Nordau's where abouts lol
  4. Well the building falling to pieces was designed to look like one of your city's many buildings...
  6. Roadmonkeytj

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I find the rubber hair of friends dolls work well on standard minifigs... I too buy them for the cool parts... Although I'm getting a bin full of pinks and purples.... Eventually I will have to find a use... On a separate note a fellow lug member recommended using an filler sports and under elevation suports where it won't be seen.
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    Monastery Brewery

    This is very well done the monk cowering behind the rack is my favorite. The barrels are fantastic... I think I understand how they are done from your description... Just stack the modified bricks and rotate to the next angle correct? The floor is well done the "cracks" really make it feel old... The green in the floor isn't bad but the tan in the floor my mind doesn't process and puts it out of place (I think because the Walls are tan) You mentioned the archway is fragile... Does it hold up to transit or is it a redo every move?
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    MOC - Mill Raid

    My two favorite parts are the horse reared up and the way you did the fire on the roof Overall so much going on so much to look at... You display the action well.
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Black Falcon supply point

    I like how you "filled the wall with dirt" the snot on the wall is good too ... Personally I don't think it's too much. The cart is great but the way it hitches to the horse however bothers me... I much would rather see two headlight bricks back to back in the "saddle hole" with the bar running through instead. You can then put a flat tile on the bricks and the horses back is clean. A bit of flex tube held by "hands" around the front lower neck looks much like the harness. Great build over all the scene is well thought out and we'll displayed
  10. Congrats to @Bart for front page news! (yes I realize that he posted it the 30th of Dec and it is now the 9th of Jan but hey better late then never!)
  11. I was going to ask about the connection but you answered it for me lol I like the way you have set it up... Will this be at BrickWorld this year?
  12. Bru-Haha helps cure headaches you know we could arrange a distributor to be set up in your settlement.... Love this build really the onlookers the building but my favorite part is the soldier breaking formation for the photo lol
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] Class 3 "Margaret"

    I actually love the background you chose is that a monitor or a picture? Nice little ship you got there!
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR - Raising troops] Vernon's Company

    Very nice parade indeed
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    The blindness is because of the materials used in poor quality stills. And further increased by poor quality operation. Plus there's that whole pressurised boiler that can explode and then highly flammable liquid that catches fire afterwards. Poor quality copper had a high sulfur content... "cheep" solder had high lead content. The resulting by product can cause blindness. If you fail to cut your foreshots proper then you get methals in you spirit which is not initially harmful but in enough quantity can severe nausea and vomiting. Also not cutting your tails while less harmful then the foreshots introduced minerals that your body can't process. Now there's uneducated fellas out there that just mix the whole damn batch together and sell it claiming there ain't no harm ... It's just poor quality licker is the truth. Explosion is a serious risk constant monitoring of temp is the only true way to prevent this. But the true danger is the vapor. Essentially you've done what a combustion engine does and atomised the "fuel" now you have a fire of some sort to heat the mash that loves to expand if the vapor makes contact. Grain dust is also highly flamable and can explode in flames under the right conditions As far as merchants... I talked to one who said they used to smack your legs with a stick to break any bottles you had tucked away in your pants when coming back on board
  16. In a remote but fairly accessible area of the island, well off the beaten path. Bill Thompson gets ready to run a batch of a new berry mash. He hopes its sweeter flavor will be popular with the ladies. Just to be sure the men buy it though Bill has given it a catchy name. Yes sir "Pink Bloomer Dropper" is sure to be a hit! ... But you gotta keep the worm cold or she steams an makes for bad flavor so Bill has to stop prepping the mash to haul cold water out of the cool stream. ___________ OoC: so @Mesabi's build inspired me to make my own "small factory" So a simple blue mountain pot still came about then the scene surrounding it Comments and Criticism are welcome!
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Sulphur-crested cockatoo

    You need to borrow a parrot cage to photograph this in... Seriously great work... Makes me want one for my shelf lol
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB 1 - Jan 619] The Red Dragon

    Hahahaha Well this is what I see. 9 was a good age for me and Lego so keep on building my son! Lol Things I like about the build The figurehead fits great with the feel The shape is convincing I like the Shields use on the sides look good as well as all the swivel guns Things I would change for next time Larger sails or a third mast
  19. I guess my thought was this.... If you know what others in your faction have done successfully stat wise your prone to mimic it. (especially if you regularly sail together) So hypothetically if I wanted to target COR shipping specifically. (just using your faction as an example lol) I could detect a pattern in your shipping lanes and notice what ships had what stats then pick and choose (or create) a fleet that would be more prone to having an advantage against them. True there are some built in loop holes but fundamentally it could give an advantage of one "Navy" over the next in battle as well (should war break out). I think it's good for each faction to keep such records for all ships in the faction and members should be able to access that sheet. A big issue at least for the rats is leadership changed hands several times this past year (things happen) but the members that knew of such a sheet had also become inactive so ours was temporarily lost at sea so to speak. Lol
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    @gedren_y you'll notice I spell it Whisk_y quite often the scots believed (some still do) that their whisky was superior to Irish whiskey. I'm not Scottish by any means (Cherokee, German descent as most of my family is from western TN and Southern KY and three generations back Germany) I was taught good whisky has no e in it lol. But I learned the skill while living in Southern Alabama and improved over the next several years...
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Simple Trackside Decoupler

    Any chance to get a video?
  22. That wasn't a cage... That was so your baby could properly air himself because that's important for child development. Besides what's safer then a crib hanging from a window in a skyscraper?
  23. I would disagree with this... I think the fact I don't know other factions ship stats make the challenge for choosing a battle style and makes choosing ship stats more important.
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    Weelond 2nd Battalion ready for duty

    I like the elevation in the grass. Originally I pictured them marching into the parade field... Until I saw the full build and realized cannons would I get be pointed in lol
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Bill Tompson's "Hooch"

    No worries I love to hear em! Lol My favorite is my late Neighbor Mr. Pitts. He told of the time he got picked up... Now before I continue let me explain something about Mr. Pitts. His biggest customers were the Supreme Court judge, The common wealth attorney, the county prosecutor, the head of county board. Now he made good rye whisky charcoal mellowed even. This man had tunnels from his barn and house and two other out buildings. And you couldnt step more than four foot from a gun of some kind in any given room of his home if you knew where to look ... Now back to the story. I'll tell it as it was told to me best I can recall: So one day the county sheriff pulls up and I (Mr. Pitts) says "can I help you Sheriff" ... Never called Don by his name always addressed him as Sheriff. Well turns out Don had a warrant and claims that he found "a still on my property" ... well he hadn't found my my still my still was back over yonder (points towards the rear of his property), but the found the one I wanted them to find used to keep it over yonder fence( points to the front of his property)... Never ran a drop through it but it was a still all the less. So they loaded me up took me up to the courthouse booked me. Bout an hour or so later I'm being released. I was back home before they even finished loadin it. Back then they wouldn't just bust it up because you could rebuild it so they'd take it away or blow it up with a bit of dynamite if it was too big for a truck. I went down there by Don and watched them load it up... Even told the boys to be careful with that part there it's heavy when they loaded the pot. Well later that week they run my name in the paper "for the illegal production of moonshine" (he pulled out a framed yellowed chunk of old news paper from his desk next to him that was the police blotter) I tell us it was the best thing they could done... Hell my business tripped after that cause now everybody knew I made the stuff (he pauses to take a swig and laugh). The best part though was them judges and attorney's the was all looking at each other like who told (laughs even harder). ______ That was my fondest shine story told by Mr Pitts. He quit making shine in 2006 when his wife past (last year of her life she was real sickly) she made him promise that when she passes away that he can't sell no more... He asked her why and she simply told him "because I won't be round to keep your megablocks out trouble! " He had told me on a prior visit that he could see the house from the still and if she would hang a red blouse on the clothes line it meant someone was coming down the lane (the nearest neighbor aside from me was 1 1/4 mile down the road either way) he said "she always wore blue or white never red so if I seen that hanging on the line I was to take the long way back to the house" ..... Now mind you I've got stories of my own but none like back in the heyday of shiners