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  1. superb. waiting for the stickers... and then start collecting
  2. Sheo, your models are legend. cannot believe you think that they're not intresting anough to others.. i have your Terex built and displeyed in my living room. instructions for your newer models would be legendery.
  3. is there a part list for the NSX ?
  4. amazing. i wish the from wasnt so bulky and more smother.
  5. will there ever be a chance for a full LXF or even instructions ?
  6. Hi i cant send PM, im intrested in MOC's, willing to pay... could you send me a list of moc's you've got to and we will continue from there... Moran
  7. are instructions planed?
  8. best Arocs until now!!!! you solved the model problem !!!! for us lame people who are not using ldd - Can you show us a step-by-step guide on how to do the lower suspension?