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  1. Hi ferwells, and welcome to Eurobricks.

    You might want to introduce yourself to our community by creating a thread in the Hello! My name is... section.

    To answer your question, you'll have to go to Phoenix Customs on line shop to by their products. This thread is only for showcasing them and getting feedback.

    On a final note, please be aware that reviving 1 year + old threads is not very welcome in this community, so please try to avoid it in the future.

    Have fun on Eurobricks. :classic:

  2. Hello Carl_and_Thayer, and welcome to Eurobricks.

    I think you'll have more chances of getting a reply to your question in the  The Eurobricks MCW Color Matching Paint Database, since this is a 6 and 1/2 years old topic (reviving older topics is not very appreciated, btw) and the KielDaMan has not been active since December 2016...

    Have fun on EB, and maybe introduce yourself to our community in the Hello! My name is... section.

  3. Pardon me, but I do not see the point of this so called 'forum' (actually a thread) you created.

    We already have a number of threads dedicated at showing and discussing Super Hero customs, be them minifigures or big figures, purist or not.

    Sets or MOCs definitely do not fall under this (MCW) forum's description, and should be posted in the LEGO Licensed Themes forum.


    For these reasons, I'll close this thread now.

  4. Hi Kurarensu, and welcome to Eurobricks and the Minifig Customisation Workshop.

    That's quite a list of decals you're requesting, and especially since this is your first post ever in our community.

    It's generally considered good practice to introduce yourself, via a topic in the Hello! My name is... section of the forums, before plunging headlong into this kind of requests.

    The use of polite forms like 'please' and 'thank you' is also greatly appreciated.

    I'm looking forward to knowing more about you and having you as a contributing member in our community. :classic:

  5. Hi Double_D, and welcome to Eurobricks and the Minifig Customisation Workshop.

    Though I cannot help you with your question, as I never painted LEGO parts myself, I thought I could be of use by slightly editing your topic title to make it more clear right from the start what your question concerns.

    I'm sure some of our members will be able to answer your questions, and I wish you good luck with your project.

  6. That's not a pictures-per-post limit. The EB forum is not a photo-hosting site, so the total attachments' space is very limited (intended to be used for an avatar pic only).

    You'll have to use one of the free photo-hosting sites out there (like Flickrs, Brickshelf, MOCpages, ...) to store your pictures, and then deeplink them here.

  7. I think this info may interest some of you, as I encountered a defective part in my copy of the set 76077 Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes:

    32948329965_d2c3e06281_o.jpg76077Misprint_001 by LuxorV, su Flickr

    32104786054_0c60139aaa_o.jpg76077Misprint_002 by LuxorV, su Flickr

    As you see, the print is off center.

    As I contacted customer service for a replacement, I noticed the piece is not available at the moment, so I'm wondering if it is because some customers requested it from Bricks & Pieces to have spare ones, or if it's a common issue with this part. :look:

    Nonetheless, I suppose I'll be able to use the defective one in a MOC someday for a WIP Iron Man project by Tony or something. :laugh:

  8. Since the OP has not been active on EB for quite a long time now, I'll try to answer in his place.

    The measures given in the chart in the second post in this page are intended for a single head. You'll need to cut or otherwise "extract" the faces you want to print from the sheets.

    Or, you can follow these size indications, which would apply to a complete sheet of face decals.

    On 2/7/2009 at 4:48 PM, Rubén Riojas said:

    Found the size!!! 16.47 x 9.64 cms. fits well into the minifigs and doesn't look small or big.