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  1. What's your favourite modular building?

    Well.....per TLG you have to stop playing with their product after age 99. What are you going to do then? Don't know if Duplo has an age limit. I have only been back in the hobby a little over a year and already starting to run out of display room. Don't know what I'm going to do in a few years.
  2. What's your favourite modular building?

    Fred67, two points. 1) See you were part of this original tread. How old are you man? That was like 10 years ago. Fantastic you are still into Lego! 2) Yes feel AFOL's would want a revised version of MS. . 3) (know I added one here). Feel the demand for modulars could support multiple sets released yearly. If demand for the DD were stronger suspect we would be hearing rumors already. Thinking if they would have stuck with the car dealership theme demand would have been a lot stronger. In fact, they could sell a car dealer set without cars.....everyone already has a bunch of them.
  3. What's your favourite modular building?

    I think CC looks good. It's big, colorful and lots of option when comes to adding an interior. I might go for a blue roof instead of the stock red one (think those bricks are a bit exspensive)
  4. What's your favourite modular building?

    So its doubttful TLG will remove MS from the modular list. What if we proposed to TLG the option of ether the original designer or open up to everyone to update MS with current bricks. Say MS version 2.0. Might be fun to see what they come up with. Would also give AFOL a chance to get this set (if they don't already have) and for those who do, a chance to get anther modular building. Don't think many would complain about having another modular building to pick from! Additional, I don't support re-releasing the other modulars as feel demand would not be as strong as a totally new set.
  5. What's your favourite modular building?

    Oh well....doesn't look like we are getting much traction on starting our own poll. Will go on one of the other sites listed and enter my choices there. Just for the record here are my thoughts (BTW I only own DO and GG, planning on purchasing PS, PR and CC). Think the top three are locked in. Say the others may move a bit based on my mood. 1) GG (great exterior. Planning on adding a custom interior. Really nice addition to my city) 2) DO (another great set. Like the colors, theme, pool room. Just a bit too small to be #1) 3) PR (Just looks fantastic. Can't wait to get. Wish was a bit bigger) 4) AS (Looks nice, just don't think I will ever purchase) 5) CC (like the look of this building, want to create a hotel interior.) 6) PS (this looks like just a fun building to own. Looking forward to purchasing) 7) GE (this building is growing on me, will probable get someday) 8) FB (This one is ok, just don't love it) 9) BB (what is there is of it looks good, just too small) 10) PC (This building just looks too plain. Have seen some really nice two sets combined as one mocs. These mocs would go up much higher in my ratings) 11) TH (Big and kinda boring) 12) DD (just looks too different from the others) 13) MS (doesn't compare to the others. Really should be in a different category all together)
  6. I like this layout. Can fit 7 modulars, Now which two I would add to the ones I am getting or plan on bricklinking? Additional: I has able to get my layout back into semi presentable shape by the end of the weekend. Looks better, room for more sets.....always a good thing.
  7. So I had the day off from work today and pretty much tore up 1/3 of my Lego city. As things are now....well basically a mess, thought a great time to fix some problems I had with the layout. Have a table top that is 5 base plates by 2 base plates wide (so its 50" by 20"). Used to be part of the layout, now don't need (well I need it, I just did like where it was) I will be installing it as an elevated section on my layout (its going over some railroad tracks.....better use of my space). Anyways, I am planning on putting my Modulars on this section. Have the DO, planning on getting PR and PS. Have bricklicked (now that is funny...spell check...Bricklinked) something close to the GG and hope to repeat with the CC. The obvious choice for setting them up is to install them long the back of the table and put roadplates in front of them. Would perfer to make more of a U type installation, but don't know how to do a inside corner. Anyone have any good ideas? Saw someone named "Small Brick City" had a very nice display. He basically installed the modulars right in front of each other, elevating the rear row to give the effect of city on an elevation. Looks great, I'm just to lazy now build a shelf, maybe someday. If you haven't seen his setup worth a look. I'm basically at the stage where I'm looking at my layout and flip back and forth in my head between "This is great, can make this so much better" and "Oh Crap, this is going to be a lot of work, what have I done". Anyone else ever get like this? Maybe they should put some sort of warning on the Lego Boxes, LOL.
  8. What's your favourite modular building?

    I agree we need a poll of our own. I'm just curious if everyone likes the same modulars I do.
  9. What's your favourite modular building?

    So now I have a mission to keep this tread going. We need our own poll in this forum! So after looking at the two other forum averages, my preferences are way off. Per the rest of the AFOL community, I over valued the importance (like ability) of CC, PS,GE. I undervalue the PR, BB and FB. Go figure.
  10. AS came out before I got into Lego. How was it received when first released? It appears the DD is not as popular as some thought (TLG did not sell out). Perhaps they made more sets anticipating the demand?
  11. Review | LEGO 60138 CITY ‚óŹ High-speed Chase

    I have this set. It is a winner. Really like the police car....6 studs wide rule!
  12. MOC WIP Rainbow Holiday Train

    Excuse me....this train needs a motor. This thing is to nice not to be driving around a nice city or town!
  13. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Bet when you all were kids you slept like rocks on Christmas Eve. I'm totally the opposite, get so excited can't hardly stand it! Guess I'm still just big kid.
  14. [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    So.....I respect your opinion. I don't share your views. Feel the whole point of Lego is to create new and wonderful things and no problem at all enhancing what TLG has provided as a base. I fully support this project and look forward to getting updates and seeing the finished product.