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  1. 8 days 35 hours. Added a lot of extra flat tiles parts pipes/hoses etc to the outside to improve the look and limit the well balanced stud to flat look. Added blue LED string to the engines. Looks absolutely incredible all done up and on display. I'll likely wait a while and see what other mods people come up with and play around some more if need be. I started out doing this for the kids since they have been into star wars lego now I'm totally into it after making this bad boy! On a side note, given the complexity of all these pieces dusting would be a nightmare. I also don't want to knock a piece off when cleaning because I'll never figure out where it came from, so the sides of the coffee table are sealed with plastic wrap to keep the dust out. It's works like magic. Easy to apply and not a single wrinkle. You can't even tell anything is there.
  2. Here's what I did at the front.
  3. I took a short sign post that attaches with one stud at the bottom and put it in the middle section of the blue tubes to push against to give the engines a good curve I'm on bag 16 and just noticed that piece you and between the mandibles isn't int he manual. Greta looking piece I need to add that! Can you list out the parts you used to make that? Looks perfect!
  4. 6 days on bag 12 now. Plugging away fun to build for sure can;yt figure out where to moc yet but I see an empty space in the interior bottom right side of the ship. No idea why theres no interior design there. Anyone else come up with something for that space? seems like a total waste not to build a room into that area.
  5. Started bag 5 this morning. Kids off school so here we go! Noticed bag 3 with the 7th landing gear in it has an error either in the manual or lego bricks provided. Manual shows on the bottom edge of the landing gear 4 2x1 smooth tiles with a little hollow stud for a slanted 1x1 in dark grey. Provided are 4 light greys instead which don;t match the rest of the 6 landing gears from bag 2. Youd think the manual was right and it should match the other landing gear so tells me production made an error. Curious what colour others got in their sets?
  6. When I was in line the lego manager came to talk to us before they opened and told us the same thing about the no returns and again at the till. I found that odd. I said no worries here no one will be returning this set lol but still odd to have that type of policy. Must be a nightmare for them to get a open set since they likely have to scrap it as it can't resell being so big it would be impossible to verify all the pieces are there for a resale.
  7. started a new thread for mods/mocs
  8. I slowly started pulling it off then decided to leave it and open it from the bottom where the wheels are.
  9. It seems a number have been shipped to warehouses for the Spet 14th launch. The stores sold out what they had then warehouses locally shipped the rest of what they had the followingweek which was likely reserved for the Oct 1st launch but given the circumstances....
  10. Better damaged then nothing.
  11. 1 of the 2 Lego stores in my area had 5 more in the warehouse for delivery today to the store. Lined up for hours and got the 1st one of the 5! Kids are ecstatic after making sure I woke up at an ungodly hour in the morning to go line up for them. Can't wait to see their faces when they get home from school. The things we do for our kids. A manager at one location said don't expect to get anymore till next year some time.
  12. Just talked to the lego store in my area. They are saying they have been told they will not be getting anymore likely this year and that they aren't getting any for October 1st because so many are on back order. This is directly from the manager. I called customer service the person I talked to there said they will be sending out far more this time for the Oct 1st lauch so they dont have the same issues at stores for the official launch. What the hell are you suppose to do? These idiots dont even know what they are doing!
  13. I hear you Carl. To have an item in your cart it should be now reserved until check out for 5 or 10 min so no one else can keep ordering items and sell it out before you finishing checking out. . Walmart is the absolute worst online shopping experience possible. With lego sinking below them really is telling. You should call back and demand 300 points. I even got that on my wife's vip account so I got a total of 600. It's the least they could do right.
  14. Jerk offs like this make me so angry. Kids toy for the kids but he wants to make $3000! https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/bnc/tag/d/lego-millennium-falcon/6306131166.html Hey Carl, I spoke to a customer service rep for 45 minutes yesterday morning. I had it in my bag but it kept giving me an error on check out. FYI they can't do anything for you other then credit you with 300 vip points.
  15. Just checked my local craigslist someone got one at the store I went to and they are reselling it for $2000. Hope they are on welfare bought it on their credit card and never are able to sell it paying 20% a day interest for the rest of their lives. A$$hole can choke on it.
  16. It's certainly not the fault of some teenager working in a lego store for minimum wage. Shocking to see people directing their anger at them like they have something to do with how many sets are given to them. Corporate lego staff better learn from this nonsense and make sure it doesn't get repeated in 2 weeks on October 1st.
  17. 17 sets for washington dc! Yeah sure it's stupid to think more then 17 people might want it in a city the size of Washington! How could that be possible right? Send out 1700 sets and let them sit for a year if thats what it takes. Gross mismanagement on legos part every step of the way. No limit to 1 in Europe either doesn't help distribute your product globally in an appropriate manner.
  18. Sorry I should have clarified. This lego isn't for me it's for my 2 kids. My time is far more valuable then wasting it trying to buy lego for my kids. Lego is a big company. If they plan to sell this lego set for 2 years or whatever then make a lot of it at the front end to full fill iniital demand for the 1st year minimum then adjust your production accordingly. All it takes is some sense from a company thats been doing this for decades. Theres no excuse period. It's simple incompetence and disrespectful to customers wasting their time and effort. Not all about the adult collectors in life. Let's remember its a kids toy that adults play with. Rather see a disappointed adults face then kid.
  19. 7 am west coast, went online couldn't get past the item being in "My bag". Kept getting an error to call customer service and tell them the some code word "Generic" whatever the hell that means. Decided to go line up and 1 of the 2 lego stores in the Vancouver area. (2 stores for around 2 million people) Get ehere 2 hours early 30 people in front of me and a sign on the door 19 units available. 19 damn units for a area covering 2 million people. Leave there and cant get to the only other store before it open. Sold out as well. People lined up since 6:30am for 20 units. Great VIP service! 39 sets for 2 million people. Online doesn't work and going to a store doesn't work. What idiots are running lego? How about a few hundred are shipped to western Canada not 39! Call customer service told it was sold out in 10 secs and then the system crashed. How about you stock enough you don't run out online in 10 seconds in North America if you can;t supply your damn stores. No excuse for a business around this long and this big. Bush league!