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  1. hanzocloud

    LEGO Castle 2013

    I wished they made wave 3 Kingdom sets instead of these.. :(
  2. Hello eurobrickers, I have been working on a castle themed MOC with a setting in the far east rather than the usual England/Germany settings. It's a simple design and I still have much to learn. I've added in heaps of minifigures to accompany the architecture too. Bricks and minifigs were sourced all around the world from ebay/bricklink and costed in the thousands >.< Some non-lego bricks were used for the curved slopes on the roofs to mimic the eastern architecture better. Some slightly modified Orient Expedition sets are evident and also a ninjago set in the background to add to the setting. Hope you guys like it =) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12 Pic13 Pic14 I got the idea from this classic Orient Expedition set and my Main MOC is loosely based on it. I will work on improving the designs but for now, need to save $$$ ^_^
  3. Been to 'The Isolation Chamber' and back ^_^

  4. hanzocloud

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    my lord.... ninjago sets price drop like crazy!!!! The Fire Temple set i got for $199 is now only $100 at kmart.... OMG !!!!!! that is like HALF PRICE!!!!! im not happy.. now we see that Lego CAN price lego cheaper in Australia!!!!
  5. hanzocloud

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    For Sydney people.. FREE Lego minifigure when you buy this Sundays (11th Dec) Sun Herald !!! http://images.smh.com.au/file/2011/12/09/2828663/LEGO_T84-SMH.pdf
  6. hanzocloud

    Kingdoms 2012?

    relax guys.. im sure they will have a castle theme later on this decade. 2013 perhaps?? besides there are othre big releases for 2012.. such as the Marvel line.. with batman and all that !! and also the ongoing minifig collectables... and new ninjago sets too@!! definitely something exciting to look forward to !!!
  7. hanzocloud

    Review: 6009 Black Knight

    Guess i was still playing Duplo when this set was out :( lol But i seen this minifig before in my brother's old 80s/90s lego collection.
  8. hanzocloud

    Middle Eastern Town

    nice design !!! beats official lego designs !
  9. hanzocloud

    MOC: Crown Knights

    [borat accent] very nice [/borat accent] i like !!!!!!!!!!
  10. hanzocloud

    Kingdoms 2012?

    anything with Ninjas in it is surely to be a success!!.. but that aside.. the ninjago movie was quite fun to watch..
  11. hanzocloud

    New Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Exclusive

    it's not uncommon for lego to create half packs where it doesnt look as good until you buy 2 of the same packs. A recent example is the Fire Temple set from the Ninjago Theme. you would need 2 of those sets to create a fully covered temple.. otherwise you only get the front view.
  12. hanzocloud

    New Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Exclusive

    looks like ill have to buy 2 of these sets to get that look.
  13. hanzocloud

    New Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Exclusive

    final set of the kingdom red soldiers whom are a red version of the crownies and loosely based on the original crusader lion knights.. BUT.... a new set for the new Falcon Kingdom.. and this set would be a great set to end the red kingdom knights and introduce the black falcon... although the green feather makes you think it still has ties with dragon knights,, but hopefully they swap it out for a black or white feather instead.. and hopefully the enemy faction to the Eagles would be a new type of forestmen.
  14. hanzocloud

    New Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Exclusive

    WOW a another quality set from LEGO.!! .. i am loving the eagle shield!!!! hopefully this means that they are introducing the eagle faction for 2012 !!!! hahawhaw..
  15. Mongolians would be nice... like Disney's Mulan.. mongols invade china.. there you go!! 2 factions right there!