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    Besides Lego? I love Music. I own my own Internet Radio Station that runs 24/7 (most of the time). Anything from the Roaring 20s to Todays Top 40 hits.


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  1. LegoCityMann

    May I introduce me and my Town?

    Amazing, so much beauty packed in there. Loving the style of it all.
  2. LegoCityMann

    Hinc's Beverage

    Some small changes to my Beverage Store. It now has a name. Hinc's Beverage. Named in honor of the Amazing Hinckley. Only one change coming. Need the new style blacksmith Hammer for over the door. Come to Hinc's and get Hammered! I've removed the paperstand out front as it looked to cluttered. Overhead Shot Commentw, Questions, and Suggestions always welcomed. Brick On! ~LCM
  3. LegoCityMann

    Lightning Hardware

    Behing the counter we see a display of tools available, the paint center, and a welding set. You can also get a toilet or a refrigerator at Lightning Hardware. A wide selection of small tools, garbage cans, and even dynamite! Drawers full of screws, nails, and drill bits. A drill press, and some saws inside the front door. and out front the smiling owner Sean with a display of new mowers that just came in.
  4. LegoCityMann

    Removing Minifig Heads stuck tight

    Use a Technic pin or a Technic beam, usually works for me.
  5. LegoCityMann

    EB Members Title Archive

    90 year old scientist - I have no idea where this came from. Love it!!
  6. LegoCityMann

    Servo Showdown: And The Winner Is.....

    I want to reiterate my thanks to the Staff at Eurobricks for allowing me to do this. Maybe in a few months we'll do something like this again with another theme.
  7. LegoCityMann

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Only thing I can see missing is the Life Guard Bouy from the CMF. Kinda surprised with a coast guard theme we aren't seeing that peice used.
  8. LegoCityMann

    Servo Showdown: And The Winner Is.....

    The 1st and 2nd Place voting were so tight in fact, after 3 times of hand counting with different results I finally broke down and made a spreadsheet. Only 2 votes were disqualified (for editing). ~LCM
  9. LegoCityMann

    Servo Showdown: And The Winner Is.....

    I had a blast running this!! Glad to see so many people enjoyed it as much as I did.
  10. LegoCityMann

    Servo Showdown: And The Winner Is.....

    With 82 Points and winning 60016 Tanker Truck + 3 Random Sealed CMFs is..... Zed_43 with this Classic 80's Style Shell Beauty In Second Place with 77 Points and winning 10659 Blue Lego Suitcase (The Gas Station) is... ER0L with his vintage Shell Station. In 3rd Place with 34 Points winning 60000 Fire Motorcycle is... rriggs modern Shell Station Congrats to the winners and a Big Thank You to all who entered. If the three of you would PM me your addresses so I can get your prizes out I would appreciate it. Thank You again! ~LegoCityMann
  11. LegoCityMann

    Servo Showdown: Voting Topic! (All Forum Members Welcome to Vote)

    5 1/2 hours left to vote.
  12. LegoCityMann

    MOC - Dodge Truck Dealership

    You should make it the "McKenzie Brothers Dodge"
  13. LegoCityMann

    Lightning Hardware

    The roof is on and one last piece is being moved onto the property from the old store.
  14. LegoCityMann

    Lightning Hardware

    The Walls are Finished. Now to put a roof on it and start moving in. Of course there is landscaping to be done in the front as well.
  15. LegoCityMann

    Lightning Hardware

    The front walls go up rather quickly.