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  1. How fast does it drop the boom, because you don't show it in the video and after reading your explanation it makes me wonder whether it works reasonably. I guess it is a very crafty solution, but should come with the cost of limiting the maximum load capacity. Thank you so much.
  2. You brought this on a whole new level now! Congratulations. I think it should look cool under you Xmas crane. ???
  3. Because fiber optics are designed to transfer light efficiently rather than show (loss), it's hard to get lumen output at a visually appealing level, because then they wouldn't be fibers. :-) I think you may want to have flex LED strips e.g. Sorry, it's not an official TLC product, but can't think of anything else for your needs. I hope this helps
  4. Grey axles need to be pushed out, there is way too much friction there around bevel gears.
  5. I wonder what brunojj did, because it looks way better. Many thanks anyway!
  6. Can someone who owns the set comment on the required pieces to fill the gaps below the headlights please?
  7. Could someone please help me find what pieces I need to order to cover the space below the headlights? Is it just left and right panels like the one below and some pins? LEGO Left Panel 3 (64683)
  8. Mysh

    Minifig Contest Voting

    Entries #3 and #4 appear as one. I vote for #4 (photographer) and #14 (Beeze Sigfig).
  9. The invisible sticker pack is here! Pics please. :-)
  10. It's hard to satisfy all... But at least all comments mean well and are honest. If there is one thing no one mentioned before... I would prefer a different color, maybe orange or red.
  11. I think the original has a curvy hood, which makes it look smaller than what actually is. The other issue is that the front nose is a stud longer. Anyway, this is not the scaling model sub-forum, but the technic one. I like to view creations with emphasis on mechanical aspects, performance and the creativity of the designer rather than how well it captures every angle and aspect ratio of the original. That's my two cents.
  12. Hey Lachlan, Since you like experimenting with new things, maybe you could try a pneumatic system to open doors. It may make door movement smoother. Cheers
  13. Didumos I like very much your creations, but I got to say that I am a sucker for good looks. For building quality and robustness, at least on my level, I can only judge while building. Maybe my level is too low, but it's hard to understand a build for a few pictures.