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  1. American 4-4-0

    Here are some more pictures of the beauty. Finally completed with a chrome silver round 2x2 Brick a bell and fitting red wheels for the tender :) IMG_20180416_105732 by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr IMG_20180416_105756 by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr IMG_20180416_105718 by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr
  2. American 4-4-0

    Thank you very much :) I really need to make a couple more pictures to show more of the beauty!
  3. Brick Tracks free sample review

    Very nice to see and a good review! Would love to see it with 9v tracks too. I am only using the PF-System, but sometimews there is trouble with collaboratives if you only have PF tracks on hand and someone wants to run 9v on the layout. It would be very interesting to show the tracks at a local lug-meating. I am trying to get some interest for custom tracks from other builders. We recently talked about doing the step into custom tracks direction with the larger curves. @coaster Is it still possible to get a free sample? I would love to show it in my local lug to break the ice ;) Unfortunately I cant send you messages here!? (It tells me I have 0 messages left to send, try it later... did not even send one today...) I also dont have facebook nor instagram. But maybe you can send me a message ;)
  4. American 4-4-0

    Hello! Here is my first try on a locomotive and also the first one I completed. Some details like the bell are still missing but overall its pretty much complete. As for the moment I built this i had only a XL-Motor available to power it, so I implemented it into the drivers compartment. The headlamp at the front does light up with the Power-functions-LED. Was a bit tricky to hide the big transparent LED thingy in the headlamp design. Overall I am happy how it turned out, and I hope you will enjoy it aswell! When I got some time I will take some more pictures! Suggestions and critisism are welcome! Lego 4-4-0 Western Locomotive by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr
  5. Not nessesarily so! You can still go from two stud wide beak to one stud wide beak at the edge of the boat hull by using 2x1 technic bricks with one hole and a snotted beak.
  6. @blackdeathgrYeah it is indeed very part consuming But it's worth it I think! @Ayrlego Nice start! As you can see on the pics I used this technique only for the bow. It struggles a little bit in stability. It all works in LDD built ships i guess but with real plastic gravity is an issue. For the Bow section: Try to fit in another hinge plate so you have one on ech side. then combine them in the bowsprit section with a hinge brick with 2x2 upper part to fit the hull shape.
  7. IMG_20171207_102614 by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr View from the side. Tumblehome by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr And the new improved tumblehome design.
  8. Yeah I decided to go from the bow backwards, because I built it in modules for better transport. The inside of the ship is sadly for stability purpose only. It is supported by bricks and hinges for the angles. For the shaping of the bow and the period i am not sure. It has to be after Nelson simply because of the chequer and the colour scheme. But when I add sails to her she would lean forwards and the bow seems to be very round under full sails. I am not sure about the sails right now.... I dont have any experience with custom sails so far :/ I have one chainplate "try" at the front right side of the ship so far. Ofc there will be added more! I will take some pictures from the side aswell. The tumblehome could be improved... I will show you my new design of that aswell. Right now I am waiting for more bricks :D Ordered some 2x2x3 Slopes for easier shaping! For BoBS I think I will join when I am happy with my first complete ship
  9. Yeah it is still in Progress. I will overhaul it a bit. Any suggestions for me? It is going to be a 64-74 third rate ship if the line.
  10. IMG_20171121_030805 by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr IMG_20171121_030730 by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr Ahoi fellow landrats! Yes I am a new face :P I also posted this in the general Pirates WIP thread before but i guess here are the guys who know what to do! Feel free to fire with all cannons! This is just an early WIP. I know the planks should go lengthwise not crosswise. I feel she is a bit narrow and the front seems to be a bit round... what do you think?
  11. General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    IMG_20171121_030805 by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr IMG_20171121_030730 by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr My first try to build a ship of the Line. I think i will overhaul it because of some things i dont like from this version. Planks are to short, the bow seems to be very round.... I think it will improve with the time :) So far: Enjoy the WIP Pictures!
  12. Arbiter - 80 gun ship of the line

    Sorry for digging out this ship again, but did anyone build it yet? Does anyone have the LDD-File of this beauty? I really want to build her just to see her in real bricks but unfortunately Dunklesteus is not answering since atleast a half year :/