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    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I was playing through Lego Batman 2 recently, and one of he minikits at the end of the level used a part I cannot find. It's like part #13548 but inverted, or #3676 with the outside corner cut and only 3 studs on top. I've looked high and low and can't figure out if it's even a real part. Also in the same build is a piece that's a mix between #87620 and a standard 2x2. The kit is called Mister Freeze's Iceberg. Here's a pic
  2. Glad to be here! Right now I live and work in Silicon Valley, but if you can't tell from my name I came from Maine. I enjoy my time with lego very much, as limited as it is. I don't buy many new sets but instead enjoy making and studying MOCs. Hope to be a productive member here!