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  1. A user yesterday pm'd me asking about them but I unfortunately never saved the images and I'm kicking myself for it. I am still trying to find them when I get time throughout the week - including today as I am working and trying on my breaks. AT-ST - SET: The AT-ST seemed to be dark grey and light grey with a large stud shooter weapon on one side, but the other was a brick built cannon with a spring loaded missle in red. The set had 4 minifigures? One looked like Finn in almost a black uniform but was a very dark colour, he seemed to have a new face too. Rose was in dark blue with a dark blue hat and her hair on the same molded piece I think it was. She also had a blaster. The third minifigure was Captain Phasma and I swear it looked like a different helmet, same sort of colour but the visor looked so different compared the the 2015 one... She had a brickbuilt spear and her black / red ragged cape and the spear had 3-4 pieces and was silverish in colour too. There was a stormtrooper in the set too with a slightly different helmet design I think. It had a bright orange brick separator too! Only this set had it! ? ACH-TO TRAINING SET: The build was pretty much bright green and dark grey and partial of structures. I saw a brick built rock piece which looked like the one from the trailer Rey is almost ready to cut in half? There was a brick built tree in brown / dark brown too but it was halved so could be opened up and off to the far side was a campfire build with 2 - 3 small feather flame pieces and some orange studs surrounding it. The set also have a cave like entrance at the back too. The set had Rey in a new dark tan coloured outfit and her blue lightsaber - I think it was a dark tan jacket with white shirt underneath but was printed on and she had The Force Awakens triple bun hair. She also had a brown indiana jones style bag and a brick built staff in black and possibly dark brown handle? The second and final minifigure was Luke Skywalker and he had a white torso it looked like to me with the tan robes printed on top. He had a bigger cape piece than a normal minifigure as it was huge and in the photo it looked to cover half his arms and going round and it was in dark tan - I am pretty sure his hair was dark tan and he had a dark tan cape too and the hair was a new piece like the front of the newer superman hair but then the rest looked the Gibbs from Pirates Of The Carribean... He had a light coloured brick built staff as well and he came with some printed 2x2 dark tan, tan and light grey tiles with designs on them and he also had a printed dark grey 1x1 with a simple pattern and I remember a light blueish coloured circle very small in the center of this piece? The set also had a porg the same one from the new UCS Falcon and another was the exact same but the orange was missing and it was dark or light greyish / white. FIRST ORDER TROOPER BATTLEPACK SET: I remember a turret / cannon build in dark grey / black with a very slight trim of bright red in the middle bulkier section. There was a seat with a first order gunner crewman on it. There was also a first order trooper in white but one half of his helmet was black... He also had black arms and a brick built electrical axe. there was a clip piece at the top of this weapon with the transparent blue piece that was in the scarlet witch set in the hulkbuster. There was also a First order snowtrooper with a black blaster and a white lightsaber hilt piece on the end. There was a plain first order stormtrooper too.
  3. I just want to see the Battlepack and Ach-To from TLJ... The description of the Battlepack specialists confirms ANOTHER F.O Gunner, Atleast 1 Executioner Trooper, Possibly 1 Stormtrooper? Who else? Another Executioner or even ANOTHER Snowtrooper? It's a shame only Luke and Rey are in the training. The campfire scene has R2 and Chewie but they are in much cheaper sets anyways. :)