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  1. Lego wife

    I hope you realize how fortunate you have a woman like that in your life. My wife would give me something like a guy with a trash can, saying "Don't forget trash day is Tuesdays"
  2. For me it the 2010 airplane, 3180. Love this set,most have built it close to 100 times.
  3. What franchise should Lego do next?

    Its hard to say as depends on what the kids are into these days. As an AFOl would love to see some sort of planetary defense force fighting aliens. Maybe GI Joe would be fun.
  4. There have been a few rumors in the US that Amazon is going to start caring some of the TRU exclusives. Hope so, shipping from over seas is hard on the budget.
  5. Lifespan of the new JW sets?

    Don't know. Still feeling bad I missed a few sets in 2017. When it doubt buy, that my new motto.
  6. Question. Recently I purchased a set I already owned. Basically my collection has gotten to a point where I cannot remember everything I have. While I feel this is a good problem to have, wonder if I am alone or is this a common issue. Is this kind of like a right of passage, your collection gets to a point you cannot remember all the little sets you purchased over the years? Only been 1 year in my case, but hopefully you get the picture. I would say I can remember about 95% of the sets I have, its the little ones that slip my mind now and then.
  7. I am thinking about getting another high speed passenger train when they go on sale. New PF2 is coming out so hopefully they will have some good deals
  8. I hear you. Getting missing parts can get expensive quickly. Its just so much fun, well worth it IMO.
  9. It is just fun finding these old sets. Kinda like Christmas. Don't know exactly what sets you can get. They don't always match what you got, your collection can take a unexpected turn depending on what you find.
  10. Just checked, purple track is only like $1 to $1.50 (US) per section. Per instruction, only 12 pieces of track are included in the set. So for $20 could double the length of the coaster. Cheaper way to get closer to the new coaster set. On set I didn't know was retiring so quickly were all the airplane sets from last year. Was able to get the stunt show, cargo plane and VIP. Wish I had gotten the airport. Sure TLG will come out with some new planes soon.
  11. Trains in the garden ?

    Yes, feel would need custom track for outdoor installation. Know they sell train rail for those who want to build their own G,O, etc scale track. If you would be ok with your Lego train running on non lego track then his might be an option. Issue come in if you want Lego buildings and such outdoors, the sunlight will affect the plastic. Not that it cannot be done, just will require a bit of forethought and extra effort.
  12. You are very creative, great job.
  13. Size comparisons carousels

    I have the winter village carouse. It looks a bit small when placed next to my modulars. I always thought (from the pictures anyways) the fairground version was bettered scaled for them. As you disagree, will have to rethink my position here. Will say the WV version takes up a smaller footprint, space is becoming a issue on my layout.
  14. I found a used set of the yellow cement mixer yesterday. It is really nice, glad I got it. Only purchased based on your recommendation. Yes the my train theme looked like it would have been fun. I know this will draw a few haters, but wouldn't mind a all if they re-released those sets.
  15. Oh, I just purchased a used set of 60060 and really like it. Don't have a lot of 4 stud wide cars thou. Your moc looks good. Glad you like it.