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  1. Anyone know how many volts the pf led's can take? wanna give them 12v but dont know if they can take it. thanks
  2. Thanks for your response. I am actually planning on using them for hobby grade rc car project, and had them laying around, so I figured I would solder them up and put a jst plug on them. The battery i use is a 3 cell lipo which gives out 12.6 volts peak. I shouldve figured they dont actually run on 9v
  3. this build is so f*cking sexy! ive been absent from the forum for a while but this is a great pleasure to come back to! excellent work.
  4. maybe make pontoons to each side of the boat? I dont really know much about boats.
  5. How exactly did you set it to 20% power??
  6. servo at full power or not shouldn't change steering angle... do you mean you switched to a AA battery box? That doesn't make a difference.
  7. just take it apart to the gearbox and make sure everything has some slack. this gearbox for me anyway is notoriously inefficient.
  8. I absolutely love the watts linkage. Front suspension looks good as well. Does the front half of the chassis have any slack or is it secured pretty tight? Also, any chance youd be willing to use sandpaper on a 3l axle and replace that 2l red in the steering shaft?
  9. I agree with @Blakbird about the backspacing of rc wheels. Many rc wheels have a positive offset. However, these adapters do add another stud to the width of the axle.
  10. As an avid rc fan in addition to lego... yes these are expensive but RC4WD has some high quality metal products. Metal rc parts are expensive unfortunately, but you get what you pay for.
  11. @Didumos69 I guess my question would be do you need to use a frictionless pin? A standard friction black pin would probably be fine seeing as the car will weigh quite a ton. It shouldn't add hardly any friction to the system
  12. Nice video! Probably could've put this in the old topic but that's just a friendly reminder :)
  13. i have always been an avid toyota fan, and this is no letdown for sure! glad to see you returning to the toyota models!
  14. this is ingenious! make a double sided one?
  15. I like your video on YT about different ways to plug up the hole in the bottom. Nice 3d printed part
  16. I really like the outriggers, I've been trying to make ones like that! Could we have some underside photo?
  17. your cabs always look really nice! do you use similar or same chassis for most of your trucks or are they all different? and have you ever thought about using suspension?