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  1. Perfect! Would you like to share instructions for this masterpiece?
  2. Ox1337

    Ford RS200 MOC FINISHED?

    Wow!! Beautiful!! Looking forward to admiring by the building instructions.
  3. Ox1337

    Piece identification

    May be this one: 11458? Or this: 74698?
  4. Ox1337

    [MOC] Harley-Davidson Fly Boy V

    Fantastic! I'd like to see gearing scheme in details, shown from different sides. And instrucitons, if possible:)
  5. Madoca, you are the best! As always
  6. More wheels for god of wheels!
  7. Ox1337

    [Finished] Fox 8x8 V2

    Fantastic! Are these wheels compatible with regular axles? AFAIK no, so how have you mounted them? Thanks
  8. Ox1337

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    Have you tried to aks replacements from TLG?
  9. Ox1337

    [TC16] Hex rover

    Interesting! How do you launch the drone? Which parts are you using as drone propellers?
  10. Awesome! Requesting for instructions, especially, for wheel mount.
  11. Ox1337

    Technic 2H2019 Video Reviews

    On the part list (4:00 on video) the gear rack housing part has #6114965, not 18940. Why? Are there any differences?
  12. Ox1337

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Seems it has longer linear actuators than the regular ones (61927c01), isn't it?
  13. Ox1337

    Volvo L120H scale 1:17

    The worker is perfect! And the loader is very nice too. Could you publish your 'man' on rebrickable?
  14. As I seen, you used non-lego parts, I guess, custom 3D-printed. Right? There are orange parts in the 'hand'. Were non-lego parts used somewhere else? Was it possible to avoid using them? Sure, I understand this simplifies a lot building such complex and small mechanism, as such small 'hand' with 3 segments. I have a great pleasure looking on your MOCs, thank you!