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  1. Ragni Norgrimson

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    I just bought a couple of the first Sandcrawler Set. They are used about 50€ without minifigs. They also include a lot of brick you are going to need anyways. 16 Panels in Reddish brown come with each Set !
  2. Hm then it is probably more a thing of the software on sbrick and pfx brick themself. TBAP is the only possibility to be able to control sbrick or pfx with the pup controller so far. Dont like havinf to use my smartphone to play with my lego at convention to be honest.
  3. This sounds very promising! Wow! Like a dream became true! I've not read all 19 pages of comments yet, but maybe you can give me some hint if the question already has been asked: Sbrick and also the pfx brick from my understanding are programable controlling bricks. Is it possible to programm them with the brick automation project an then run it with the pup controller without using a parallel device like pc or app? Not sure if it is totally clear what I want to know. Its just that I want to program the bricks and functions at home and use them at exhibitions not needing to bring a pc with me. Dont have any laptop and my pc is rather chunky and heavy. Would be awesome to know!
  4. Maybe if i finished the digital designing process and I have enough room for it. Probably I will build it for an exhibition at some point :)
  5. Ragni Norgrimson

    Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Train

    Yeah I had to build it like this because of the limited amount of parts that are coming in the silver colour for the roof.
  6. This is my first prototype of a physical 1:42 / Minifig scaled Tower of Orthanc from the Lord of the Rings made out of Lego Bricks. Tolkien wrote, that Orthanc was about 500ft., so at this scale a finished and physical built model would be around 3,57 meters tall. The model is currently completely made out of Basic Lego Bricks due to the reason that I just wanted to get the overall shape right to start modeling finer details. With this done I have measurements just as footprint of the model, final height and the important angles of the outer shape. Next step will be modeling finer details and add some structural technic elements to support the weight. The picture is rendered with blender because my other programs didn't like the 45000+ sized model. That's beeing said: At this point I am an absolute beginner with blender so dont chop my head off for the very simple rendering ;) I hope you like that kind of wip-story thing and I really hope at this scale it is understandable that I started with a digital designing process and not the physical bricks. I am very new to digitally build models and usually I am more of a take the bricks and build type guy, but at this scale I had to do the little extra planning before. Enough said for now. Enjoy the first prototype :) Lego Orthanc digital Prototype Model by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr
  7. Ragni Norgrimson

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Just a sneak peak on my bad guys army: The Troops of the Shadow eye are gathering! by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr
  8. I recently went the other way arround transforming .ldr into .obj to render it. For my understanding you have to scale your voxels a little bit cause I think your video game characters are looking a bit high compared to their width. But I guess you are at a good starting point to fulfil that missing link :)
  9. Ragni Norgrimson

    Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Train

    Thats the only thing that is bugging me somehow too You've hit the weakpoint sir! It is just the thing of compatibility with other layouts. Maybe I will swap to narrow gauge one day... good old perfectionists genes.... Thank you! It is nice to hear that you can easily see what it is even without decals. That shows that the shape is right :) I will update with pics from the whole train when I have the tender done and it is rolling the first time on a show :) Nice to hear that guys! There is one small Problem at the moment which is preventing me from ordering from you instantly... do you see the Black stripe above the windows? There has to be either the Denver & Rio Grande Western or the Silverton & Durango which would look perfect.... the only thing is that the roof does split exactly at this point, so I have to either cut the decals in half and apply them perfectly accurate or I have to rebuild atleast the roof part first
  10. Ragni Norgrimson

    Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Train

    I think yes. Especially the the Letters of Denver & Rio Grande Western or Silverton Durango (depending on era I want to represent) But I havent found any fitting decals from a european seller yet. It is very hard to find because it is american rolling stock.
  11. Ragni Norgrimson

    Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Train

    Added one more pic with some detail view. The other pics I took are low on quality, so unfortunately I cant upload them :( Have to wait for better lighting to get some nice pics. As you wish: here is a sneak peak of the K36 ;) Updated the main post.
  12. Ragni Norgrimson

    Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Train

    It is the Lego colour metallic silver :) So it is all natural Lego !
  13. Ragni Norgrimson

    Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Train

    Yeah the length of the cars and especially the number of windows were important for me to get the scale looking right. Thanks for your kind words!
  14. Ragni Norgrimson

    Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Train

    I cannot post it, because I dont have the permission of the pictures owner. But I can post you a link where the picture can be found: https://www.colorado.com/yellow-passenger-cars-durango-and-silverton-narrow-gauge-railroad
  15. Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Cars by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr I tried to represent the coaches in classic "Bumblebee" colour scheme. The roofs are removable, so i can addon lights later. Also there is an interior inside which is possible due to the 8 wide build of the cars. Unfortunately I had no good pictures of the interior of the real thing back in the days (just for the coaches as they are now) so i tried to set the interior based on a scale Model of the coaches. Furthermore the Lego figs as you all know are a bit out of scale so things inside are a bit more crumped together. Figs can still sit properly!! At the moment I am searching for fitting decals, which is really hard given the fact, that model trains of american passenger cars are not that common in europe. Also I am working on an engine going with the cars which will be a K36. The real thing is a narrow gage line but due to the fact Lego tracks are very limited in radius especially the narrow gage track, I am using the standard Lego gauge instead. This is the End of the observation car. I hope to get some nice decal with the emblem of the line for the round 2x2 tile at the end. End of the observation car by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr And I cant wait to get the fitting Locomotive done so i kind of have to sneak peak a Progress pic ;) The Engine is about to get finished and currently I am working on the characteristic Tender with the cab on top. It is kind of dusty Thats why I did not upload it directly :D K36-Locomotive (Sneak Peak) by Ragni Norgrimson, auf Flickr