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  1. Best Dump Truck?

    What about the 42043?
  2. Lego technic yellow train bridge from 1993 ad

    Wow nice work! But it looks like you need to bring the bottom beams down in the center and spread them farther apart by a couple studs. This is also a connection point here. But your rendition looks great we are getting closer!
  3. Changing the polarity of PowerFunction train motors

    I have 2 60052 locomotives and wanted to run them in a back to back lash-up via a single controller. I did this by removing the seat and dashboard in the trailing locomotive's cab and putting the polarity switch in the cab. I also had to remove the gray 2x2 slope for the polarity switch wire to come through to the cab area. It works great and the locomotive is not altered from the exterior perspective.
  4. This is the best Lego model/moc I've seen yet! Great job
  5. Your Best Technic Bargains

    Toysrus is selling the 42053 Volvo pneumatic excavator for $79.99 shipped on eBay. I bought a couple.
  6. Does anyone know if instructions exist to make this yellow technic bridge seen in the lego ad from the early 1990's? It looks so cool I'd like to build one.
  7. A brand new 4563 legend set for $99 would be awesome!
  8. DB 200 116

    Wow great work! It is spot on to the prototype.
  9. 4563 set with brick clutch issues

    Yeah I bet that is what happened. The set came from the state of Georgia in United States which has a fairly hot temperature throughout the year. It was probably in an attic or something.
  10. 4563 set with brick clutch issues

    Ok thanks for the reply. Yes, I paid about $160 for everything so I think I'm gonna keep it just for the items other than the bricks themselves. I haven't seen an unused 4563 sticker sheet in a while.
  11. 4563 set with brick clutch issues

    Hey guys I just bought a used 4563 Load and Haul railroad off eBay and the set looked to be in excellent condition in the ad. When I got the set delivered I discovered pretty much every brick in the set especially the train bumpers/couplers and wheel set's stud clutch seemed extremely week and come apart if you look at them wrong. Is this common among older used 9v train sets? They are all original bricks in good condition so I'm torn whether to return or not. I did get an original unused sticker sheet, track, box, motor with all paperwork, and transformer too.
  12. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    Yes I agree. I also look longingly at the store shelves for a new Lego set that interests me. What happened to the awesome separate sale train cars like the 4536 and 4537? Classic 9V trains are one of my favorite themes along with classic lego town. I'll probably continue searching for mint sets from the 90's on ebay/bricklink instead of buying the new stuff.
  13. The Metroliner rebuild

    Ok great thank you!
  14. The Metroliner rebuild

    Do the correct base plates for the 10001 have 6 holes? I want to build 2 more middle cars to spec. Thanks