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  1. Wonder if anyone will use parts from 42080 to convert 42081 to powered pneumatic.
  2. Great review. Excellent photos as always! The C model by @nico71 is awesome. It makes me want to get this set even more!
  3. This set is really cute with two nice models. A great first Technic set for my nephew. :)
  4. ShowsOn

    Quick question re scale

    Or we can just ask instead.
  5. ShowsOn

    Quick question re scale

    Great thanks :) Arocs is still my all time favourite Lego set.
  6. ShowsOn

    Quick question re scale

    What scale is the Arocs?
  7. If the W16 engine was made on a smaller scale, e.g. like the Mack Anthem engine, could it have more realistic details, only a single crank shaft, and save space that could be used to add other functions?
  8. Sariel just married the car.
  9. I've got Sariel's build running in the background while I'm building the Mack Anthem :)
  10. Look at Sariel's comment in the video detail box where he corrects himself. He probably just didn't have enough time to fix the video.
  11. At least that reviewer was honest and said that he didn't really understand how the gear box worked. :)
  12. Sariel is doing a Chiron live build starting in about an hour:
  13. There will be a live build of the Chiron starting in just over 3 hours from now. (11:30 AM Central Europe time).
  14. The live stream is about to start!
  15. ShowsOn

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Well I'll be getting 42082. The suggested retail price in Australia will be around $400, whereas the Chiron in Australia will be $500 or maybe even $550. I prefer the Power Functions of 42082 and the enormous size.