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    Tutorials access

    Hi Peppermint, thanks for the follow up. I am a new AFOL and am surprised and almost overwhelmed at the sheer scale of info (websites, forums) related to this Lego. But there is no definitive guide! Probably because, I am beginning to realize, it is mostly about MOC's. I am mainly into City Trains and my next job will be to motorize the points/switches. This is a good example because a google search returns links to various forums and websites with various methods. You pick which one looks best! I'll keep looking and learning. Thanks all.
  2. kcc

    Tutorials access

    Tyndale and Collet, thanks for replying. Let's hope a MOD sees my post soon. Otherwise I might have to post something offensive! HaHa, only joking, I would never do that (intentionally).
  3. kcc

    Tutorials access

    Thanks for getting back to me. On accessing Forums the top item is "New member section - please read before starting". Then Welcome to Eurobricks New Member! Get Started Here! At the bottom of that page one of the links is to "Tutorials". I thought maybe a moderator would be checking most posts and hoped it would be seen. Thanks
  4. kcc

    Tutorials access

    Am I being impatient? I know this site is accessed from many time zones but I am disappointed that after 7 hours and also having clicked the "Contact Us" link when viewing the error message, I have had no response. Should I report it to get attention.
  5. I am a new member and eager to learn more about Lego and in particular MOC's. However, when I click on the link to "Tutorials", I am not allowed access. Error code 2F173/H. The link is on the, Welcome to new members, get started here page. Help please.