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  1. This years Weelond Oktoberfest had finally inspired the folks of Mesabi Landing to do an Oktoberfest of their own. Scholars near and far still debate why the WTC needed so long to celebrate food, booze and debauchery! The whole thing was a roaring success, and to celebrate the origin of the idea, a statue was built near the city center of Mesabi Landing: A plaque on it read: "In honour of a fine tradition from Weelond, this statue is a monument to the glory of the Oktoberfest!" Two WTC Marines raised their bottles to this: ============================================================================== This is the "twin" of the statue in Weelond. As shown over there already, this is the second one of two almost identical builds: This will get licensed as a small art & culture property for Mesabi Landing at a later point. As always, C&C are appreciated.
  2. War is raging all over the island of Terraversa, with Oleon forces ravaging and plundering in most of the settlements. Some places were apparently overrun by the invading forces, others were standing strong - for the time being? Kings Port was somewhere inbetween: having faced one of the hardest blow during the first wave of attacks, it had not been a decisive victory for Oleon either. The streets around the harbour had become rivers of blood, every house in the city center a battlefield of its own. And still... Not all of Kings Port was aflame yet. In some of the outer quarters civil life was still going on somewhat normal. People walking through the streets, living the illusion of a war that might never see them. And still... Leaflets encouraging Terraversans had shown up in many places all over Kings Port - looking suspiciously professional. Where Oleon soldiers found them they were quickly taken down, but in places like these they could hand for a while, with curious crowds gathering: FREE AND LOYAL CITIZENS OF TERRAVERSA! Fear not the difficult times ahead of us! Know that Oleon has attacked our homes and lifes without provocation, and we will not let them have it their way. Know that your efforts of the last years were not in vain, and we will fight and defend them together. Know that no tyrant has ever overcome free and united minifigs, and we will throw those Oleon devils back into the waters from where they came! Rise and fight! For freedom, home and Terraversa! And to you Oleanders: you better leave as long as you can. Return to your home and loved ones now, or be sent back dissassembled and scratched! The words made an impression on anybody reading them. Any open discussion about such matters was dangerous these days though, so the locals got together in the relative safety of their homes. While the last years had not been easy, it was true that Terraversans had built up something independent from the old days under Mardier. It might not be a luxuries palace for everyone, but Terraversans were proud of their clean and respectable homes nonetheless! Inside, the discussion was fierce: "What do we have to lose? I'd rather fight and have a chance to live on the life I know, than give up and cover under the rule of yet another greedy monarch far away!" "What do we have to lose? I ask: what do we have to gain? Why not just sit this out, keep our heads low, and live with whoever comes out on top?" "I understand your fears my friend, and still: these tough times challenge us either way. I can not see where this will end, only where it started. And it was not us invading anybody, but these bluecoated bastards." After some back and forth, the woman raised her voice, angry at first, more and more confident over time: "Listen here me fellow minifigs. You know me, I have fought for this island and its people in the past, and I am willing to give it all again! My scars prove my words, you know me. I have not fought for our freedom in the past and seethe lifes we have built just so some greedy crown-wearer in blue can trample all over it. Nu-oh, I will stand and do what I can to resist! See, our nations proud troops might not be able to defeat those invading forces for the time being - maybe we have to accept defeats and losses here and there. Maybe we have to live with some of these Oleon leeches for some time. I am no seer, nor a grand strategist or general - I was and still am a soldier in the field. And I tell you: we know this field much better than they do. Those bluecoat soldiers are but paid minifigs far away from home - but we fight on our land for our freedom! Let it be known far and wide: every Terraversan minifig can do its part to resist, no matter whether it is big and small. I say we start an underground resistance of the common minifig right here and now! Fight Oleon in any situation, by all means possible. Make their presence here so miserable, their losses so unbearable, they will soon enough wish to never have set a foot on our soil! Do we still have those brown coats we used in ambushes when fighting Mardier? Get them dusted off I say. Get what weapon you can, be ready to strike when the opportunity arises. Browncoats unite!" With those cheers a new form of resistance had been born - out of desperation maybe, but hope as well. Only time would tell where and how this resistance could tip the balance. "BROWNCOATS UNITE!" P.S.: Some shots of the whole build without minifigs under the spoiler!
  3. Darnok

    [BTV1-TER] The price of war

    I can only echo others, the simplicity* of the build gives focus to the emotionality of the scene - which is well shown in the minifig choice, positioning and posing. Overall great job, I really like this one a lot! * ... as in "how simple the result looks at first glance", as the build itself is without a doubt quite a bit complicated - loving that style of custom bases by the way!
  4. 12 minutes left in my time zone, but here I am:
  5. Darnok

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Prospecting

    Nice and clean little scene, I like it. Th rock build is pretty impressive, I guess it took quite some time and experimentation to get it right. Well worth the effort!
  6. Solid build, the minifig choice and placement is perfect, as is the choice of expressions. Well done! Quite a grim story. Appropriate of course, even though I couldn't help but wait for the usual dose of Mesabi humor...
  7. Time and again I'm amazed how simple colour changes can have great effects - like here with the cleaning going on. Well done, lovely little scene!
  8. That background... Oleon has an air force now? Nice little build though!
  9. Ha, loving it! Great story, and a lovely little build. The plankway is done well, and the house scene develops neatly with the outside-inside switch of looks. Young Jaime seems to be having a good time!
  10. Name: Mesabi Landing Ownership: Wayfarer Trading Company , via the Crown of Corrington Location: Argentia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Count Mesabi . Trade Value: see accounts spreedsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreedsheet Who can own property in Mesabi Landing: Anyone Who can freebuild in Mesabi Landing: Anyone Description: Pax Corlandia was a dangerous incident for all sides involved. With the Corrish occupation of Nova Malto, battle lines were drawn, and names were made. One of these names was Captain Mesabi, who was annointed Count for his bravery (or lunacy?) during the incident. After the whole Nova Malto incident, the Corrington Colonial Council decided to do something to about the troublesome - now Count - Mesabi. The solution was simple: send him to a faraway island. Isle 14, AKA Keep-Yer-Boots-On, AKA Argentia, was decidedly the right place. Littered with waste from passing ships, cacti, crabs with hats, and mysterious plants, Argentia is perhaps the most depressing of the Islands of the Prio Sea - and a perfect place to keep Mesabi from causing more trouble. Undeterred, Count Mesabi established a settlement on the barren island, naming it after himself. Newly ennobled, he seeks to make the settlement the greatest in the Prio seas, at all costs. The settlement has grown quickly, becoming a haven for exiles, outlaws, and traders from all known (and sometimes unknown) nations. The WTC unofficially controls the town, despite the protests of the Crown. However, the settlement remains a rough place, and at the same time an eldorado for those looking for adventures, glory - and profits. Original Information: Builds in Mesabi Landing Please help us out by posting a link to your Mesabi Landing builds in this thread. Each builder is listed after the type of licence. Properties: 254/300 Size for EGS purposes - Level 32 'Grand City' Required for Level 64 'Capital City': x32 artisan, x26 commerce, x27 factory and x5 education. Four royal properties are needed as well. NPC Residences: 89 Residences: 10 Mesabi Residence, medium residence, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Home of Miss Agnes Winterbottom, small residence, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) A Merrynight Story, small residence, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Ralph Clutchingtons residence, medium residence, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Timber frame house, medium residence, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Somewhere to live, medium residence, Lord Buckethead (+2 settlement size) Factories: 37 Mesabi Landing Foundry, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Foundry No. 2, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Metal Foundry, medium factory, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Bricks for Mesabi Landing!, medium factory, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Inky Brewsters, large factory, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Barrels!, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) WTC Shipyards, large factory, Darnok (+3 settlement size) Hydrological Harvesting, large factory, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Royal Shipyard of Mesabi Landing & Executive Offices, royal factory, Mesabi (+10 settlement size) Miscellaneous Goods, medium factory, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Books for the people, large factory, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Railside Moonshine, small factory, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Shot Tower, medium factory, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Artisans: 32 "Fallingwater" pub, small artisan, Maxim I (+1 settlement size) "Twin Palms" inn, medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Office of the "WTC Monthly", small artisan, Darnok (+1 settlement size) "Blue Dragon" tavern, medium artisan, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Peterson's Discount Boat and Scavenge, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Coal transportation in Mesabi Landing, medium artisan, Lord Buckethead (+2 settlement size) Chef Curtis' bakery, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Rotating Meat, small artisan, Legostone (+1 settlement size) Something Fishy, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Tuber Tavern, medium artisan, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Aqueduct and laundry store, large artisan, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) The Yellerbelly Inn, large artisan, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Tuber's Shop'n'Farm, large artisan, Darnok (+3 settlement size) Pub "Chapter 6", large artisan, Mesabi & Darnok (+3 settlement size) Green Line, Market Street Station, large artisan, Darnok (+3 settlement size) Commerce: 38 Mesabi Landing Stockpile, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Yet another warhouse, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Mesabi Landing - The Harbour, large commerce, Darnok (+3 settlement size) Office of Agnes Mesabi, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) WTC Sales Division, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Arriving in Mesabi Landing, small commerce, Lord Buckethead (+1 settlement size) Market place in Mesabi Landing, medium commerce, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Small WTC warehouse, small commerce, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Waymart Flagship Store, large commerce, Darnok (+3 settlement size) Royal Dock, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Small pier, small commerce, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Outdoor Sausage Smoker, small commerce, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) "One boat, two boats, three boats...", large commerce, Darnok (+3 settlement size) Harbour Administration, medium commerce, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Small dock, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Mesabi Landing Oktoberfest, medium commerce, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Mesabi Landing Loading and Freight, large commerce, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) WTC Offices, large commerce, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Merrymas Market 618, large commerce, Darnok (+3 settlement size) "The WTC needs YOU!", small commerce, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 13 Mesabi Monument, small art and culture, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Crashing a wedding, medium art and culture, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Egg-tion in Mesabi Landing!, small art and culture, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Celebrating Easter, medium art and cuture, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Flying Fish Fountain, small art and culture, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Mesabi Landing's Got Talent, small art and culture, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Agnes Mesabis private chapel, small art and culture, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) The Paradise Isles Cup, large art and culture, Darnok (+3 settlement size) "Praise be for food and beer!", small art and culture, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Education: 10 Library of Learning, large education, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Karst Geographers, medium education, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Laboratory of Doctor Edmund Vesper, medium education, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Mesabi Landing Gamma School, large education, Darnok & Lord Buckethead (+3 settlement size) Plantations: 12 Poppy plantation, small plantation, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Agave plantation, small plantation, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Stevia plantation, small plantation, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Potatoes for the people, medium plantation, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Brickford Plantation, small plantation, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Millet plantation, large plantation, Darnok (+3 settlement size) Agave plantation, medium plantation, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Jubaea plantation, small plantation, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Mines: 4 Staking a claim on Argentia, prospecting build (coal), Darnok Mesabi Landing Daycare and Coal Mine, mine, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) More prospecting on Argentia, prospecting build (quarry rock), Darnok Mesabi Landing Rock Quarry, mine, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Lord Buckethead Mining Co., prospecting build (coal), Lord Buckethead Tactical prospecting, prospecting build (salt), Mesabi Gold at last?, prospecting build (iron), Darnok Forts: 7 Fort Agravia, medium fortress, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Fort Mesabi, medium fortress, Darnok (+2 settlement size) West Shield, large fortress, Darnok (+3 settlement size) North Quarter: 3 Green Street: #1 | #2 | #3 | . each an unlicensed small residence, Darnok (+3 settlement size) Troops: - Vessels stationed here: - Other related builds: Pax Crablandia, Kai NRG Landing on Argentia, Mesabi A letter to Colonel Allcock, Darnok Restoring Order (Part I), Ayrlego Restoring Order (Part II), Ayrlego Planning North Quarter, Darnok WTC Advent Calendar 2018, Darnok Era III?, Darnok "Disaster at Mesabi Landing" storyline: Setup The Devastation of Oldtown, Darnok For Whom The Bell Tolls, Roadmonkeytj The Flooded District, Mesabi Walking the ruins, Mesabi Cobbling together a street, Mesabi The WTC needs YOU!, Darnok Conclusion Find a discussion of the rebuilding organisation here.
  11. Great build! You've been pumping out some amazing stuff these days - rememer you can not license more than three builds a month.
  12. Loving it! Is the tea can filled with explosives?
  13. What is with the weird, crazy or downright silly? Asking for the friend of a friend...
  14. José's Inn - Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole The Brethren of the Off Topic Arr ye landlubbers, come in and have one of my Second Best! All chattin' is fine chattin' in 'ere. Don't ye pick a fight though, or Ol' Bubba has to throw ya out. Other than that everybody is welcome as long as ye keep payin' ya tab... Welcome to the off topic thread for everything even slightly related to "Brethren of the Brick Seas"! This should be a place to be for chatting about the game in general, grand plans of world domination, the latest idea you might have with this or that build or just random off topic stuff fitting nowhere else. While the Intro Thread is still the place to be for everything concerning rules debates, IC or OOC stuff of importance or all the other things it has proven useful for, this thread is meant to be an informal space for whatever you have on your mind at the time of posting. If you wonder whether something is worth posting here: feel free to just bring it up. The forum rules still apply, but other than that anything goes.
  15. Darnok

    Troop rules and land combat

    Good stuff, all looks nice to me after a first read. First question: nothing will change concerning attacks over water, right?
  16. Darnok

    [OKT] Punto Sur Street Theatre

    "Many visit Punto Sur every year." ... the settlement is not even three months old. You might want to change the background a bit.
  17. So the slaughter of the innocent ditizens of Terraversa by the cruel Oleon invaders continues? Now they even torture the locals by forcing the inedible "Oleander Baguette" down those poor souls throats? The horror! Nice build though.
  18. ... which will be slaughtered, deep-fried and made into tasty snacks by your local WayMart - selling "HorSnack, delicious fried horse on a stick" soon!
  19. Okay, seems like I messed up something. Thanks both of your for checking.
  20. Sorry to bother @Capt Wolf with this: I was under the impression that I had sent the Nipper to Mesabi Landing, but she doesn't show up. Could you please check her location and let me know?
  21. Over a year had passed since the crew of the Cranky Parrot had set foot on Calinstock, to found a new settlement now known as "Port Mordo". Since then, the WTC had shipped more men and supplies there, careful in not making the settlements existence known to any outsider. The goal for the time being was to have their newest asset in the far east be self-sufficient and kind of flying under the radar - that is, if anybody knew what a "radar" was. One of the most important tasks had been to ensure food production. A priority was given to grow potatoes: a reliable and humble crop, usable in many ways. So after clearing an area of jungle near the settlement, a medium sized field was set up and a small hut for the storage of tools was built nearby: =================================================================== Finally! Getting back to building something, and at long last doing one of the microbuilds for one of my MRCA properties. This is supposed to be a medium sized plantation, at about 1:8 scale - meaning the 8x8 footprint above represents the 64x64 studs for a medium plantation. The hut would have a 8x8 footprint (so a small building indeed) and the field itself would be 32x32 in size. Just think how massive those jungle trees would be in normal scale! Looking forward to getting the other two microbuilds done soon, those always have some challenges of their own. As always, C&C are welcome!
  22. Name: Port Mordo Ownership: Wayfarer Trading Company Location: northwestern coast of Calinstock, East New Haven Sea Mayor: Kadeus Mordo (@Darnok) Who can own property: per request (PM @Darnok) Who can freebuild: Anyone Location: Builds in Port Mordo Please help us out by posting a link to your builds in this thread. Each builder is listed after the type of licence. Properties: 4/10 Size for EGS purposes - Level 1 'Hamlet' Required for Level 2 'Town': 7 properties of any type. NPC Residences: 0 Residences: 1 Settling down?, small residence, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Factories: - Artisans: - Commerce: - Art and Culture: 1 A shrine in the jungle, small art and culture, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Education: - Plantations: 2 Potato plantation, medium plantation, Darnok (+2 settlement size) Mines: - Forts: - Other related builds: -
  23. Some time ago already a medium potato plantation has been set up:
  24. Darnok

    [SR - FB] Jim's Tree Shack

    Aye, very well done indeed. Loving the combination of colours, and that tree build is excellent too. Good stuff! Is that a Millenium Falcon holo table for target practice?
  25. Wow, what a sight! Your collection of minifigs is very impressive. I think the variety of hair/hats, faces and bodies gives this a really ragtag look - just perfect for mercanaries. Well done! P.S.: Will we see more of that build in the background soon?