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  1. Hello everyone, Is there someone who knows how to let a car running random in a circle with walls 30 cm high. There will be a flashlight in a corner and the car needs to drive to the flashlight point. It isn't really hard when you have 2 different motors for steering. But we have a car with a seperate steering wheel like a forklift truck. Thankss !!
  2. We have solved our problem. With the RemotEV3 app is it possible to drive the car manual and use a program on your brick at the same time. The only thing is that you can stop your program but you also need to stop running the car with the RemotEV3 app.
  3. @dagupa We don't have this one. We only have the sensors and the ev3 brick and our own build car.
  4. @mocbuild101 thank you for your reaction. I will explain the problem. We have a sumo war challenge with 6 people in a circle. The circle line is red. The game is that you need to push someone else out of the circle. When your car is running over the line the motors needs to stop and your ev3 must play a sound. And someone else "said" it is possible ??
  5. Hello people, we need to make a car with LEGO mindstorms ev3 for a school project. We need to do some challenges and races. We have some problems with programming the EV3 stone. Is it possible to use the motors handmatic with the commander app and for example when the lightsensor see a red line the electric motor will shut down automatic? Can someone tell me if this is possible and tell me how you can program this ? Thank you