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  1. _bIG_fM_

    Winter Village: Dorp

    This is the one of the nicest builds i have ever seen! The details, the carpet, the pipe, everything is perfect!
  2. _bIG_fM_

    MOC Lighthouse Island

    Wonderful! A Really nice model! Great Details (like the bench)!!
  3. _bIG_fM_

    [MOC] "Elvis" Erickson Air-Crane

    ... What the Hell ?! 4m? I can't believe it. Incredible. It is hold by a steel frame? or by itself?
  4. _bIG_fM_

    City refrigerated truck

    Sweet! Looks a little chubby, i like it!
  5. _bIG_fM_

    City Ambulance (Type-2)

    Beatiful! I like it!
  6. Yes. I have taken the photos simultaneously.
  7. db.lif location is C:\Users\Felipe\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer\
  8. _bIG_fM_

    MOC: 7 wide Pick Up Truck

    Nice! Is your model inspired by a particular real Pickup?
  9. I cant' help me, either I get "Possible Parse Error: Cannot find file 'ldd_colors_declarations.bin', even after trying to append file type extension." or this: "pvengine(-sse2).exe-Access denied Device is write-protected and can be written. Remove write-protection from LDD to POV-Ray Includes in Device\00000079." This Error appears in many forms, sometimes pvengine-sse2.exe, sometimes pvengine.exe. Error disappears when I'm not using the direct .ini files of the generator, if i use the files stored on my pc directly with POV-Ray, i get the first error. It seems that my Library_Path=\\.\LDDIncludes is wrong, here's a picture of my povray.ini. Is it ok?
  10. Citius, altius, fortius.

  11. I have a problem. For a time LDD2PovRay and PovRay worked very fine, but now they are making problems. PovRay is complaining about a write-protected volume "LDD to POV-Ray Includes in \Device\00000007f". I should remove the protection, but i have no idea how. I had some problems to add Library_Path="\\.\LDDIncludes" in my .ini file, if that's relevant... I restored my pc, but the problem remains.
  12. _bIG_fM_

    Review: 4202 Mining Truck

    Good Review Nielsv! But am I the only one who is disturbed by the colorful back? Looks almost like a rainbow...
  13. Fantastic Model. It looks just like the real thing! With a truck manufactured by a German company, modified by another German company? :D
  14. _bIG_fM_

    MOC/MOD: Fifteen New Vehicles!

    These are fine ones! I especially like the more normal cars, like the truck and the police cars, but the others are also good!
  15. _bIG_fM_

    MOC (Friends): Heartlake County Highway Patrol

    Your wheelbase is turning again into a great modell! You always have some interesting new ideas!