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  1. Given that Arocs has now been retired, any chance that 42083 could be the Mercedes-AMG GT R: It was released last year, It has a dual turbo V8 and a 7 speed gear box. It also has 4 wheel steering which would be interesting in a Technic super car. It has adjustable active suspension, and variable under body aerodynamics. It also comes in green. :)
  2. Since we can now speculate a little, does anyone think any of the H2 2018 sets will include instructions for power functions upgrades?
  3. I don't think the price is right. I think it is more like 2500 - 3000 pieces. I think it will be cheaper than 42070 because of fewer power functions (no remote, switch, no M motor) and 2 less tyres. I thin it will be 200 Euros or around $300 Australian dollars.
  4. Does anyone think that the circular blade on 42080 will spin? If so, how could that be achieved?
  5. I've bought all of these sets this year. In Australian Dollars, I paid $248 for the Arocs, $175 for the Claas, and $150 for Extreme Adventure. They are all great sets, but the one I enjoyed the most is the Arocs; even though it was the most expensive. It is just a wonderful fun building experience and final result with so many functions that all work well. It is the best Lego set I have ever owned. The other two are very nice, but I think Arocs is a Lego classic that only comes around once every few years.