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  1. CappnRob

    Defective minifig heads?

    I suppose I am just unlucky then! Even a company as strict on quality as LEGO is gonna make a bad batch now and then, and we're just the one in a million to get them. Those snapped tiles are ghastly! lol
  2. CappnRob

    Defective minifig heads?

    The heads were removed by my sausage fingers as I bought them loose and they were bought "new" so I doubt they were removed from keychains or whatever (does Agen Kolar even have a keychain?). They WERE extremely, EXTREMELY tight however when I tried using them. Like you could hear the plastic squeak trying to slide it on and off. The crumbling of the neck however was provoked by very gentle actions and happened within the first placements of the heads onto a baseplate for displaying purposes while deciding what character to make from them. When I pulled the head totem off the plate, the neck crumbled, and when I separated the heads, their necks also crumbled. They arrived looking perfectly fine however (save for the weird green stuff).
  3. CappnRob

    Defective minifig heads?

    And here we go. The heads on display as a totem. You can see the broken chunks of their necks already. Top down view. Hell, you can see bits of plastic on the baseplate that flaked off from just separating them from the totem. Close up from the right. Closeup from the left. Close up of the weird green residue that's inside the head (its been smudged around due to attempted use, but still there). If anyone has any idea what this is about, I'd love to know :(
  4. CappnRob

    Defective minifig heads?

    They're authentic LEGO yes, not custom prints. Will have pictures tomorrow, as I need my girlfriend's iphone to take any quality photos worth a damn to see the details lol.
  5. CappnRob

    Defective minifig heads?

    Right, update. So I got sent 2 more replacement heads for the broken ones, AND THESE BROKE TOO. I noticed theres a weird greenish residue inside the head lining around the neck? I will post pictures soon because ONLY this head gives me this problem (and from this seller).
  6. Happened before I was born too, I just watched a lot of Cartoon Network as a kid :P
  7. This series really likes its Super Friends references lol. By the way, Vacation Joker's clothes are a direct reference to what he wears in The Killing Joke comic:
  8. I recently purchased some heads ( Part 3626cpb0807 Minifig, Head Alien with Black Mouth and Dots on Cheeks Pattern (SW Agen Kolar) - Stud Recessed ) from Bricklink, and upon removing them from studs or torso necks, their neck base had chunks break off! These heads were new as well, not used. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. Not much of a MOC, but hey, making interesting characters is just as important, right? I did mention in my introductory post that I had some characters to share, so let's finally do that. Starting off from left to right is captain Robert Monroe, self-styled spacer. Owner of a sizable but low end starship, Rob seeks a higher calling in life in the greater scale of interplanetary life, but is unsure how to reach it. He's an every day guy thinking one day he'll be the stuff of legends. A go-getter guy, Rob styles himself like a romantic space cowboy and tends to be ignorant of the harder sides of life. Beside him is the youngest of three sisters: Jami Al'Salma. Energetic, adventurous, and absolutely reckless, Jami thirsts for excitement - not for the greater destiny that Rob seeks, but simply out of curiosity and boredom! Her impulsive actions often land her sisters in trouble, but her genuinely sweet and caring nature hold them together. The middle sister, Imani Al'Salma, is clad in a dark blue undersuit that is meant to be augmented with armored plates. She's a former military agent, skilled in various weapons and survival skills, and resigned from active duty after an accident nearly cost her life. She was saved by cybernetic surgery, but the incident really put a strain on her family relationship. The eldest sister in the purple power suit is Dima A'Salma, formerly Jensen. A divorced mother of one, Dima was also in the military alongside her sister, but instead of an agent she served on mission control communications. Her ex-husband was seemingly responsible for the accident that almost killed her sister, spurring their divorce some time later. Dima today is a very temperamental, brooding individual, though her kindness still shows from time to time. Next up are a batch of characters who at current do not have names, but do have some rough idea of what and who they are. Templates as they are, to be filled out later on. Again, from left to right! These characters are likely all crew on the same ship - not the same as Rob's, but perhaps rivals or maybe just coincidental denizens? On the farmost left in the light beige outfit is the stern faced and serious crew commander. Not the owner of the ship per se, but definitely the one who organizes jobs and maintains order among the crew. The black fellow beside him is the ship's mechanic, and he's like any good spacer handy with any tool you give him and knows the ship better than anyone else on board it, even the owner. The bearded guy in the middle is something of an everyman - skilled at particularly nothing, but good at helping with most things. He used to work fuel refineries on resource worlds before the isolation wracked him with depression. The lady in olive green is probably the owner of the ship, and serves as the quartermaster for the prize money they earn. Not sure what the thing she's holding is, either a power cell or perhaps some sort of high tech shake weight? Lastly is the elder gentleman, a retired spacer of his own right, now he's just content to be the ship's cook. Perhaps he's related to one of the younger members of the ship and serves as a family favor, or maybe he just can't let go of the space travel lifestyle entirely. He rarely steps off board any more. Then there's the other three members of the ship, the hired muscle. A trio of guns for fortune, these fellows haven't been with the crew as long as the others, but so long as they get their pay protecting their clients, they're friendly enough.From left to right... The first guy in the yellow bodysuit is some sort of native American, or descended from them at any rate. His tribe is unknown (both to me and to his fellow mercs), and he doesn't say much. His skill with that massive rifle though is indisputable. The middle man with the great bushy mustache is the mercenary contractor, as close as a leader as their little squadron gets in their loosely organized team. He favors staying back and giving tactical advice than fighting directly - hence his penchant for a side arm over a full sized weapon. Definitely more of a businessman than a warrior. The last man is a Muslim (though how well he practices is anyone's guess right now). He's a jovial and enjoyable personality, standing in stark contrast to his native comrade. His weapon of choice is a long gun, nothing special or unusual, just a good reliable rifle.
  10. CappnRob

    [Digital Render] Trace (Axiom Verge)

    Love Axiom Verge, love this build! Great job on the axiom disruptor in particular.
  11. CappnRob

    Red Sonja Bust

    Love the details on the sword hilt!
  12. CappnRob

    [MOC] Redcoat Caribbean Fort

    I love it. Simple shapes, bold bright colors reminiscent of the 80s pirate line, good stuff.
  13. CappnRob

    The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! THANKS FOR PLAYING

    Eldorado is good, but the trading post is LEGEND!
  14. CappnRob

    [MOC] Medival Micro Village

    Ha, did you use a green hair part for a tree top? Brilliant!
  15. When it comes to custom capes, I actually really like CapeMadness on Bricklink myself. How do they stack up to Capes4Minifigs?