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  1. I feel like LEGO waited so long to release this set, it would be met with criticism regardless of quality. This set’s quality is just as good (if not better) than most modern Star Wars sets. Sure it’s a little overpriced, but every Star Wars set nowadays is overpriced. I think everyone’s forgetting that this isn’t a UCS set or a MOC. It’s a mass produced item designed mainly for kids. And judging it as a mass produced item designed mainly for kids, I think LEGO did a fantastic job. On a side note, now that we’re closer to NYTF, does anyone know if seeing summer sets is a possibility? I’m very curious to see what these new sets look like!
  2. For a playset this looks phenomenal. I was expecting a much smaller and less detailed set for $70 or so, but LEGO surprised me with this behemoth. Really the whole existence of this set is a big pleasant surprise. I think the figures could be a little better (in quality) but it seems it’s possible that one or two are not finished. Waiting six months is cruel.
  3. I’m not too worried. The 2011 Sith infiltrator and the 2016 Resistance Troop Transporter were both $70. Those were good sets that are in-universe somewhat comparable in size. I’m sure it’ll look good.
  4. Oops, I missed that! Looks like you’re probably right then. It’ll be nice to know what set it is so far in advance!
  5. It is possible for the Gunship to come out this year? LEGO definitely had all three of the sets ready to produce, and the set was said to be one of the next UCS sets. Additionally, LEGO is giving out 3 UCS LAAT sets at random along with 3 75255 Yodas (seemingly at the same time). That set would be retired in a year wouldn’t it? Would LEGO give out a retired set? Maybe I’m off my hinges but it seems like LEGO accidentally pinpointed a relative release date.
  6. @jdubbs yesterday’s leak was a great surprise, but when can we expect more leaked images like it? Do you know?
  7. I was also thinking it might be a Venator. The pricing lines up pretty well to ships at that scale. It’s possible it’s a ROS Star destroyer, but I doubt it. I guess we’ll see.
  8. I’m awfully disappointed by the minority of TIE Bomber fans. I absolutely adore the vehicle, and I think it would look fantastic in UCS style. Oh well. In 2009 Home One was released, the year after, the Slave One (minus a landing pad). Palpatine’s Arrest wasn’t released until 2012, but it was released. I’m sure we’ll see all of these sets in the next 3-4 years based off that 2009 vote. On a side note, all three of those 2009-2012 sets had fantastic figures. Does anyone remember if minifigures were part of the 2009 vote too?
  9. Peppybricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    What happened to the 4+ Slave I? Is that still a thing, or is it coming out later in the year?
  10. Peppybricks

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The new Hanzo Minifig from Overwatch looks like his head would work well for Bail Organa.
  11. It’s also possible LEGO would do a force ghost similarly to the black series force ghost Obi-Wan with a mix between solid and transparent colors. After all, force ghosts do have colors besides blue. Look at Yoda in TLJ.
  12. I like it! It obviously takes inspiration from the old Death Star, but this feels more polished in a way. It lacks unnecessary rooms like the weird “droid torture room”. The main downside of the set for me is how hard it will be to display it. A flaw made evident by the horrendous looking box. It’s kind of a shame that Leia and Chewie/C-3PO lack new molds, but it’s not the end of the world. The other figures are good, and the little vehicle builds are fantastic! I’m also ecstatic that LEGO finally made proper legs for Han! Hopefully they leak into the smaller sets. Overall I think it’s a good set, but $350 is pretty steep.
  13. Not too much is cut off. AT-AP got a clone and a battle droid cut off, second picture talks about Juniors, Microfighters will have another ISD along with Jek Porkins and a TIE interceptor. I’m not crazy about microfighters, but if true, a new Porkins may be hard to resist. Regardless of helmet mold.
  14. Peppybricks

    Updating Your Minifigs

    For the Range Trooper, white roller skates from the Disco Diva could work as makeshift boots. Also the arms and legs of Rocket from 5002145-1 would work great for Weazel. For Val maybe Percival Graves’ arms, with a white rubber band wrapped around her neck to complete her collar. Lastly, I think the new McGonagall head would work pretty well as Aunt Beru.
  15. Peppybricks

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Firestar’s new medium dark flesh head with freckles could work great for Enfys Nest.