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  1. Hello, ChipTheBuilder, and welcome to Eurobricks.

    I just checked our Templates Index, but I could not find what you're looking for, sorry.

    Maybe some of our resident decal designers will be able to help you, though.


    In the meantime, it could be nice to see what you're working on, so you could maybe share your customs in a thread in here, and evem open an introduction therad in the Hello! My male is... subforum.

  2. Hello, Slinky44, and welcome to EB. Since you are new to this community, you might want to introduce yourself by creating a thread in the Hello! My name is... subforum.

    On the subject of SW decals, have you checked our very own STAR WARS Decals Index, yet? You may find what you're looking for already exists in there.

    Of course, in case you're looking for other designs, you may also try and put a request in the Decal Wish List thread, and some of our talented contributors could pick it up.

    Best of luck with your projects.

  3. You should not use the attachment option to post photos on EB. It is designed for smaller files like avatars.

    For bigger files/photos, you should use a photosharing site (like Flickr, Instagram and the like) and deeplink from there.

    We have some tutorials on how to do it (follow the links in Holodoc's or my signature), but I fear they are mostly outdated now. :look:

  4. Hello, Legohunter21. You seem to be new to our forums, and possibly to this kind of community as well. Let me give you some information.

    First of all, it is polite to introduce yourself in the relevant section, before asking for some sort of service, wouldn't you agree. I suggest you head to the Hello! My name is... subforum and start meeting our members.

    Secondly, you can head to the Decal Wish List thread to ask our designers for help with your decal projects. Using someone else's thread for your personal requests is not the best policy.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to take the request myself, as I have not been active in the decal making sector for years now, nor do I have much time for it. You can, however find some interesting Indiana Jones decals in the Licensed Decals Index (just scroll down till you get to Indy). Maybe you'll find that what you're looking for already exists.

    Lastly, I'd like to see your completed project when the time comes, so continue being active on our boards, having fun and contributing to them!

  5. Hello Monte Gardner, and welcome to Eurobricks and the Minifig Customisation Workshop.

    It is usually a good practice to check the date of the last post in an older topic before reviving it. This topic has been inactive for more than 6 years. Furthermore, the OP has not been active on Eurobricks since 2015.

    I'm sure you'll find more recent topics to contribute to.

  6. You should be able to edit your signature following this path:

    select "Account Settings" from the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the page --> you should have now access to a Settings page where you can pick "Singature" from the left-hand list --> create and save your signature.

  7. Hello Oscar76, and welcome to Eurobricks and the Minifig Customisation Workshop.

    As you may already know, it is not considered polite behaviour to necro-post in a thrad that's been inactive for a long time (more than 9 years in this specific case). Please, search for more recent/current discussions in which to ask this kind of questions.

    Anyway, you'll find tutorials on how to design decals and which programs to use, and more, in our Minifig Customisation Workshop Index and Guidelines thread, particularly the Inkscape Tutorial and the TUTORIAL: Designing torso prints in Adobe Illustrator could be good starts.

    I hope you'll find useful information on these boards and will share your designs and customs with us in the future. :thumbup:

  8. 8 hours ago, Legoman0120 said:

    Unpopular opinion. I’ve been on here for a bit now, and I think we should make this just a purist figure page not just superheroes. Cause where else would you post them? Im probably gonna be rejected but whatever lol.

    We already have a thread for Purist TV/Movie Figures and one for Purist Movie/game figures, along with ones for Purist Star Wars Figures and Purist Mighty Micros Figures. As said, they are used way less than this one, but they do exist.

    Were you thinking of other categories?

  9. Hello Viper Knight, and welcome to the Minifig Customisation Workshop.

    It may be worth noting that the last post in this thread is from 10+ years ago. As such we tend to let older topics stay quiet unless there is a strong comeback in interest and/or a new discussion on that very topic arises. You are indeed entitled to your opinion, but it does not really warrant the resurrection of a very short thread of this age.

    You can read more on this subject in our very own Guidelines that you agreed to when you signed up:


    Posting, spam and off topic topics: Off topic posts can be great fun between friends, but they do run the risk of making a topic unreadable to other members. We ask you to try to stick to the thread topic. In most cases we are happy to leave this to your judgment, but we will step in if we feel you have gone too far. Posting in "old" topics is generally frowned on, but it's a complicated topic. Read here for more details on this.

    I'm sure you'll find plenty of newer and more active content to contribute to. :wink:

  10. Hello, Stinkypete, and welcome to Eurobricks.

    First of all, this is a 4+ years old thread, and the OP has not been active for 2 years, so it's not probable he'll answer here.

    As for how to get those decals, this is a showcase thread and he's sharing the files. You'll have to save them on your computer and print and aplly them yourself (you'll find tutorails on how to do that and which resources to use in this section of the MCW).

    Best of luck, and see you around the boards.