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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It's a fake, it's just a photoshop of a different building on what seems to be the Assembly Square box. That said, I kind of like it in it's own right, even if it doesn't fit the current modular building style
  2. gertjan

    70922 The Joker Manor

    I like the looks of it, the amount of sillyness is perfect. It might not be as good a deal as Ninjago City with regards to bricks but it has a certain fun factor for me personally that City misses. It actually bumped City off of my to get list as there is only so much I'm willing to spend on big sets (of which there have been a fair few so far this year). Ofcourse I'll have to adjust the rest of my city by distributing some villains to actually be able to tie it in but that's no big problem :D. When that tires I'll just try to moc it and turn it into a normal Wayne Manor.