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  1. fastlindyrick

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I’m confused about the mammoth. Elsewhere the head and body are listed separately (6227893 and 6224747) and I even ordered two heads by phone a few weeks ago. It seems odd that they would be available individually as well as in a set with the body. Also the part numbers I have for some of these don’t match up (e.g. eagle: 6232185, which is def correct as my order has shipped). I’m not questioning your accuracy, just noting that TLG is making this more painful than it needs to be.
  2. fastlindyrick

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Here’s the status of the new animal molds (may be different outside the US): Mammoth head (6227893): out of stock on website, will be available on 6 July, not addable by phone due to no price Mammoth body (6224747): out of stock on website, no info by phone, I’d guess available on 6 July like the others Mammoth trunk (6224750): not listed on website, addable by phone for $1.68 Common mammoth parts: tusks are 6110023 and 6146951 (need two of each); technic pin is 4121715 Mastodon/cat (6225509): not listed on site, addable by phone for $6.70 each, will ship on 6 July Polar bear (6225509): available on site for $4.97 Rat/rodent from arctic sets (6226594): available on site for $1.33 Bald eagle (6232185): out of stock on website, will be available on 6 July, not addable by phone due to no price Bonus: power blast set of parts (35032): blue and green sets available on site for $1.75, red listed but out of stock and not addable by phone The ones that don’t have a price listed probably will have prices within a few days, and should be easily addable by phone at that point.
  3. fastlindyrick

    UV printers from Aliexpress??

    Those Roland machines are crazy expensive. Do you two have them? Just for lego? If so, do you take on custom print jobs? I’m always looking for more print shops to try for customs, as there are very few out there.
  4. fastlindyrick

    A place to discuss bootlegs?

    I would also like such a discussion. Enlighten has great builds, printing, and unique molds, but I’ve found their part quality to be pretty bad. There are so many clone brands now that it is hard to tell which ones will be decent enough to be used in conjunction with lego. How is the quality of Gudi and Star Diamond? Where do you buy them, AliExpress?
  5. fastlindyrick

    Vertical mount of building plate

    He could use the 1x2x1 brick with 2 studs on the front, and turn it sideways so it becomes a 2-high version of the 1x1x1 brick you are referring to. That will probably be cheaper and more stable.
  6. fastlindyrick


    Hello DarthFargus! It’s always nice to see a new customizer. I’ve done a fair few customs myself, through waterslide decals, custom printed elements, custom fabric elements, and occasional part modification. What sort of customization are you planning? Are you planning to set up your own custom printer, or order your own designs from a print shop, or use paint/decals?
  7. fastlindyrick

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    You can only add something like 15 part lots over the phone (I forget the exact number), so for a larger order it is best to place the order online and them immediately call them and ask if you can add to the order. I’ve occasionally been able to add parts not listed on B&P; for example, right after the bear came out it wasn’t listed but I was able to add it by phone. On the flip side, sometimes licensed parts are available online but they will absolutely refuse to add those by phone, so don’t get your hopes up regarding Ninjago parts. They are considered licensed. For example, I tried to add the pufferfish headgear by phone and they said no, Ninjago is licensed. It never hurts to ask though; once I added a few items and then the sales rep rejected about 5 requests for licensed parts in a row, but then offered to send the rest of the small order for free to ease the sting a bit. They do need the design numbers (the longer of the two numbers for a given part) rather than just a description, so have those handy, as well as your lego VIP number and the order number from the online order if you wish to add to that.
  8. fastlindyrick

    Series 18 Collectible Minifigure MOCs

    I just noticed that the unicorn’s horn is attached without the usual head armor piece. What is this sorcery? Is the unicorn another third party part? I’ve revisited this post about five times already since the part use is so interesting.
  9. fastlindyrick

    Imitating dust from running fast

    I’ve often seen 2x2 round plates (turned sideways) used for smoke. You’d have to use a SNOT brick to connect the first one to a foot, but then you could daisy chain several plates to create a dust cloud.
  10. fastlindyrick

    Series 18 Collectible Minifigure MOCs

    Nice work! In the first pic, where did you get the woman’s vest and dress, and the kid’s wooden sword?
  11. fastlindyrick

    Tips and tricks!

    The clutch power of the side holes on technic bricks is greater than the clutch power between two plates. This is useful when removing plates from places where you can’t attach a brick separator without taking the build apart. For example, if you have a large tiled floor with occasional 1x1 plates, you can remove the plates by placing a sideways technic brick on the 1x1 plate and then lifting it straight up. This will work for any 1xN plate, though not as well for NxM plates. Credit: I think I saw this in a post by Chris McVeigh.
  12. fastlindyrick

    trench coat

    Try the store CapeMadness on Bricklink. He makes custom lego cloth elements that feel just like lego capes and sails. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from there, including trench coats. I’ve been looking into the cloth to use myself, since I’m trying to do this using a Cricut cutting machine. A couple options are canvas paper or poly-cotton broadcloth. For the broadcloth, you will need to apply a fabric stiffener to stiffen it and to reduce fraying of the edges.
  13. fastlindyrick

    Firms that offer pad printing on torsos

    Even digital UV printing will be around $5 to $8 for front-only torso printing. Try Bricksanity,, or minifigFX. Those three will supply the torso and print it, and for a significant extra fee they can do design work too. Every other company I’ve found that does any sort of custom printing is waaay more expensive.
  14. fastlindyrick

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Lilly pad (palet) from Ninjago city: 93551 $0.64 USD Big curved window from Ninjago city: 2572 $2.00 USD Orange scarf: 25376 $0.24 USD 32x32 baseplate: 3811 $7.32 USD 16x32 baseplate (including blue!): 2748 $3.83 USD Curved technic tube: 25214 $0.22 USD Printed clock from mini Big Ben: 29810 $0.48 USD New elves leaf piece (3 leaves on 1x1 round plate): 32607 $0.10 USD Beehive: 35574 $0.76 USD
  15. fastlindyrick

    Lego hair pieces

    The TRU city figs are available for direct purchase from TRU's website, though if you are outside the US I don't know what availability is like.