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  1. Space_jaco

    Lego Ideas - Ariane 5

    Yes. Here is my collection. Ordered some shelves to add the Lego Creator Lunar Module and Exploration shuttl3, the Lego IDEAS curiosity rover and the ISS, and the Lego technic space shuttle.
  2. Space_jaco

    Lego Ideas - Ariane 5

    No haven't started building it. I finished the Tintin one and the shuttle from kingsknightbrick a few weeks ago and now I have just finished a falcon 9.
  3. Space_jaco

    [MOC]: The Moon Rocket - from Tintin

    Ok. Didn't try that for this step. My go back and try it out. For the upper part I did assemble it as a sub-assembly on the 16L axle before installing it on the main structure.
  4. Space_jaco

    [MOC]: The Moon Rocket - from Tintin

    Hello Rocket finished. Amazing build with really nice and interesting techniques. A bit tricky to assemble the upper part with the ball joint but it worked out well eventually. I did have to add an extra plate thickness on the main axle before step 199 otherwise the lateral panel would not fit. Anyway amazing build and it goes well with the 21309 set, same scale. Thanks Videomajk!!!
  5. Space_jaco

    [MOC] The MONT-BLANC massif

    I love it. Quite amazing the amount of work there. And I love the planning, the mapping and so on.. Well done
  6. Amazing. Thanks for the io file
  7. Space_jaco

    Lego Ideas - Ariane 5

    Voted for your project. Hope it gets through! Would love to build it to go along the Ariane 5, the space shuttle from kingsknightbrick and the Tintin rocket !
  8. Space_jaco

    [MOC]: The Moon Rocket - from Tintin

    Parts ordered on PAB and bricklink. Now waiting for the delivery to start the build
  9. Space_jaco

    [MOC]: The Moon Rocket - from Tintin

    Amazing It's on then. Will post a pic here when I am done. Need to purchase the parts first!
  10. Space_jaco

    [MOC]: The Moon Rocket - from Tintin

    Hi. I got the instructions from Videomajk. Has anybody built real? I am starting to sort out the parts needed.
  11. Space_jaco

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Mixed feeling. Love the set and the minifigs but not much into displaying a playset, especially a 350€'s one... I will wait for a discount somewhere and will buy it for my kids for when they grow up
  12. Space_jaco

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Hi. Already reached an agreement with two buyers (one for the parts the other one for the instructions). If it falls short I will let you know
  13. Space_jaco

    U-Project - Where to buy?

    Hi. Parts sold (or almost). Instructions not yet sold. PM if interested
  14. Space_jaco

    U-Project - Where to buy?

    Hi. I am thinking about selling mine (instructions + parts (mix of old and new parts) + sticker sheet with only the large information sticker not applied. No minifig and stand. Contact me in PM if you're interested