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  1. [MOC] Peterbilt Truck

    Hey! Dafgek81 (several posts back)amazingly great message! great work, I agree, good way of putting it. now, to wally jarek, good job on the truck. btw how did you curve the exhaust pipe at the bottom? I always have liked the flat engine covers best. does it have suspension? and btw if you haven't believed the gospel which is...
  2. Help me make a flying helicopter!

    Thanks for answering my questions everyone and btw if you haven't believed the gospel which is, ....
  3. Help me make a flying helicopter!

    yes! exactly thanks! those are interesting blades. does Lego sell those on BRICKS AND PIECES or where did you get them thanks for being so prompt in replying look forward to future projects. Again thank you oh! I see you where answering my question sorry ,didn't read it good enough thanks forget the questions on the last comment then thanks
  4. Help me make a flying helicopter!

    that picture awhile back posted January 9 2013, where did you get those propellers? I have been interested with flying Lego bricks but have only had them fly when they unintentionally come apart