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  1. This is constantly itching at the back of my mind, and slowly driving me (even more) crazy. When I have the time to build I have no idea what to do, and whn inspiration strucks me, I lack the time...
  2. Build at your own pace, you are welcome at all times. And if you are out of inspiration or just want some rambling, we have our very own Drinking Hole. Yeah, those damn Corries... nowaitaminute... In terms of land and exploration you are lucky: we just got a "map expansion" with multiple unclaimed islands east of the already colonised world. You can of course settle anywhere, even start new settlement(s) of your own pretty much anywhere - but if exploring actually new territories is more to your liking, it was just made a bit easier for you.
  3. Thanks! I agree, the HP line has some excellent minifigs and accessories for fantasy, medieval and/or pirate themed scenes. One general word of advice (or warning ): have some patience while getting into the game. BotBS is not very fast paced, so please don't get frustrated by things moving forward slowly. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Hi there, welcome to BotBS! An excellent introduction, your characters story is very detailed and well done. Looking forward to what you are up to, great to have you around! P.S.: Where is that lovely torso from?
  5. I like the last idea most, both from an in-universe and a pragmatic point of view. Have a look at the BotBS world map: Finding a sea route to the western ocean(s) without circumnavigating the whole world or the southern lands would be a big deal, so some "North-West Passage" could be some sort of holy grail among sailors.
  6. The WTC had set up a coffee plantation near Quinnsville a while ago, and at the same time an old property nearby had been bought. Originally a small farm from the days of Sir Smaughton, it had been run to seed at some point, mostly reclaimed by the jungle nearby. Luckily that meant it could be bought for cheap by the WTC! Now it had been rebuilt, with a large area to dry the coffee beans. The local Operator came by for an inspection: .Apparently the first harvest had already been dried and stored in barrels, with a second batch in the process of beeing dried right now. Care had to be given at all time, to keep the beans spread well, without damaging them: . The barrels with the dried coffee beans were transported back to Quinnsville, storing them for use in the near future: ======================================================================= Licensed as a medium factory by the WTC. @Ayrlego @Bregir @SilentWolf @Captain Dee : this is my second build for task #7 of the GoC challenge. Again, nothing fancy in terms of building techniques, with some minor SNOT work for the door. I mostly wanted to get that "almost overrun by jungle, but not quite"-look, which meant some additional base work around the 32x32 plate. Some shots of the full build: For those curious, here are two shots of the "drying apparatus" and its build: . And of course the buddy with the barrel cart is the one seen in my WTC Offices build - I assumed the WTC would hire him on the spot. As always, C&C are welcome and appreciated.
  7. Darnok

    Adventure Bound!

    Nice little scene indeed, and great to see the good Captain back in action! Is that a class 0 with firepower 3 there?
  8. A factory for drying coffee beans has been licensed as a medium property by the WTC:
  9. A factory for drying coffee beans is my second build for task #7:
  10. The Count in prison? Mordo might like that idea... Nice little build there. The prison cell is maybe a bit on the big side - but you want to have room for minifig posing and taking pictures, so I think it is okay. No brown tile for the result of the thrown bucket though? Good to see the Count back in action, looking forard to his next (mis)steps!
  11. Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole - The Brethren of the Off Topic Arr ye landlubbers, come in and have one of my Second Best! All chattin' is fine chattin' in 'ere. Don't ye pick a fight though, or Ol' Bubba has to throw ya out. Other than that everybody is welcome as long as ye keep payin' ya tab... Welcome to the off topic thread for everything even slightly related to "Brethren of the Brick Seas"! This should be a place to be for chatting about the game in general, grand plans of world domination, the latest idea you might have with this or that build or just random off topic stuff fitting nowhere else. While the Intro Thread is still the place to be for everything concerning rules debates, IC or OOC stuff of importance or all the other things it has proven useful for, this thread is meant to be an informal space for whatever you have on your mind at the time of posting. If you wonder whether something is worth posting here: feel free to just bring it up. The forum rules still apply, but other than that anything goes.
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    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Well I certainly would like to be proven wrong!
  13. Darnok

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    He is right though. I think it is unlikely that Lego will do "yet another school" so shortly after the HS one. I hope we get one sooner rather than later, I just doubt it.
  14. Simple and easy, I quite like it.
  15. Darnok

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Yeah, I'm curious about that books minifig since we heard about it some weeks ago. I quite like the "Old Harry" idea, since I also hope Lego never wastes a set on that one silly scene.
  16. Darnok

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I think you missed the point. It is not about exploring more details when watching a movie again, it is about a movie not making sense the first time you see it. This would be a different discussion for movies tackling deep topics - but the HP/FB movies are entertainment. Entertainment should be understood the first time you experience it, not something you need to repeat before it even makes sense to you. Again, I have no issue whatsoever with movies that have many layers of details, which require multiple watching to appreciate them all in depth. To me, the LotR movies do this brilliantly, but the HP ones certainly try their best too. CoG definitely fails as a movie when it can not provide a coherent experience because it tries to ram too much stuff at once down your throat. I have other problems with the FB movies, but this is really not the place for that discussion... And to get back on topic: I have no doubt we will get HP sets for many years to come, the movies provide enough material for it.
  17. Darnok

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Then it is a bad film. You can of course still like it - there is no point in discussing different tastes - but if I have to watch a movie multiple times because it has too much stuff in it to make sense with one viewing, it is objectively bad.
  18. I just want to chime in with some general praise for this whole thing! It is great to see how much activity and enthusiasm this has sparked already, and I feel like we are just scratching the surface for now. Many thanks to all who help making this possible, most of all to @Ayrlego for kicking it off and keeping it on track.
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    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    That's what you get for living in upside-down land.
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    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    The German page Promobricks has detailed set descriptions, part counts and prices. I assume these details will show up in English in no time. For the set names, parts and prices: If recent sets are the norm, you can convert the prices 1:1 to $ US.
  21. On order from Mr. Mordo, the WTC had begun to strengthen its position in many settlements all over the Brick Seas. After setting up an official representation in Quinnsville, something similar had no been done for Stormhaven. Earlier this year one of their famous WayMarts had been opened, and now it had company in the form of proper WTC Offices for Serentia and Lacryma. On a sunny afternoon, a WTC Marine was enjoying a bottle of rum, when he noticed a rowboat approaching their office building: He called out: "Hey Operator, seems like we got company. I think I've met that fella back in Mesabi Landing months ago..." And indeed, it was the one who called himself "Golden Jack" who got out of the boat: "Arr mate, make way, I have business to do with your boss. See, I have order from your fine Mr. Mordo, so let me get up there!" "Listen here lady. Mr. Mordo has given me order to try my luck over here. Said something like 'we have enough gold here by now, and for studs sake just get somewhere else!', you know, he really appreciates my hard work and fine instinct and all that. Great dude! So now here I am, and you better give me some of that explosive stuff. I'll blow my way to some gold faster than you can say 'no not inside the house!!!' ... true story!" And so for better or worse, Golden Jack has arrived on Serentia, to find the WTC yet another opportunity for mining soon. Gold at last? ========================================================================= Licensed as a medium commerce property in Stormhaven by the WTC. @Ayrlego @Bregir @Captain Dee @SilentWolf: This is my first entry for the "Mangrove Madness" task, as one of the two buildings in Stormhaven. I will leave the build up for a few days, so if you have any requests for change and/or additional pictures - let me know. One more picture of the whole build: There are also a couple of additional pictures, taken a day later. These provide some more views of the mangrove forest and additional "behind the scenes" detail. Two "in-scene" looks below the stilted house: . One shot behind the scenes: And two views on the water and mangroves without the house:  I am quite happy with how this one turned out. The snotted walls work as intended, and I tried something new for the window which I am very pleased with. Most of the mangrove forest is hidden below the house though... As always, C&C are welcome and appreciated!
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    Account Summary

    Thanks for the quick response. A better tracking of troops was sorely needed, so this is excellent news. I also noted that - for the first time ever it seems - troop upkeep is done in the main spreadsheet? Good to see that implemented as well!
  23. Darnok

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    The HP movies have enough to offer to support a Lego line for decades to come. Just look at what they just made in terms of sets for PoA and GoF alone (and what they did not - so much left out!). A similar treatment for the three later movies, plus all the stuff they have yet to do in the "current style" for the first four... that's not done before 2024. Thinking conservative here. Then there is always the option of remakes or D2C "luxury sets" on top of all that. In short: Lego HP has enough to work with for years and years. The actually important question is whether it sells for years and years...
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    Account Summary

    The new Account Summary is up, thanks a lot for that! However... my troops are down from 140 to 120, and I don't remember disbanding or losing any.