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    Robot Head Production Facility

    The truck was a later thought, not included in my first idea, but that corner felt too empty... *sad* Happy you like it :-$ As for a robot big enough to have this as its head, no, I've never built one (not enough pieces at the time |-/ ). Maybe I'll rebuild the head and give it a body in the future... Who knows ;-) They're hair-things I just put in to make the head larger on fornt view... But indeed the give it a Rasta look :-P LuxorV
  2. LuxorV

    Hi, I'm LuxorV

    Thanks... They were just the first two signs I designed: When I found cape templates on BS (sorry, I don't remember from whom I've 'stolen' them), I they could become nice Twin Knights' capes :-$ LuxorV
  3. LuxorV

    Hi, I'm LuxorV

    Hello everybody, some of you may have already met me in some topics or contests... I'm not a so new member of EB, but for some reason I never found the time or patience to sit down and write something in this topic :-|. I'm from Italy and I have many interest in LEGO: last year I collected almost only Exo-Force, now I'm concentrating on some City veichles and I'm back to StarWars *vader* . Another big interest I have is building vignettes *wub* (or trying to... :-P ). See my BS here :-$ : My Gallery By the way, on the left you can see my new sigfig 8-
  4. LuxorV

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vignette!

    Don't worry, that was just an idea I had before you posted this topic ;-) . I think I'll have to re-read the book (for now I've only got The Guide, but I'm looking for the others :-$ ) before I can build something good enough for a contest... 8-| I'll look forward the official opening *y* LuxorV
  5. LuxorV

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vignette!

    Hey, you took me off guard X-O ! I was just thinking the same thing yesterday... Well, I have already built a vignette from the Heart of Gold, and I was going to upload it in MOCs now. So, I'll put it here (I'll think of something new for the contest ;-) ). Hope you like it. This is the initial design with LDD, with some explanation comics: And these are the acutal LEGO photos: Poor Marvin! 8-| More can be found on my BS account ( That is, as soon as they'll be published :-$ . ON! *y* LuxorV
  6. LuxorV

    Milan Duomo

    Hi, I've lately completed my first LDD model of a famous monument. Being Italian, I chose the 'Duomo di Milano' *wub* (maybe I'll go for the Colosseum next 8-| ). Here are some pics: As you can see, it can be opened and has some internal details (from a plan I found on the net). It's 1737 pieces, most of them white 2x2x1 bricks. I tryed to make it as similar as possible *sweet* : I'd like to know what you think of it :'-) . Now a little advertising >:-) : you can find it on TLG site in Factory Gallery, Famous Places. If you like it, I'd be very pleased to know you got it. [i do not get anything else from this ;-) ]. Bye LuxorV
  7. LuxorV

    Milan Duomo

    Thank you both :-$ . To simonwillems: I know it would look even more impressive, made out of the actual plastic, but for now I do not have the money or the space where to display it or even store the pieces... |-/ . Maybe in sometime... 8-| Bye LuxorV
  8. LuxorV

    Micro Transformers

    Very nice, expecially Starscream *wub* . LEGO Transformers ON *y* LuxorV
  9. LuxorV

    Hi, I'm LuxorV

    Well, there is actually a lot of dirt in the field *sweet* , and sometimes in our labs too 8-| :-P . Thank you. LuxorV
  10. LuxorV

    What should I buy?

    I'd say 7661 and save up the rest for autumn sales (or buy something for imperialshadows X-D ). JSFs ON, and I *wub* Kit Fisto's Minifig. LuxorV
  11. LuxorV

    SW Ultimate MiniGig Challenge: The Grand Final

    If it was DT vd Ep2 Anakin, I'd have said DT wins. This is on a totally different level. Anakin now has the ability, control, experience he lacked before, so he can confront DT equally. In addition he is more rapid (he is younger, after all) and his rage has grown as well, and DT trying to control him with his speech only makes him the angrier. So it is Anakin wins the fight, the light-side loses a bit of its influence on him ( *vader* ). LuxorV
  12. LuxorV

    Hey I'm Paul

    Hello, Paul. I had already seen some of your creations on BS :-) . Great Fire apparatus... and very nice smoke effects *y* ! LuxorV
  13. LuxorV

    Hi, I'm LuxorV

    Hope your 'cat' part does not hate water, else this cruise will be a problem... :-P LuxorV
  14. Hello, I've recently found a Sept-Dec 2007 Italian LEGO Catalog: When I came to the Exo-Force pages, I saw this: They call Hitomi a boy (red circles), even if they created her a female pilot. An then this: I'll translate the text in the red circle: "The Sentai golden tower is a Japanise temple full of functions, which can always count on the battle machine 'Sonic Raven' ". Yes I say, if they want to be distroyed any moment, they can always count on an enemy battle machine to do that... :-| This is our madness *wacko* ! I'd like to know if in other Countries too you have such good free humor sketches in your LEGO catalogs X-D. See you LuxorV
  15. LuxorV


    V-LF-3F Hello, here is my entry for the Engines category: It's a truck inspired to the Bedfored - 1939 you see on the right (a model from a model :-P ) Sorry for the not-so-good quality of the pics: it's a very old MOC (about 10 years ago) and I had to scan the photos. If I've time, I'll try to build something new for one of the other categories later on. See you. LuxorV
  16. LuxorV

    Looking for StarWars set 7283

    Hi copmike, I know it is ObiWan's DarkRed Starfighter that makes this set so rare... The other stuff is quite common and, as you say, cheap. But I'd like to have the entire set (box, instructions, that 'complete set' aura...) X-D . Certenly, I'll consider your advice in the case the other way is impossible |-/ . Thank you. LuxorV
  17. Hello, I'm looking (a little bit late, I guess... 8-| ) for StarWars set 7283 - Ultimate Space Battle Does anybody know where I can find one (possibly at less than $ 100)? I have already searched it on BL, but prices are terrifying :-X Thank you for any bit of information. LuxorV
  18. LuxorV

    Looking for StarWars set 7283

    Yes, as I wrote, "I have already searched it on BL, but prices are terrifying :-X ". As for eBay, the only seller with an 'honest' price only ships in England to PayPal users (I'm in Italy and I don't have PayPal :-| ).
  19. LuxorV

    Jurassic Park Contest

    She's not visible, because this is only part of the kitchen, and she would be hidden behind the table that continues on Tim's right side.
  20. LuxorV

    Jurassic Park Entry thread

    Hello, this is my entry: "Raptor in the kitchen". The scene is from the JP book (different form the movie), when Tim sets a trail of frized steacks to guide the raptor in the big refrigerator. Here is a view of the raptor an the steacks
  21. LuxorV

    Haunted Mansion Contest- Entries

    I'm new to this forum, so I hope this is the right place where to post my entry. It' the Vampire minifig; the background is 'stolen' from the NewOrleans Mansion entrance as shown on the site. Bye to everybody. LuxorV