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  1. Well done to Acura! I remember Avtoros also got in touch with Madoca at some point too. Lox Lego, you are such a nice guy! What I like more than your builds is your open and friendly attitude. You take all comments so cool man. Thanks about the gear, I didn't know it was only for show. I thought it was like GNR, sheepo's handbrake or something. Yes, I meant to say **between seats**! :-) I am planning to build a white Veneno Lamborghini in February. And that's a close call between your bro's Aston Martin, Bruno's Mercedes and Madoca's Icarus. I am also planning to resurrect my legendary 8865... Wish I had more free time...
  2. Man, you are building faster than I when I was 8. Can you stop pumping out builds for a while, I just don't know which one to build first! :-P You are the most productive and ingenious Lego builder of all time. Builds are just flawing out of you. I guess the bricks you got are the happiest bricks in the world. The speed of this car is phenomenal for its functions. I would be interested to know the brick count and its weight. I like your new chairs design. I think it went unnoticed in the posts above. Points to consider: - These rear spoilers are 2 studs bigger than they should. Your spoilers build looks doable to cut 1 stud length from both sides. - The front black nose looks too tall and uhmm.. ugly. :-P - I have a thing for travel in suspensions and this one is super tight. I can feel the car with this speed hitting hard every time it goes through a hump. Bravo! Keep pumping out these wonderful super builds! PS What is the function of the small red gear between sits? Is it a power switch?
  3. Lox, if I buy the instructions would it be please possible to send me some MLcad, or LDD files? I want to see if I can extend the length by adding 1 black stud in length behind the door.
  4. Like I said at rebrickable, wonderful build! Keep it up! I am thinking to build a white one, is orange a possibility?
  5. I am looking at the instructions spacing is super tight, it's hard to add extra suspension. I am looking at this mod to increase the 6.5L stiffness: Was also looking at the brick owl. Was wondering if it's possible to replace the suspension mechanism with another stiffer one: Any ideas?
  6. @DugaldIC Thank you so much for your reply! I agree, it looks awesome. Would be great to know, what pieces we need at different colors to make this mod. Does anyone know anyone who could make and sell these stickers?
  7. This is a marvelous piece! So beautiful. I am looking at it for two days, and I just wish to have a bit more footage. Damn these videos are well made, but so short. There is also another video available here: May I a shoot a couple of questions? - How is the suspension coping? It looks a bit tight on the videos. - Is a single BuWizz enough to power this beast? Could someone post a video with it at full speed please? Thank you all
  8. Hello guys, The community has done such a good job improving this. I am planning to build my 42056 in coming February, will definitely consider these mods. I also like very much the version with power functions posted by Modoro, but I am not sure how many other community innovations has he considered in his build. Has anyone actually tried to combine some of these mods together with a BuWizz? It seems this set may benefit from the compactness and increased power. Do you have any advice on which mod shall I go for? Shall I go for power functions or not? Thanks
  9. Hello, This is my first post in this forum. :-) A big congrats to Madoro for his creation, and being so nice to upload free instructions! - May i ask if this mod is already including the suspension improvements that appear in other mods such as "ultimate playable" and "pimp up my porsche"? - May I also ask, if anyone has tried the BuWizz? It seems to me that this set may benefit greatly, as it will reduce some of the weight on the front side, and also add some more power that may help in the 4th gear transmission. I have read someone that Madoro was considering a v2.0, do we have any update recently from Madoro? Many thanks again, Mysh