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  1. Tips and tricks!

    The clutch power of the side holes on technic bricks is greater than the clutch power between two plates. This is useful when removing plates from places where you can’t attach a brick separator without taking the build apart. For example, if you have a large tiled floor with occasional 1x1 plates, you can remove the plates by placing a sideways technic brick on the 1x1 plate and then lifting it straight up. This will work for any 1xN plate, though not as well for NxM plates. Credit: I think I saw this in a post by Chris McVeigh.
  2. trench coat

    Try the store CapeMadness on Bricklink. He makes custom lego cloth elements that feel just like lego capes and sails. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from there, including trench coats. I’ve been looking into the cloth to use myself, since I’m trying to do this using a Cricut cutting machine. A couple options are canvas paper or poly-cotton broadcloth. For the broadcloth, you will need to apply a fabric stiffener to stiffen it and to reduce fraying of the edges.
  3. Firms that offer pad printing on torsos

    Even digital UV printing will be around $5 to $8 for front-only torso printing. Try Bricksanity,, or minifigFX. Those three will supply the torso and print it, and for a significant extra fee they can do design work too. Every other company I’ve found that does any sort of custom printing is waaay more expensive.
  4. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Lilly pad (palet) from Ninjago city: 93551 $0.64 USD Big curved window from Ninjago city: 2572 $2.00 USD Orange scarf: 25376 $0.24 USD 32x32 baseplate: 3811 $7.32 USD 16x32 baseplate (including blue!): 2748 $3.83 USD Curved technic tube: 25214 $0.22 USD Printed clock from mini Big Ben: 29810 $0.48 USD New elves leaf piece (3 leaves on 1x1 round plate): 32607 $0.10 USD Beehive: 35574 $0.76 USD
  5. Lego hair pieces

    The TRU city figs are available for direct purchase from TRU's website, though if you are outside the US I don't know what availability is like.
  6. LDraw and power lines

    For the cables, there is a tool in LDraw called Lsynth that lets you add curved elements like hoses; I think that would be your best bet.
  7. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I received 3 copies of the POGO Evil Lyn fig yesterday. The printing was the worst I’ve ever seen. You could see the underlying blue color of the legs through the yellow ink, and there were stray bits of ink everywhere.
  8. film-free waterslide decals?

    The torso of the girl in blue and the face of the guy she’s talking to in this image were printed by BrickSanity. I send them files at 600 DPI and can still make out features from that resolution in the final print. Same for, but the prints I’ve gotten back from MinifigFX look like they’ve been blurred to about 300 DPI. Printers can print onto heads, so slightly curved slopes shouldn’t be a problem, though they might not have printed on those before and might not offer it as a standard service.
  9. Your dream Lego theme

    If you really want some characters from the Dresden Files books, I have some 600 dpi head and torso designs suitable for custom printing or decals on my webpage (near the bottom). My dream theme would be fleshie minifig diversity packs. Four minifigs each; with each kit featuring light flesh, flesh, medium flesh, or reddish brown; including fleshie heads, arms, and hands; with 2 each of male and female figs.
  10. film-free waterslide decals?

    Pad printing, which is what lego uses, requires large batches, but digital UV printing does not. I'm pretty sure BrickSanity's website says they print onto tiles for 1 pound per tile, and I can't recall offhand but I'm guessing MinifigFX and might print on tiles. All three of those companies offer printing in very small batches.
  11. Recommendation Needed - Custom Printer in UK

    I’ve used both and BrickSanity. Both are in the UK (I think Sheffield and a bit outside London, respectively). Both appear to use digital UV printing, which is almost as good quality as pad printing but much cheaper for small production runs. I personally prefer BrickSanity since they are more flexible and I’ve had a few things misprinted by (one item misaligned, one missing part of the print, and one printed in purple instead of black for some reason). However, has a more robust webpage and most of what they’ve done for me has been good, so I wouldn’t rule them out, though their custom print service was turned off for the holidays and might not be back up yet.
  12. Looks like you have a lot of Enlighten figs in there. I thought those elves only came printed in light flesh; how did you get them printed in yellow? Also, your paint jobs look flawless, what brand of paint and primer do you use?
  13. That's great! I've been looking forward to this.
  14. Lego "scrap-booking"

    I use Pinterest. I have a board for MOCs I like, a board for techniques, and a board for my own MOCs.
  15. Slope piece is still used for minifigure dresses...?

    I often use a 47457 (maybe with a 2x2 plate underneath) when I need a skirt in sitting position.