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  1. ETAV8R

    [MOC] Mos Eisley Spaceport

    Thanks for bumping this one. What a magnificent moc.
  2. ETAV8R

    Moc: UFO flagship, Eclipse (picture heavy)

    This is awesome. UFO is one of my favorite lines. I was in my dark ages when it was out but have since picked up a few. Really neat antithesis to classic space.
  3. ETAV8R

    LEGO UFO Appreciation.

    I love the UFO theme. While I was young when Classic Space came online and loved it at that time. Looking back in retrospect I could easily see UFO vehicles/figures hiding out waiting to be found out by the Classic Space explorers. Think I've picked up three UFO sets since coming out of my dark ages. They are great stuff.
  4. ETAV8R

    (MOC) Imperial Troop Transport

    Very cool. I still have the actual toy version.
  5. Hadn't seen this here on EB but I think it is well worth noting. Definitely has upped my want list of Benny's Spaceship from 2 to 4. I'd been waiting for a moc from the spaceship.
  6. Very cool stuff. Thought it looked like a bunkerish type of building and then saw that it is exactly that.
  7. ETAV8R

    [MOC]s DS space base one and figer

    Looks great. I have recently started picking up some classic space stuff. I wish I had never let mine go over 20 years ago.
  8. ETAV8R

    Upcoming Classic Space Reboot?

    I just had a thought. I bet Alien Conquest would have taken off had the trans smoke pieces been trans yellow. The color scheme was already in play, all we needed would have been trans yellow.
  9. ETAV8R

    MOC: 4wide mobile rescue platform

    In a different color this would be great for an airport. Airstairs!
  10. Almost pulled the trigger on this today at my closest LEGO store. They had full stock of all the movie sets other than one with the fire engine mech and western steampunk helicopter.
  11. God its great to get some help. Imagine that I have my pages set up differently and that perhaps more or less posts show up per page. I don't see an answer on the current page. I'll go find it. Thanks. Screw it. On a better note I did get the small chopper. This is the first technic set I've bought since I was a kid. It is a great representation of a CH-46. With some green or all gray coloring(boring) it would show well as a USMC Phrog! Semper Fi.
  12. Without reading this entire thread can someone please shed some light on why the cargo plane is not available in the US?
  13. ETAV8R

    [REVIEW] 7965 Millennium Falcon

    I don't have any problem with my pizza slices staying down. I also did a mod for the landing gear which I posted pics somewhere here on EB.