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  1. 31313 - Mindstorms EV3 (GRIPP3R) Made with MLCad - File : 31313_GRIPP3R.mpd Errors: None - but unofficial Panels and Textures by Philo
  2. The Numbers are missing and the representation is shifted in the center hole Nr2 - 32034 Nr3 - 32016 Nr4 - 32192 Nr5 - 32015 Nr6 - 32014
  3. Here I am I believe correctly ;-) Good job! I have problems with connectors 1 - 6 In your package the connector 1 (32013) is reworked by you - this is now perfect. Do you still make the others please? I would like to do it myself, but I do not know how ...
  4. Hello, I have a problem with POV-Ray. If I export from LDView and use XML Mapping File (LGEO.XML) I miss the numbers on the part and it is Moved (middle hole). If I do not use the mapping file, the representation is okay, but the color is pale as if fog over it. How can I solve this? greeting
  5. Hello, I apologize for my English - I use Google translate. Models I create with ML-Cad are displayed correctly in LDVIEW. When I use Pov-Ray render the colors absolutely do not fit anymore, especially the transparent parts. Trans-Black appears amber-colored, trans-dark blue or green, for example to light, neon colors usually just yellow ... Does one have an idea or even the solution too? I use POV-RAY 3.7 & LDView to export greeting EDIT - Problem Solved - reinstalled LDraw_AIOI_2016-01_setup_32bit_v1