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    Ideas Tall Ship

    Sadly it looks like we will fall short of the supporters needed... What are the plans from here? Would love to build this one for myself!
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] WTC Office Arlinsport

    Your building is rather drafty. Nothing ruins a decent build quicker than bricks not seated properly. It would be different if the brick is needing to be unseated to give the proper effect however this is not the case. This is a reoccurring issue in several of your builds. Are you afraid you won't get the bricks separated? Do you need a human interface tool? ... I'm would be happy to send you one if you don't have one. It just makes a sloppy presentation as if your in such a hurry that you didn't stop to look it over. Other than that I would have liked to see lanterns in the headlight bricks by the door or an awning. Or just a plain brick instead.
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] Alfie's Place - The Sereen Cay

    Haha I know the feeling exactly lol. I never seen any pirates beyond the mid 90s lol
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] EMD F-unit and SW-1

    I really like your solution for sleepers on this. The model is well done. What made you choose 7W?
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    Recreating old trains with new parts?

    One of my Lug members just did this very thing... He still spent 150 on just the engine but he swapped in the Bluetooth which made it nice... We ran it on the layout with another members original SF and they looked great together!
  6. Roadmonkeytj

    Custom Pirate Torso Tutorial

    Very nice thanks man!
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Luxury Yacht with Coral Reef

    This is a stunning display well executed ship alone with the water... But suspend it over a reef! Well done on the reef as well a lot of good parts usage there! Great job.
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Angelo Kelly's camper

    I don't know the Kelly's but It looks as if you nailed the camper!
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    advice needed for MOC 50s car wash

    It looks pretty great to me!
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    Help: Backdrop for Lego city layout

    I've seen some guys take the box art (with the shaded buildings) plug them into Photoshop and it makes a really lovely "lego" backdrop.
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Brick Hotel

    I love the stubby building to buffer the dinner... The boarded windows are a nice touch!
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Building site

    The billboard really takes it over the top. all the little details make this come alive I love the rebar. And even though I've moved into the 6w vehicles I still love a good 4W lol.
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] Alfie's Place - The Sereen Cay

    I really like the feel to this... Has that classic 89 pirates feel the shutters look good... I may borrow that sometime ... Are they functional or static? There's a couple funny scenes built into this as well good job!
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [MCTC: Salida Este] Boardinghouse

    The whole build compliments itself well simple architecture but an astounding effect with the green and white!
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [GOC] WTC Libertine

    Ha! I missed the links..
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    [GOC] WTC Libertine

    Further inspection shows its a later built ship... Lol I literally spent two seconds on google lol. Do you have a link to the story of the ship you posted?
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] A Superbly Stately Statehouse

    I like how you staged the rooms in this for good story telling
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    [GOC] WTC Libertine

    So a quick search for "snow" brig came up with some decent photos. You just have to watch because later brigs were called snow's even though they wernt actually a snow... Just a brig. The first is as little confusing as the ship behind it makes the masts look like there's more but it's a good shot from forward. With sails stowed. The second is a good broadside with sail... You can see both masts have a "snow mast" that the gaff and spanker attach to
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Myzectlan Market

  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Myzectlan Market

    Any chance of a tutorial on how you accomplish this... They look factory printed lol
  21. I like how you simulated hard pack wagon tracks going into the fort with the smooth instead of studs It's fitting you've captured the essence of the fort well IMHO
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Myzectlan Market

    The woman front and center must not like the prices. I am jealous of all your natives lol. But the pottery and rugs were a great inclusion!
  23. Roadmonkeytj

    [AMRCA RSND] The Grand Expedition - Part I

    @Drunknok @Spud The Viking@Ayrlego @LM71Blackbird The discoveries and descriptions of new species had the RSND scientists all worked up in exaltation, although the more practically minded amongst them had taken joy in the fact that with a little husbanding, the birds off the island would provide a sustainable source of fresh meats. There was still some doubt as to the access to fresh water, though. The camp was coming along nicely. Even though primitive, they had all the basic needs covered. The hunting parties were also quite successful in their spoils and the stores were well stocked. From the Garvians, they learned that they had been traveling from a Carnish camp just south of here, when they had been ambushed by a Lotii fleet. They had made their way to Avestia in a small boat which had capsized in the surf. These rescued sailors seemed eager to leave this Island and reminded Epper his ships could easily be resupplied, and ready to continue their voyage. Epper took stock, and prepared the expedition for their new orders. Options: Continue your Voyage ... Elsewhere The Horizon awaits, and you may continue your voyage. 2 builds required one showing your ships being loaded plus one showing the ships underway. Indicate where the expedition is heading. Spudkirk Spudkirk has been founded on the Island, and if the expedition stays, the settlement can get more done quickly. Do be aware, however, that the Lotii or the Carnish may visit this settlement. 2 builds required. 1 should show how Spudkirk supplies itself with water, and the other the first permanent structure. One must be licensable in the EGS. You must also mark the location of your new settlement. Your men are eager to work, so the up to two properties (small or medium) will be discounted by 50% this turn, if you choose this option. Talk to the Natives The Natives definitely will have much to say about the surrounding islands, and the Carnish and the Lotii. 2 builds required, showing you seeking out and attempting communication with the natives. 2 builds required this turn. You may only take one option.
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    [GOC] Stormhaven Waymart

    So this is a really great build by you! The clapboard wall looks great... And a plus that you added the lantern and newspaper tile to break it up. Another great feature is the dock... The angle makes it visually more interesting. Also I did notice the undergrowth... It's well implemented with the bricks you have. The roof surprisingly works well with that element. My suggestion is to add some brown one stud wide plates spaced 3 or 4 studs apart on the underside of your roof running vertical to give the impression of rafters ... Hope that made sense. Otherwise quite the nice build good job with a "busy interior "
  25. The settlement of Trador seemed to be the next logical step in the Eslodian markets. With its active wineries and current Cider production the network of goods was already set up. Plans had been drawn up and construction was now completed. Workers already had the first few batches run. This was a small factory compared to the other Bru-HaHa facilities with only a single pot which was much smaller. They found they could get 13 barrels per run after heads and tails were cut. Even though this was a small facility it was not by any means less state of the art. underground aging tunnels had been constructed under the streets and most never knew how expansive the tunnels were. This was also the first facility built with large windows low to the ground to encourage the public to view the process. Here a young family peeks in at the mash production The offices here are just large enough to conduct business as the facility is not open for tours. You'll also notice only dry stores are kept. Bru-HaHa belives fresh ingredients make a better bruh Another reason for choosing Trador. The Facility does not feel claustrophobic despite the majority of production being below ground level Another reason in favor of Trador is the constant patrols. Here you can see workers feeling safe beneath the streets in one of the underground storage vaults. However not everyone feels as safe from the patrols. Lets hope that poor inn keeper can calm his spooked horse before he looses his fresh shipment Another view of the facility where you can see the latest batch being completed and another batch being bottled for retail You'll notice the boiler is coal fired as you get a more controlled heat from coal then wood. You might also notice that the large elevated mash pots have direct plumbing to the boiler. Reducing the prep time needed to refill the boiler between batches. --------------- OoC: Comments and Criticism welcomed! This has been a fun build, and once again I am lead to believe that my computer in incapable of rendering over 10,000 bricks lol. I was lucky enough to get two before it began failing. This "small facility" will be licensed as a Large Factory. Also while I would have preferred to tile the mezzanine, the boiler poking through the floor could only be accomplished with the exposed studs as the only plate with the hole does not match up to any current tiles. Additional Pictures