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  1. TheCubbScout

    [COR-PROJECT] The University of Tiberia

    Are we required to be Corrish to submit builds? Perhaps someone studied abroad...would that work? EDIT: Oops, looks like I didn't read the whole thing. Looks like I'll be attempting a few builds of a biology hall room and a garden. Just as a side-note I'm planning to flesh out Keenan Ried now that the summer's coming and from my early ideas he'll be a botanist studying my builds will be centered around that.
  2. Amazing! Glad to see some more brick-built stuff from you! I love the use of the dirty bricks.
  3. Happy to see you back! What (digital) bricks did you use for the roofs?
  4. TheCubbScout

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    Okay. That's a good idea.
  5. TheCubbScout

    Introducing BoBS Cards! I used google slides to create the template.
  6. TheCubbScout

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    This is the Corlander version of a card.
  7. TheCubbScout

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    Cool. I'm starting from scratch and I'm trying to make a slightly different version of the card depending on the faction
  8. TheCubbScout

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    Just my thought. I've got some experience with Photoshop so I could try my hand at making some templates. I'm gonna try doing something like the letter of marque from POTC
  9. Hey. I've just bought two of the First Order battle packs, and then realized that they were First Order troopers. (oof) Can I use those?
  10. TheCubbScout

    [COR-FB] Having a ball!

    Hahaha! Keenan Reid's behavior was really different from my original idea...but I think I'll pursue this edition more.
  11. TheCubbScout

    [ESL] Dressing up for King's Harbour

    Very nice floor! I'd guess number 4 for him and 11 for her.
  12. TheCubbScout

    The Great Ball of King's Harbour

    It would be an honor to find Keenan Reid at the ball.
  13. As the crew of the Brickwall continues towards Nova Terelli, they find that the map they are following is older than they thought. The map lacks multiple islands and is marked all over, producing more questions than answers. a) Safe: "Onward to Nova Terreli! We need to try finding a treasure map expert or a guide to help us on our journey." b)Risky: "Helmsman, set a course! We can find the Golden Apple ourselves!” c) Elaborate: “Full sail to Nova Terreli, we need to get more supplies before we look for the map ourselves!” (For this option you need two vignettes)
  14. TheCubbScout

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    @Drunknok As your ship sails north, there are mutinous mutters aboard the Cranky Parrot amongst the soldiers. Due to oversight by the provisioner, there is no rum in those strange boxes. Instead, they are all full of explosives. To make matters worse, as your ship passes a small island, a terrible wind rips through the sails and smashes the mast into the deck. The Cranky Parrot is crippled. (Don't worry, there's a big chance the ship might survive) As the soldiers move closer to a mutiny, the high ranking officers need to make a decision. "Batten down the hatches! Gather the crew below-decks and attempt to weather the storm." "Gather the crew! The mutiny is our most pressing concern, make sure the crew is on our side before considering out next steps!" (You'll need two builds for this, one dealing with the mutineers and one with the crew of the Parrot making their next moves.) "Abandon ship! If we make our way to the island, we might just be able to survive the journey and return to the Parrot after the storm passes."