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  1. Lovely! Congratulations!
  2. With sideshow/hottoys's every product is a preorder, that is why they have to stop production of one product to start another. They are a lot smaller than the lego company and their products aren't compatible with each other (no brick redistribution). Also interest in products keeps fluctuating and is heavily influenced by licensing. In the case of lego the UCS falcon can only be trumped by another UCS falcon (estimated release, 2027). If they followed the preorder model for just this one set, it would ease their distribution and you won't have AFOL's lining up outside the lego stores. That way everyone knows when they'd expect a copy down the line and you'd definitely get one. Also the way lego caters to kids is different from adults. Adults usually walk into a store knowing what they're buying. It is unlikely that an adult would walk in wanting to by the falcon and then settle for a lego modular building because latter is cooler (sarcasm). Kids on the other hand will attempt to buy both until they have to settle for one or something else entirely depending on who has the credit card. So the only people preordering will be adults with the responsibility to honor payment. You won't have adults fighting kids for sets at the store. Would hate to be a parent to a child waiting in line for a set only to realize some scalper bought the last 3. Its one thing for this to happen online, completely different when you're in the line with them And I think they will release more OT style stormtroopers around the time of the han solo movie. So hang in there!
  3. Nice to meet a fellow figma collector! I meant having preordering in the case of just this one set with set delivery windows and no fixed shelf life. That way it becomes made to order in perpetuity so people can take their time and there's no scalper interference. The preordering in this case would be more like sideshowcollectors than goodsmile, and since its just for this one set, the development time can be segregated from other sets. It also saves all the running around and site crashing. They could also have the sets in the stores, but having preordering and payment clan eases the traffic for this one set and spreads interest over a long period of time. Of course if someone misses out on a preorder despite knowing it's deadline, that's unfortunate, but they can get in on the next production cycle. With the current approach, lego will be producing this set like mad given the VIP rush and eventually end up with a surplus past Christmas as the sales trickle down in the off season. I hope instead that they keep the production going and release the set in batches, in some way its kinda working like preorders, since they now have an estimate of how many people want the set so I can see multiple production cycles with everyone eventually getting this set.
  4. I also buy anime collectibles (good smile company) that work with preorders. They are expensive (50 - 100$ a figure) The way they do it is take preorders on their site during a specific time frame and then the production cycle starts depending on the number of pre orders with an estimated release date (usually several months away. Sometimes they may close preorders early, though popular figures are re-released later in the years. This streamlines the buying and selling process while maintaining the hype. Even sideshow collectibles does preorders where they do sometimes charge a deposit upfront. In both cases the product is never released to the buyer until the whole payment is made in full during the production cycle or at the end. All payments go through the credit card provider first, so lego will only have to receive payment. And these are bricks, save for a few parts, the rest of the lot is recyclable across other sets (most of the time) incase of any order cancellations. Still on a set this popular and exclusive lego is unlikely to lose any orders, the surplus if any will be bought at some point.
  5. This is one set that would definitely benefit from a pre-order system/payment plan. That way they could stretch the release for a long time, they could take their time producing it without affected smaller sets and everyone would have a chance to buy it. It would also crush the scalper/secondary market for this set which isn't a bad thing.
  6. Personally I would still wait on this set, in 2010 we didn't have good bootlegs either. Their popularity sadly has also soared in the secondary market. But getting double/triple VIP points for an 800$ set is a no brainer. Again it depends on you buying capacity and how much you need the set, if you need it right away. I can see this being around for atleast 5 years, definitely through the release of all upcoming starwars films featuring the falcon. So no rush for me.
  7. 10179 was discounted to 50% at costco USA/Canada. And the lego store had it on discount too in 2010. At that point not many felt that set was worth its reg price. It took 10 years for scalpers to gouge it to the price it commanded before the release of 75192. Maybe this will stay reg price for more than a year, but I can see it being severely undercut by bootlegs more than any price gouging by scalpers, given its price point.
  8. That's true, silly though for such a pricey set. Think about it in about a year you could get two of these for the price of 1. Then sell the second for the original price of 1 and buy another 2. XD I swear there were people doing this with the 10179. Imagine them doing a 41999 on this set and releasing an exclusive exclusive!
  9. Don't understand the mad rush. Really no point getting it now unless planning as an early christmas gift. No double/triple VIP points and the set will drop in price just like the last one in about a year. I remember 10179 being 50% off at one point at Costco. Disgusting to see scalpers getting in on this set this early and gouging the price. Who would be moronic enough to buy it now for $1500? I have a feeling many scalpers list multiple and probably buy the listing themselves to make it seem like there are buyers.