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  1. I am glad you didn't break anything. Legos are a bit more forgiving then model railroading. My father is still into the hobby (started with a train set as a kid). Maybe my kids will be into Lego when they are older.
  2. My favorite part is how the tree top extends thru the top floor. Nice job.
  3. Thought I would share. Just checked on the family winter village display and it looks like Godzilla went thru it. So bad, not sure its possible to put it back the way it was. I'm accustomed to the the kids moving stuff around multiple times a day and such. This time my mocs have been heavily modified (rebuilt/destroyed). At first I was a bit upset, then I remembered how lucky I am to to have them in my life and their interest in bricks. Would be kinda boring if our display wasn't modified now and then. When the kids get a bit older hoping their "help" is a bit more productive. Anyways, for those of you lucky enough to have little helpers/engineers, suggest you remember to count your blessing and not worry about the several missing mini figure heads (found in the toy box) or why your toy shop had to be rebuilt into a pet store. These days are numbered, don't waste them.
  4. Welcome to the North Pole!

    Nice, my kids move our stuff around all the time too. Makes it better that they are involved. Will be sad when they are gone and our WV is more static.
  5. Expanding Winter Village Happening this year?

    Winter Village is such a fun theme, I'm already thinking of my 2018 expansion.
  6. Is there a more up to date poll for your favorite/least favorite winter village sets including this years station. Looking at the forum looks like even more interest in the series than back in 2013. Thinking we can beat polling numbers (50 ish) from the original poll. Expect the Toy Shop and Cottage will still be the favorites. Wonder if the train and station will displace the market as the bottom of the barrel. IMO the post office has that position locked up!
  7. Enjoyed building the van. I liked the off set front license plate, headlights and the storage on the roof the best. Not crazy about using two windows as the front windshield. Inside is a little sparse, but you can fit 4 mini figs in there.
  8. My kids like the vehicles. They cause all kinds of Mini Fig ciaos with them. If you are not building the van, that's a lot of little windows you can add to the station or another building. Never thought about building the station at ground level. I like mine up in a bit, have the full size train so my display a bit different that yours. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your display when done.
  9. Hello. Just built the WV Station set. From the reviews had low expectations (purchased to support the series). Set was better than expected. It is small, but so are all the other buildings from the series. Here are a few quick thoughts regarding the set. Pro's Challenging build, learned several new building techniques Van looks good If you have the train, need a station/depot Sized correct for WV theme Con's Interior to small for ticket office and cafe. Solution,add a 8x8 plate (fill in missing interior floor area) and supports. Take a 2x8 plate and 4 2x2 bricks and make a coffee bar. Add a few chairs and your all set. Outdoor seating area bit small. Solution, not much you can do here. You could extend the platform out and the roof, but that going to require a bigger commitment on rebuilding the set. I'm leaving mine as is. Only 5 mini figs. Solution, get some more. Van is almost as long as the station. Solution, don't stage the van next to the station, then scale issue not as noticeable. Attic/2nd level of station unusable. Solution, build some presents and put them up there. Everyone loves presents. Priced high for what you get. Solution, its Lego and Christmas. 10 years from now with inflation will look like a great deal. Purchase the set so you mini figs have a place to wait for the train. Street lights not as good as past years sets. Solution, swap these lights out for some you have in the back of your display.
  10. As the train came out last year concerned it maybe retiring this year. Hate paying investor prices on retired sets.
  11. My Winter Village Diorama 2017

    Looks good. Noticed you are not displaying the vehicles that came with the sets (Station van, Post office truck and the Cottage pickup truck). Did you run out of room or just don't like these? Only ask as I am putting up my first WV display this year. Design included a road for them to travel on. I only have the station van and a moc pickup. Still building my WV empire, don't have as many bricks as you, getting there thou.
  12. Looking for some ideas? Trying for figure out what do next. Just fabricated the red and white bleachers this weekend (Lego pick a brick wall). They will replace the smaller white ones. Base plates are not Lego, Amazon had them on sale (stack-able base plates). They are ok, around $18 US for the 8 full size base plates. I'd go with something else if I had to do over. Wanted to put in a pit area and car parking/garage, but my track is so small hard to fit everything in. Went with the elevated platform so the trains could run under-neigh. What do you think will give me the most bang for my buck? Think these bleacher came out good. Inspired by designs by others here and on YouTube. Had alternate design planned. When I went to the Lego Store to get the bricks,they had different bricks then as detailed per the internet (sure this has never happened to anyone else). New design is larger than planned... going to need more mini figs! Kind of limited to the 2' by 4' foot print of elevated area. Hope Lego has some more good accessories with the upcoming 2018 Speed Champions sets.
  13. It has been very educational getting everyone's input on the series. Think if I asked 8 different AFOL their favorite set, would get 7 different answers. No one would list the train station as their favorite! As for the Santa's Workshop haters, I am not really a fan ether. That said, it's a cute set and can see why some would like. Think others might feel the same regarding the train. I like the train engine and tender (green is a bit bright, would like a few more black bricks especially prefer black wheels to the red ones provided). Problem with the train is its just too small. Also the Caboose/Dinner car is way to small. Think the station van is larger than it. That's just not right. Need a couple more cars on the train to complete. I'm planning on building some before next winter season.
  14. Yes, WV train is not a good stand alone set. Suggest you get the toy shop to go with it. I have them both and they look good together. The longer I own the market set, the better I like it. It has moved up to my number two just behind the toy shop. It has so much going for it, lot of mini figs, three food stands and a nice bench w/ street light. Not to mention the carousel. If you have never seen in person recommend you do, you might change your mind. As for the train, its still just ok. I loaded mine up with mini figs and presents so it looks better. Kids have it crashing all the time so they think its fun. Dad not so much as I have to put it back togather. Ya, I am making mine bigger. Want the cafe larger, ok with outdoor seating area.
  15. [MOC] Modular Ice Cream Parlor (picture heavy)

    You need to submit this to the Lego Ideas group. 10,000 supports and will be for sale. I want one!