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  1. PocasNuckie

    Voltron & Ship in Bottle IDEAS approved

    Calm down in assuming the Voltron coming is the one from the current Netflix show. The proposal on Ideas was for the classic one. Of course if LEGO is smart they will go with the new one but who knows ... You're right. I could have sweared I had read somewhere it was 6 seasons only but that was probably my mind making up stuff.
  2. PocasNuckie

    Voltron & Ship in Bottle IDEAS approved

    The next Season of Voltron (that will sadly be the last) is going to be released on June 15 so it would probably be a good marketing strategy to release the LEGO set by then.
  3. PocasNuckie

    Mosaic - Victoria Guerra

    Hello fellow members of Eurobricks, long time no see. I hope you are all doing well. Although I've been away from this specific forum I have not been away from LEGO. With that said I come to present to you today what is my 10th LEGO Mosaic. ] This is a portrait of Portuguese actress Victoria Guerra (she has done some international movies and won some international awards, but nothing too mainstream, so you probably don't know her). The specs of the mosaic are nothing special - it has a size of 128x128 studs, 10 different colors and I think around 12500 pieces (I wanted to use existing stock of pieces so I didn't do it all on 1x1 plates but I didn't maximize the saving of parts either, just used what I had available). This is the original photo for comparison: And this is the render generated by Pic To Brick from which I based the construction on: Hope you all like it. Have a good day and keep having as much fun with LEGO as I do!
  4. PocasNuckie

    Mosaic: Arrow

    Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I got Stephen Amell (the actor behind the mask) to share this on his Facebook Fan Art Friday thing and it was great, the guy has almost 5 million followers and I got like 3000 likes on my photo plus a ton of awesome comments. I'd happily convert every single hero on the show to Mosaic like this. What people probably don't know is that one of these things costs me around 700€ in parts alone. And since I am not rich (yet) I cant just pop LEGO Mosaics like that.
  5. PocasNuckie

    Mosaic: Arrow

    Hi guys, how are you all? Probably most of you don't know but I suffer from Muscular Dystrophy, an highly incapacitating disability that doesnt let me do many things that other people can do. Most of my time (except when Im on university) is spent home either navigating the Internet of watching TV (or building with LEGO of course). One of my favorite shows is the CW adaptation of the DC hero Arrow and it was with that in my mind that I made this mosaic. It's 40x40inches in size and has about 7000 pieces of 5 different colors. It was actually pretty hard to make not just in the rendering stage but also in practice because some required parts dont exist and I had to adapt. But I think it turned out cool anyways. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture but it's what I got now. Hope you all like it.
  6. PocasNuckie

    My Real Mosaics

    I wish I knew how to do great mosaics like this at such a small scale, but I don't! Guess we all have our own speciality and you have a nice work here. Not your fault really but now Im going to spend the whole day singing the Ghostbusters theme.
  7. PocasNuckie

    MOSAIC : Ayrton Senna

    I use PicToBrick. It's the easiest one to use (once you get the hang of it). Too bad its sort of outdated and a lot of the colors generated there are not produced by LEGO anymore, but I try to use whatever equivalent colors there are when possible. I also prefer Black and White Mosaics (I think my best are the BW ones really). In this case just it was made in B&W because of all the photos I tried on the software (yes, you gotta try a lot before getting one that works good) it was the best result I got. Me and my father wanted to do someone really iconic this time and after putting a lot of people aside because they we're already made in LEGO Mosaic we came up with the idea of Ayrton. I think it turned out quite good and I have lots of friends in my LUG who are racing fans and have been freaking out about this.
  8. PocasNuckie

    MOSAIC : Ayrton Senna

    I don't exactly understand what you're asking. But yes I suppose I use LEGO colors only. I don't like painting pieces.
  9. PocasNuckie

    MOSAIC : Ayrton Senna

    Hi guys, hope you're all doing great. I don't post here in a while because well I didn't have any new work to show up until now because University has been keeping me busy. Anyways, I have not been entirely stopped and sure didn't lose any of my interest in LEGO. So, I helped my father do this since he joined me in the Dark Side of LEGO Mosaics too a while ago. It's a 128x128 studs LEGO Mosaic of the deceased F1 Champion Ayrton Senna. It has 5900 pieces of 5 different colors , ranging from sizes of 1x1 to 6x8 studs. Hope you all like it. I got some projects up my sleeve that I hope to show you soon enough when I finish my graduation and have time to put my hands on the pieces.
  10. PocasNuckie

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    Thanks. I was a little confused if it was a set missing on that lot of pictures of the figure had been swapped for another one.
  11. PocasNuckie

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    Wasn't there a set with Super Girl?
  12. PocasNuckie

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    My wishfull thinking wants that Anakin Custom SF to be the Azure Angel and ... to be UCS. Doubt the second part will happen though , sadly.
  13. PocasNuckie

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    Apologies if this is not the place to ask this but ... does anyone know why the Exo-Suit is only appearing in the US S@H and in none of the European ones? Is it just because it was forgotten, is it because it's going to get a later release date, or is it (hope not) because it's going to be a US release only? For example, the UCS Tumbler which should have a later release date is already showing on our pages and the Exo is not ... hope it's not a pronounce of bad news... thanks for the help!
  14. PocasNuckie

    Favorite childhood theme?

    UFO. Because the first set with substancial size I got was from that theme.
  15. PocasNuckie

    MOCs, how much do they end up costing?

    $1000 for 2500 pieces can only mean you are using some rare stuff (the kind of stuff I usually run away from), As you asked for info on our own MOC's, here's a short list of the number of pieces and parts cost for the 7 Mosaics I have done so far. 1 - 10700 pieces / ~490$ 2 - 9200 pieces / ~630$ 3 - 16400 pieces / ~980$ 4 - 12300 pieces / ~490$ 5 - 12300 pieces / ~575$ 6 - 6200 pieces / ~350$ 7 - 7900 pieces / ~650$