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    Greetings from Canada!

    100% agree, it's just something to keep me reigned in on purchases for myself. I get my son a lot of the Creator sets, as he really enjoys the 3 different builds, then using the pieces for whatever else he wants. I also picked up the VW Camper Van for my wife - her first Lego set.
  2. Gordovision

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I just got back from an advanced screening, and I enjoyed the movie more than The Lego Batman movie (which I actually feel asleep during my trip to the theater). It's completely fine going in not having seen any of the TV series, as the movie is completely separate. I think my biggest complain is in relation to the mini-fig line, as there are a couple of cool characters from the movie I would have liked seeing in the mini-fig release, and a couple of figures in the line that I didn't notice in the movie. My son really liked it as well.
  3. Gordovision

    Greetings from Canada!

    Edmonton, AB. Only one Lego store here, but the staff are all excellent.
  4. Gordovision

    Greetings from Canada!

    Yeah, it was one of those double-points, get something cool times at the Lego store. I rushed in, grabbed it off the shelf and ran to pay for it before I changed my mine. I think I freaked the sales guy out a bit with how quickly I was - he looked a bit shocked that someone would run in, rip a $400 CAN set off the shelf and then run to pay for it. Now it sits in my closet waiting for the right time to pull it out. I'll probably come up with a story about how the Lego store had a contest for the people that fill out those customer satisfaction surveys and I won ;) Hey, it's more believable than my wife's story about how all her shoes and boots only cost $20 each. HAH!
  5. Gordovision

    Greetings from Canada!

    Hey everyone, my name is Gord (short for Gordon), but I'll go by Gordovision on here. I was an avid Lego fan as a child, having a ton of the sets featured in the book "Great Lego Sets" (I'll never buy that book because it would make me cry). I have a 5, almost 6 year old son who got into Lego when he was 3 (Duplo when he was 2). It amazes me how well he's able to build the sets, following the instructions on his own. His interest in Lego rekindled my interest in it, and now I'm SELECTIVELY buying Lego for myself; my criteria is that it has to be related to a movie or TV show that I enjoy, or a place I've been to - with the exception of broad categories like the Marvel/DC sets, or Star Wars. So far most of my sets have been Lego Ideas (Doctor Who, Wall-E, The Big Bang Theory, Ecto-1), but I've also picked up the Ghostbusters firehall (which sits hidden away so my wife doesn't find it and freak - what did I do?!) and I plan on picking up the Ninjago City because it looks like an amazing set, and because it's based on a movie (hah, fits into my category, though all of Ninjago would technically fit into it). My son loves, loves, looooves Lego Dimensions, and though we have some of the other TT Lego games, that's really the only one he plays. Anyway, that's me, nice to be here.