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  1. Ming

    [MOC] SHIPtember WIP- Orange Crush

    Impressive stuff! Great to see how this came together.
  2. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    I’ve been chipping away at a few more classic 2000AD characters lately, just getting the designs down digitally before moving on to the physical builds. The ABC Warriors were always a favourite of mine - such great characters and although I doubted I’d be able to manage these at this scale I’m fairly happy with how they’ve turned out so far… Blackblood Mongrol Joe Pineapples Deadlock Hammerstein (Five of the) Meknificent Seven…
  3. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    More-or-less finished with these now... Not quite sure which characters I'll take on next; will put my feet up for a while first I think.
  4. Ming

    Judge Dredd & Judge Anderson [Movie Version]

    Those are great! There's an impressive amount of detail included given the scale of these things, and they capture the movie versions of the characters really well. Some nice solutions to some of the design elements as well (I particularly like the choice of that tile over the nose). Kudos!
  5. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    Great stuff; there's a lot of fun to be had with these characters! I'd love to see how your Dredd & Anderson turned out; any pics to share?
  6. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    I've been chipping away at a few more classic 2000AD characters lately; these are just too much fun. After designing these in Stud.io I've ordered all the necessary parts via Bricklink so we'll be building these in the next week or so with a bit of luck. Pretty happy with how these have turned out - not the easiest character designs out there but impossible for me to resist... D.R. & Quinch Ace Trucking Co. (GBH (Dead), Ace Garp and Feek the Freek)
  7. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    Thanks for all the kind words, folks. I've done a few more of these lately and they're still a lot of fun... There'll be more to come, I'm sure. Judge Anderson Slough Throt (from Slaine) Chief Judge Cal and Judge Fish Uncle Ump
  8. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    Thanks for the kind words :) I've done a few more characters in this style - a bit of a challenge to nail the essence of the characters in a fairly small size but they're a lot of fun to do. Here's the classic pair of Nemesis the Warlock and his arch-enemy Torquemada, Grand Master of Termight (in phantom form). Nemesis especially is a character that I just didn’t think I’d be able to do justice, but I’m pretty happy with these. Took a bit of tinkering and combining Stud.io with trying things out with physical Lego to see what works and how things would look. Have a few more done and some others I'm working on...
  9. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    Here's one from a couple of years back - based on a scene from a classic Judge Dredd story, Cry of the Werewolf. Short version: a colony of werewolves is living in an abandoned city-beneath-a-city. Attacks in the city above lead to Dredd having to descend and take care of lupine business. Cue renegade robots and general werewolf mayhem... The scene with a train full of robots, with the werewolf leader chained to the front, has always been a favourite of mine. A fun build and a fun tale for the boys (all of us).
  10. Ming

    Playing in Space Since 1978

    A great scene and a nice back-story - love it.
  11. I love these; some very happy memories of building these the first time around, back in the day...
  12. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    A few more recent 2000AD figures - none of them perfect but all a lot of fun to do. None of these are really planned out, just built as I go with input from the boys and using whatever bricks are to hand. I realise that 2000AD is definitely a niche interest but having seen at least some Rogue Trooper and Dredd Lego builds on here I figure there might be some interest here. Maybe. Judge Dredd “Gaze into what, creep?” Slaine Strontium Dog: Johnny Alpha & Wulf Sternhammer (complete with his Happy Stick and Gronk-fur coat) “Who the hell’s gonna mess with us?”
  13. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    One of the boys was given a Brickheadz figure for his birthday recently and it got me thinking... I had a quick go at Mean Machine a couple of days later then turned my attention to Rogue Trooper. Next up was Kano from the Future War classic Bad Company (Pete Milligan, Brett Ewins and Jim McCarthy). I've also done Judge Fear and Slaine so far; I've got a few more to try and get done as and when the boys let me have the bricks I need - given an infinite supply of Lego I'd do these all day long. Of all the 2000AD-related Lego things I've done these are definitely among the most enjoyable. Probably my favourite 2000AD Lego thing so far...
  14. Ming

    2000AD Lego builds

    Hey all, My two sons (seven and eight) are accumulating insane amounts of Lego these days and now and again they agree to share with me… Anything I get to build is just from whatever bricks are lying around; a fun challenge but involves some compromises between what I want to do and what I’m able to achieve with what we have. Nothing I’ve made has been perfect but we all have fun with these, which is what really counts. Anyway, I’ve focused on builds relating to the classic UK comic 2000AD, which I’ve read since I was a kid. Lego is a great way to introduce the characters and stories involved and to the boys and we sit and build and tell stories along the way. I’m definitely not a hard-core builder; this is first and foremost a fun activity and some of the things I do are extremely simple and stupid (and these are often the most satisfying). I’ll share a few things we’ve made over the past four years - starting with my take on Mick McMahon’s classic Pat Wagon design from the Judge Dredd Block Mania story… The original inspiration:
  15. Hey all, New arrival here but a long, long-time Lego fan, now with two young kids with ever-increasing amounts of Lego which they graciously share with me. Sometimes. :) I'm from the UK but have been based in Norway for some time now... My main interest, Lego-wise, is building stuff related to the long-running UK comic 2000AD (home of Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, etc.). I started some very simple builds a few years ago (when we had very limited amounts of Lego) mainly as a way of introducing some great characters and stories I've loved since I was a kid. These have progressed a bit since they started amassing dangerous amounts of bricks, and it's a lot of fun to chat about this stuff as we build... I can share some pics in the Sci-Fi section if anyone's interested.