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    Fort Bow

    A friend of mine posted a longer story about the game North and South, which is based on Les Tuniques Bleues. For my setup of Fort Bow I got large amounts of Brickarms addons, M1860 saber, M1851 pistol, V42 stiletto. And lots of bayonets.
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    Fort Bow

    His name is Corporal Blutch ;-) But in Germany he has more names: In Fix & Foxi Super TipTop his name was 'Lollipopp', in the Bastei books it was 'Bud Buddington'. I want to design uniforms in QuarkXpress, I want to see if I can do faces, too. For figures, I asked at Lego, but they could neither support amount nor color. So I found on AliExpress an seller which sells figures with independeable selecteable colors for head, arms, hands, torso, hips and legs for just 75 Dollar-Cents! So I ordered about 200 in dark blue/blue for the Northern States and 150 in grey/grey for the Confederates, always in bundles below 100 $ with a delay of one month. So I wasn't bothered from the toll office. The quality of the figures is very good. The two guys the right going to jail are the figures from AliExpress. My personal masterpiece are the tower stands. In Quark I designed some versions which looked possible, but in reality it wasn't possible. Of course I also tried two connect the bottoms of the 1x4 log bricks with an 2L axle. That's how you did it, right? But I didn't found out to make them stable. Later I found your project, but I didn't really know how to rebuilt this. I also wanted to avoid the 1x1 round bricks, they have this grove. So I changed to Technic parts, and created a complex construction which needs 438 (!) Parts just for the tower stand! Not the bottom, the roof and the tower itself. So, just for the 6 tower stands already 2628 pieces are neccessary! If you count about 6 rows of 1x2 and 1x4 log bricks and the detail parts, it's easy to get to more than 5000 parts...
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    Fort Bow

    Well, I knew the series already in the 90's from the Amiga version of 'North And South'. But I checked the comic just a few months ago. I never had anything to do with western and so on, but the characters are great and the drawing style is really good. So I wanted to build it in Lego. I made a scale model, using the albums 'Baby Blue' and 'Captain Nepel'. The result is a building measuring 75x60 cm, with over 5000 pieces without anything inside! Here's a top view. The model is designed in QuarkXpress on several DIN A0 pages. On the right side the round 1x1 tiles are missing, they'll arrive in a few days. The three front 32x32 plates and the side 16x32 plates are removeable, so it's possible to shoot good inside views. The inner buildings except the well are just temporary, they're made from spare parts of the two Fort Legoredo sets I needed. EDIT: I had to remove the images, there will be some modifications soon.