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    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Not at all actually. Given the circumstances he acted relaxed and professional. Unless you know the guy and his video already I would refrain from any comments. Most people in here act on third-hand knowledge and jump to (incorrect) conclusions.
  2. Drunknok

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    I know the channel, and am quite confused. How this could go wrong - and wrong it is without doubt - is eyond me. Following this with great interest!
  3. Drunknok

    [MOC] Serenity (Firefly)

    That is quite a bit off: BUT I think the difference is not that big, and I still consider it minifig scale. After all, it is terribly difficult to get the scale on point with Lego, and this is an excellent compromise. The finished model looks gorgeous! I also really love the additional scenes. Can we get some more shots of the shuttle(s?) and Earlys ship? Thanks in advance!
  4. Drunknok

    Knight's Quest [Ch II Cat B]

    Loving it! Great build, but the real star is the presentation - pictures and writing are perfect! Might steal that idea...
  5. Drunknok

    [MOC] Serenity (Firefly)

    Amazing! One of my alltime favourite shows, and a great ship design. The MOC is extremely well done (not quite minifig scale though, is it?). I would love more pictures, especially if there is an interior! The minifig crew also deserves some close-ups.
  6. INDEX Prelude Chapter I - Navigation and Discovery =============== SUMMARY Status: Chapter I - Navigation and Discovery Participating members Drunknok Spud the Viking Participating vessels HMS Hermes RSND Dolphin RSND Eagle Point of start: Jameston Characters Wilbur Epper II., Chairman of the RSND Ralph Clutchington, VP of Operations of the RSND Sterling Blackwood, VP of Security of the RSND Captain William Gearhart, on the HMS Hermes Spud, accompanied by Highlanders Troops x1 Company Royal Marines (30 men) Treasury: 250DB Dramatis personae
  7. The latest Merrynight Mini-Challenge is over, now it is time to vote! We have three entries. In order of posting: "Merrynight Celebration in Jameston" by @Ayrlego "The Guemain Hunt" by @Ross Fisher "Merrynight in the homeland" by @Keymonus For judging these builds, remember the challenges set-up and criteria: Voting will be public, with the poll being open until the 27th of January 2019 - if it is the 27th anywhere on the world, you will still be able to vote. Please note that voting for yourself will disqualify your entry.
  8. We have some first results already. There is still more than a week left though, so keep voting! P.S.: I will not be around between the 22nd and early/mid February, so the conclusion of this might take a bit longer.
  9. Due to recent events the settlement of Mesabi Landing is in a peculiar situation. This thread is meant to cover the OOC organisation of the builds associated with this, as well as all questions and discussions that come with it. So what is this all about? This IC setup has been provided, with the following OOC guidelines on how to proceed: [Source] Of course anybody is invited to help with this. @Mesabi has to do the majority of work, but since the requirements are minimums, there is a lot of room for everybody to contribute. Later on, there will be a seperate thread for the final builds and their stories - so there is one place for a continued story to be told. So in this thread: any questions about the technicalities can be brought up and answered possible contributions from other players can be discussed WIP builds can be shown and feedback be given approval on builds can be declared I say: bring it on!
  10. That boat still looks dirty... Other than that - and this is for both of your current builds - you only need to add to the story. It is pretty bare bones right now.
  11. Since the topic of presentation came up, and I know @Mesabi doing his photos with a smartphone: Yes, tabletop miniatures are not Lego models - but the same guidelines apply to both. And some of the advice is true for taking pictures with a "proper" camera as well. P.S.: If any of you are into tabletop gaming: I can wholeheartedly recommend that channel!
  12. Drunknok

    [OL-FB] Floating Battery

    That was my first thought as well! I think @Bregir did something like that, but not as a "fort".
  13. Same here. Every comment brings in new ideas, an inspiring process overall. And @Elostirions comments are just golden.
  14. Nice start, and I like the story idea behind it! Something to build on in the future, quite literally. As for suggestions of mine: you could redo the water with a layer of plates below the tiles (similar to what Ninjago City does with its water), indicating different depths and floating debris by different colours you could replace the intact wall of the building on the left with a broken one, with the rift giving a look into the inside of the flooded house maybe add some objects swimming around half emerged, like parts of a chair or something similar for the "roof scene" I would have a WTC Marine "fishing", with a pile of stuff he already got out of the water (like a hat, another bucket ... everyday objects) clean that boat!
  15. Drunknok

    Settlement: The Sereen Cay

    Well, they are rarely exposed to any.
  16. Great scene! Kudos to @Kai NRG for the idea, and well done on the execution. Also a very fitting IC response to the recent changes. Well done!
  17. It is still an active part of the "Mesabi Landing lore" - I have some ideas for the rebuild story featuring "your" crabs with hats.
  18. I think you are doing a great job, so please keep going.
  19. Well, we have some actual debate again.
  20. I am not saying that "most money wins", I am saying that there is no ingame measurement of "success" other than the bank account. And this type of "success" again means nothing, since the ingame money has absolutely no meaning after a certain amount has been earned. You can happily build away without the EGS (hell, without BotBS). Well, some are more scrambling than others, obviously. I just hope it works out in the long run - I think the changes made to forts are good. Some settlements will need more work to adjust than others, but in the end it should not be that big of an issue. You are mistaking town bank income with settlement income. The first one is going away, and Charlatan Bay has no income from land properties right now. None at all. There are smaller ones, but for that size it is without doubt impressive.
  21. I just did the same, and congrats on the first place. We are only 1DB behind though (even if you can continue licensing for now, and we can not ).
  22. Why though? Licensing properties for a settlement is not exactly rocket science. Planning ahead and covering expenses by proper means of income is part of the mayors "job". You completely ignore that you have nothing to pay when you do not get raided. Why complicate things? Settlements can earn income from properties, players just have to license things accordingly and plan for necessary expenses. Taking even more away from the already abysmal low land income is a step in the wrong direction. Well, problems are addressed, which is something positive. And every change will bring new poblems, that is just the way compley systems are. The biggest problem - and one which seems to be on nobodies screen - is that BotBS has only a very minimal midgame and no endgame at all. After a certain point all you can achieve is a higher bank account, with nothing meaningful to spend it on. Nah, Mesabi Landing also has had a solid income for a while (which will see significant expansion once we can license again in May). I think what some people are upset about are expenses they never had to plan for, i.e. the previously free "faction forts". The large and royal ones cost serious money now, an unforeseen change that came over night.
  23. 16 points of residences are required for a "Large City" - that is eight builds of medium size. I know you are exaggerating, but even assuming small residences, you only ever would need 50 way beyond "Grand City" (you would need 64 points - not individual properties - for "Capital City" only). Really a non-issue for any settlement so far. Also - and I am strictly playing devils advocate here - what would be the big issue with 50 different houses? Assume that each house has surroundings, walls, decorative elements and a roof. You can hardly get more basic than that. Further assume three colour options for each category, not much by any stretch of the imagination either. You end up with 3*3*3*3=81 different combinations. All of that is before taking into account different types of architecture and whatnot.
  24. I think this is a fantastic initiative, thank you for putting the effort into setting this up! One question regarding the titles: they seem to be character centered, but does that mean I have to include my main character in every build? Am I supposed to send my character on some kind of "world tour" if I want to do a variety of these tasks?