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  1. I was so impressed by the design and the offroad ability of your Uniknick that I had just to get my own truck to play with. I hope you don't mind! Thank you very much for this great and have to say cute truck. It looks like a little dog when it climbs over obstacles. Very well done!!!
  2. Hello, i tried to realize a scale model of a MAN TGS 41.480 8x8 for heavy duty applications. Decals and some Little improvements are still missing, but they will follow.
  3. Just great. Amazing details. So just can't get the eyes off it. Also the choice of this oldtimer is wonderful. And i love the bus stop.
  4. Yes, it bents a bit. The truck is not a lightweight with 4 kilograms. But i added some liftarms with pins at the inside of the frame. So it bends but doesn't break ;D
  5. Finally I'm glad to present a little video:
  6. What a beauty! This car looks just wonderful. I like it it very much.
  7. Hello Milan, thanks for the kind words. At the moment I work on a redesign of the axles. It's hard to do because I want to have all advantages of LEGO TECHNIC with 8x8 and suspension but I don't like the look of the grey parts. So for a bit more realistic look I go for much more black parts and after that there will be a new photo session. But since time is always missing I will need several days. I have a photo of the back of the cabin without the big fuel tank, where the batteries are hiding. The part with the steering will also get a complete redesign. Just a piture for comparision:
  8. I realized it with just two of the yellow suspension arms per axle and it works fine. But this model isn't that capable for difficult terrain. It's too heavy and the axles are very simple built. I just wanted to build a model that's eye-catchy but with suspension and powered by 8x8. I wondered more about the colours of bricks. The next time I go for black bricks. But for the first shot I had only standard grey and beige LEGO TECHNIC parts.
  9. There is no way to not like it. It's state of the art in Scale Modeling.
  10. I found this model years ago and used it as guideline. As you can see my model is not an exact replica. I like the all red driver’s cab more and in the back I prefer twin-tires.
  11. There is some foam in the tires. So they fit very well. The rims could be 1mm wider in diameter, then it would be perfect. But at least it works.
  12. The steering works with rack and pinion. Here are some more pictures: