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  1. Hear ye, Hear ye! It has come to the attention that the Brethren of the Brick Seas is void of an official logo or banner. It has been discussed amongst certain circles and a solution has come from this. A contest will take place to choose the official banner of BoBS. The contest will commence forthwith and will conclude midnight anywhere in the world October 2 619. (5 weeks) The deadline has been extended to the 16th. There will be two sub catagories for the contest and you may enter both. [LOGO CAT A] - Eurobricks BoBS themed top banner (800w x 100h) for use at the top of the BoBS forum page. This should be interesting enough to be seen daily by our active players. [LOGO CAT B] - BoBS Game Advertising (800w x 600h minimum) for use on, social media. This should be eye catching and exciting the goal is to draw new players. The Rules: Entries should be of high resolution and excellent photo quality of appropriate size for choosen catagory. Entries should illustrate the main aspects of the game through scenes with representative minifigures without favouring any one faction (all four should be equally represented. Natives may also be included) Both digital and physical builds will be considered, however digital builds should be properly rendered. Original artwork will also be allowed as long as it meets all these mentioned points. Graphic enhancement such as touching or adding effects (such as Photoshop) will be allowed as well. Entries should have visual interest to draw a non-player to come and check out the game. Overall presentation quality is important, as this will represent BoBS to the rest of the world! The banner(s) will be displayed on, social media, and Eurobricks so keep them appropriate for all audiences! The creator(s) of the winning banners will be awarded with a special tag here on Eurobricks to be displayed below their user name and the satisfaction of being the BoBS logo designer! When submitting an entry please label them as "[LOGO]" or " in the title and link them here in this thread, also please list which catagory the picture is for. Judging: Entries will be reviewed for compliance then posted to a public poll in the weeks following the contest. some clarification from questions: The cat A is for the eb top page to replace the bunnies yes lol (if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can change the theme to rid yourself of bunnies lol). The intention was to have a banner displayed at the top of the forum (similar to the technic subforum) The cat B is more of a larger picture for use more outside eb to draw players. Think of this more like box art on a lego set or video game ... Something that makes you want to Play. There is no requirement to enter both cat ... You can enter either A or B or Both as long as your image fits the size and quality. The images do not need to be vector art (but can be) a scene built out of legos would be just as acceptable. Feel free to build multiple scenes and photo edit them into one. If your artistic frel free to draw or paint. Really as long as its creative and well represents the game it could be any medium as long as we dont mislead people. _________________ Official Entries Thus Far: CAT A: LM71Blackbird Kai NRG Kurigan CAT B:
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    Top Banner For LOGO contest Cat A

    Your good! The contest will commence forthwith and will conclude midnight anywhere in the world October 2 619. (5 weeks) The deadline has been extended to the 16th
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    Fan stickers for trains

    Im concerned ... Your making more diesel stuff lately .... Seriously though these look good! Good to know i have the option should I build another diesel.
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Well it was 85 last week... Thus far this week its been in the 60s ... Fall is here leaves are changing but not dropping ... Yet. @Mesabi what part of the Midwest are you? im NE corner of indiana and 55 is the lowest we have seen (at night)
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Whis this same technique:
  6. Roadmonkeytj

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Love the caravan Ross. I've been meaning to make a Gypsy camp ... May have to borrow this.
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    New York Central 19000 Series Caboose

    Very nice build indeed ... Personally I would change the brakemans catwalks to brown or dark grey to break up all the red ... Reguardless it looks well composed. You should get as a picture of the whole rake. I have actually ridden in one of these ..the boxcars are perfectly looked down ... However your standard coach car is not ... As its just as tall 'll
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] Tortuga Quayside

    Gasp! You poor deprived soul!
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] Tortuga Quayside

    At first I was like ... Really cool facades ... Then realized theres more ... Lol as always good classical feel and good story! <silently wonders outloud via text> has he never taken the peg legs and swapped then to other colored legs? Lol
  10. Haha good show! Glad you got your ship back!
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    Brick Built Sails VS Cloth Sails

    Both ... In LDD i brick build in Brick I use sail
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [GoC - FB2 - COR] University of Quinnsville

    Most impressive! Whats the brick count?
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR - FB] Smugglers innovative power

    Ignoring the allegation I see lmao But are they really though? .... Maybe Mama just doesn't know ... It is her birthday after all lol
  14. I think two removable would be better ... Take one off then take the picture ... Then swap sides and take another lol. Seriously nice equipment seems quite fitting for a military instalment. I just used that similar roof technique in a build of mine! Really gives a fine result.
  15. @legoman666 I already know the answer as we talked about it in PM but for general knowledge . . . are you willing to do custom work? Say that I wanted the armada sails with the crest from the imperial trading ship for example?
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    Lego MOC: TNTX 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive

    Was it modeled after a peticular engine or just something you felt right about? Its well done for your first go at steam
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    I think this is swell ... Its visually appealing and if you wish to show a brakeman you can lol
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    IFTTT Train Start

    the only issue I see with the Blue tooth is the time out code ... You would have to change it to not sleep or to give a wake command. Im not saying its impossible but definitely would need to keep the hub powered or some how activate the pairing remotely
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [LOGO Contest] Design the official BoBS Logo!

    Its been discussed and the deadline is being extended two additional weeks to allow for more entries as we only got 2 Cat A entries and no cat B
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    @Phil B Since your adding interiors what about the Lavatory? Loving the work btw But seeing it in LDD I thought the gap was ok ... Seeing it in brick ... Not so much. I guess when it boils down too it you have to ask yourself this: What is my main purpose for this build. Meaning if your not planning on opening and shutting the doors all that often then I would go with the hinged method with no gap. As you can always display it with the doors open and you can drive it with them shut. However if you plan on grand central going through your coach doors as you role play every fig through the station in and out of the car the go with the gap.
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Not unless you loose the oil seal in the turbo ... You'll know you did ... She'll smoke like crazy. Just dont go more than twice the recomended miles. I would be more interested in 3d printed train parts. . . than a hand.
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Insurance is replacing your hand?
  23. Roadmonkeytj

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Telephone pole truck?
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    Civilization is Returning

    Thank you ... I cant take all the credit Keymonus played a huge part in the story ... I can honestly say it might not of happened without his involvement! Well dont walk away just yet ... The next chapter is still to unfold.
  25. Late September 619, Infero Pordejon, a open market in Charlatan Bay Lowtown The Keegan treaty seemed like it had been only yesterday but in reality it had been almost two whole months since Keegans men had joined the ranks. Lowtown had been taken back through many skirmishes. The all that remained had been pushed back to a reinforced line on the road to the Fort. Gustaf's Men now grossly outnumbered Tristan's volunteers and uniforms were commissioned from one of the local skilled tailors. This was done to necessitate a grand boost in moral and to create unity amongst the men as this civil war had been dragging on for the better part of a year now. Other changes could be noticed as well. Over the past week a Platform had been constructed .... The last time a similar platform had been seen in the settlement had been directly following the Dark Bishops reign. This platform was more intimidating though as a Large heavy blade was suspended over a stock. The talk that surrounded its purpose was that heads would roll once the fort was recaptured. It was also constructed in one of the open markets in the center of Lowtown. This was a bold statement as the governmental seat was in Hightown. Gustaf made his presence known in Lowtown with regular patrols with drummer and color guard always in step. Here you can see as Gustaf leads the a platoon past Arnesto the Smithy and the guillotine platform. The markets are also well stocked once again since the supply ships are now fairly regular. Fresh foods and even some preserved can be easily purchased from the Market Stalls. Medicines can be purchased from The Gypsy Woman providing you let her read your Tarot. Even Bru-HaHa is making its way to the settlement again. All that was left was the final push to the Fort. Surely supplies in the Fort were dwindeling as they had been cut off from thier supply ships as Gustaf had managed to beat the rebels to the Bells by sailing around the reach of San Millars' guns instead of the long jungle path through the gorge the rebels had tried. With the control of the Hidden Battery and Hells Bells the rebel smugglers lost many ships until they were snuffed out. Comments and Criticisms welcomed!