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  1. schwaiwal

    MOC full rc Truck 1:10 Benz Arocs Crane Truck Full rc MOC with 21motors, 2 sbricks. 100% lego orginal parts 2 years and 8500 Bricks later
  2. Mercedes Benz Arocs Crane Truck Full rc MOC with 21motors, 2 sbricks. 100% lego orginal parts
  3. schwaiwal

    Volvo FH16 750

    how to fix the crossaxle to the propulsion. the 3l beams fits exactly whitout glue.
  4. schwaiwal

    Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Wow, amazing, i have never seen so many functions in one technic moc great job
  5. schwaiwal

    Volvo FH16 750

    The complete frontaxle/steeringmechanism ist from lego set 8369 except the crossaxle l8 with stop who fix the wheel
  6. schwaiwal

    Volvo FH16 750

    A Short Video oft the propulsion
  7. schwaiwal

    Volvo FH16 750

    Hey, yes for the lights and i want to make the 5th wheel remote controled. I remove the screws from the big crossaxle and put on 3 technicliftarms 1x3 thin on the steel axle. They fits very hard so i didn´t need a glue or something else. The other parts are all technic bricks Sorry for the bad quality you tube video and my english. The truck is my own creation and it´s build with 100% lego orginal parts, hope you like it
  8. schwaiwal

    Volvo FH16 750

    mercedes arocs will follow with more functions
  9. schwaiwal

    Volvo FH16 750

    This is my Volvo fh16 750 rc moc. The main goal was to create a huge 1:10 scale model with less funktions but very strong and fast for this size. the propulsion from lego dirt crusher is fixed long side and the batterybox is in the front
  10. schwaiwal

    Land Carrier Khagaan

    One oft the best video i have ever seen and of course the model himself