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  1. cute! Yeah, it's been hard finding a good build of this classic Star Wars game ship...
  2. ah bummer! do you have any more photos at all?
  3. @Blip do you have instructions or the lxf file for sale anywhere? or a trade? I'm @yodaskate on IG !
  4. Hi all If I recall, it used to be if you used the directional sliding tool, the piece will smoothly slide, but I've noticed in the last 2-3 updates, it's been stepping/snapping in big chunks. I've tried turning snap off too but it does nothing. Has anyone noticed this? Screenshot below.. it's when you use the arrow movement options for fine tuning slide movement...
  5. THERE WE GO! Thanks man. I had it set to the largest one for some reason...
  6. Hi guys, Question for Stud.io users! Whenever I click on a submodel to edit, as soon as I start moving a piece off the submodel and placing it next to it, for some reason the piece starts moving down and pushing the baseplate down as well. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and why it does this?
  7. Oops! Sorry! This is for stud.io. have edited post for clarification.
  8. Hi all! Trying to post my backlog of stuff... while I've no real complaints about the official Tantive IV, I did redesign the interior to have a micro scale interior... here are the renders, and I've built it into the official set with some slight mods here and there. This is not meant to be accurate by any means, but more like a re-imagining using the space I have. You can see it partially here physically: This replaces the two mini fit seats with a full bridge... A small galley kitchen and lounge... (you can also see the famed "hallway") An engineering bay! I've also sealed up the bottom shaft and shortened the handle, it's still functional! Have also added landing gears and added greeble here and there... Hoping to add the "winglets" soon.
  9. YodaSkate

    MOC - B-Wing Mini/Midi

    I'm back! Here's one of my favorite ships of all time, the B-Wing! Inspired by various sources... the cockpit piece is from the official planet series, but I never liked how lazy it was... anyone have any suggestions for the blasters on the cockpit? I've tried a few things but everything just ends up too chunky...
  10. YodaSkate

    75244 - Tantive IV - MODS and Improvements

    How are you attaching the fins to the body?
  11. Hi guys, I haven't posted in awhile, since I am posting mostly on my instagram @YodaSkate now! Give me a follow! Here is a mini-scale Republic Gunship I redesigned from the official 4490 polybag set! As much as I wish I could have mini-fig scaled everything, it's just not feasible do to space in my office, so I always love doing mini-versions that are detailed/swoosable/displayable. Rendered in Stud.io. I've built it with real bricks too and it holds up well.
  12. YodaSkate

    [MOC/MOD] Republic Gunship Mini

    I forgot the clear pieces existed! Good suggestion. As for the chin/rear guns, I tried the towballs too, but I just preferred the ski-poles! As @Brick-Wombat mentioned, just a personal preference!
  13. YodaSkate

    [MOC/MOD] Republic Gunship Mini

    Ah yes you mean the top guns. I think going to 4 studs would be too large for the scale though... I've also seen smaller variations depending on what source you're looking at. (Here I was going by Revell's gunship model kit) https://lifetoscale.blog/category/starships/star-wars/revell-republic-gunship/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/570479477783291114/visual-search/
  14. YodaSkate

    [MOC/MOD] Republic Gunship Mini

    Yeah, unfortunately, options are limited! The actual ship has pretty thin gun barrels too...
  15. Is there a way to compare two stud.io files to see the difference in parts? I'm upgrading a set and trying to figure what new parts I need to order and what is already existing in the set... I did a quick search but didn't find anything. Thanks!!!
  16. Hi all So this is how I did it rebricklable. I uploaded two separate stud.io files into their own custom lists, then compared the two. Rebrickable shows you a percentage of shared parts and lets you export out a new parts list. Here's a screengrab of what it looks like...
  17. Thanks! I see the option so I'll give it a try! And yeah, I've uploaded stud.io files there before for custom builds I've made...
  18. YodaSkate

    [MOC] Leia's Shuttle

    Nice! This set gets no love!
  19. YodaSkate

    [MOD] Rebels Phantom II Shuttle Ugrade

    @sspilot you inspired me! Here is the render from stud.io, but I've built it physically too https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu6iPaynwhY/!
  20. YodaSkate

    [MOC / MOD] Imperial Assault Carrier

    @LucasLaughing here you go! Thank you for the inspiration! I ended up messing around digitally first before applying to my real model, but here is the render from stud.io https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu-PhXCnLOq
  21. Just wanted to share two new recent builds, the RZ-1 A-Wing and the RZ-2 Resistance A-Wing, both in Blue Squadron colors. Credit to @sparkart for the original inspiration and to KuatBrickYards on reddit for the Resistance A-Wing inspiration. I had to use an illegal technique with the LOTR Ring piece to join two studs in order to get the nose at a half height. Renders from stud.io. Will build in real life when I get the LOTR pieces. Resistance A-Wing Side by Side
  22. YodaSkate

    Build technique help.

    @LegoMonorailFan thank you...... will play around and see if it works..!
  23. YodaSkate

    Build technique help.

    Hi guys I'm trying to join these two somehow. I need the blue slope + 1x1 plate to be exactly flush with pieces on the right... how can I join them via the bottom with minimal plates and keep it only 1 wide???
  24. Hi guys I finally built my mini resistance bomber, have seen a few examples out there but nothing that kinda conveyed the bulk that a bomber should have in mini-scale! Some older parts sourced from bricklink! Hope you all like!