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  1. Thoy Bradley

    MOCpages down?

    I think its down, at first I couldn't connect at all, but now it says I can't access the database. Been down for 14hrs now for me. Hopefully its up soon because my model is on the 'Across MOCpages' links... ~Thoy
  2. Thoy Bradley

    Not new to Lego

    Hi All, I'm Thoy Bradley and I recently got encouraged to join Lego sites other than MOCpages. Thanks Derfel for helping motivate me ;) I am still learning my way around this site but so far like what I see, plus so many more chat options! If you would like to get a taste of my work you can visit my MOCpage Here. I recognise a few members already on here from MOCpages, I look forward to getting to know more AFOLs through Eurobricks. ~Thoy
  3. Thoy Bradley

    'Return Of The Ancients' By Thoy Bradley

    :) I know how he did it ;) Email me and i'll send you step-by-step images. A single side rail uses 12 pieces per step, a double side rail will use 15 pieces per step. This staircase has over 80 steps. ~Thoy