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  1. Minifig Contest Voting

    Entries #3 and #4 appear as one. I vote for #4 (photographer) and #14 (Beeze Sigfig).
  2. The invisible sticker pack is here! Pics please. :-)
  3. It's hard to satisfy all... But at least all comments mean well and are honest. If there is one thing no one mentioned before... I would prefer a different color, maybe orange or red.
  4. I think the original has a curvy hood, which makes it look smaller than what actually is. The other issue is that the front nose is a stud longer. Anyway, this is not the scaling model sub-forum, but the technic one. I like to view creations with emphasis on mechanical aspects, performance and the creativity of the designer rather than how well it captures every angle and aspect ratio of the original. That's my two cents.
  5. Hey Lachlan, Since you like experimenting with new things, maybe you could try a pneumatic system to open doors. It may make door movement smoother. Cheers
  6. Didumos I like very much your creations, but I got to say that I am a sucker for good looks. For building quality and robustness, at least on my level, I can only judge while building. Maybe my level is too low, but it's hard to understand a build for a few pictures.
  7. I am ecstatic! This is truly wonderful.
  8. Thanks for your reply and Happy New Year.
  9. So beautiful! Looking forward to starting building it! Any news on the stickers?
  10. That would be fantastic! Will be the first to order them! Lox likes red! And it's stunning. :-) What's on the board? Is that a sticker? Was also thinking to do a small mod on the side vents to cover that grey brick...
  11. Was just kidding... but would be very nice of you. Keep building! ;-)