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  1. I wouldn't get too hung up on the black card, I'm pretty confident this is almost entirely a marketing gimmick to tempt people to buy more stuff they don't need and wouldn't ordinarily purchase but will be influenced by the possible exclusivity/additional reward points etc.
  2. You'll have difficulty finding a cabinet this will fit due to the depth, you might want to consider something like this
  3. After speaking to customer services towards the end of the last points promotion they said categorically the points apply to when items are purchased - though obviously you don't actually get them until its shipped. In saying that I would fully expect the MF to be excluded from points offers in the near future but you never know.
  4. Got mine in the UK and still in the original delivery box which measures 52cm x 42cm x 70cm
  5. Starbug

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Yes its expensive, but not "too expensive" which implies a huge error on the part of TLG and given the prestige involved would endanger their business yet I see no-one suggesting that. I personally wouldn't describe it as a toy, is this really marketed as a play item for kids? For me its a special Star Wars collectable and that market is huge let alone the Lego market. So long as you can afford it, its basically a no brainer as it'll be worth more in years to come so its very easy to consider this an investment, a collectable, fantastic show piece, feat of engineering, and a work of art but describing this as a toy is way down my list.
  6. Starbug

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    How anyone can claim the new MF is too expensive is beyond me. True, there will be sections of society unable to afford this but equally there will be sections of society who can comfortably afford this and a middle ground of those willing to push the boat out or not. The high street is full of expensive items that appeal to certain audiences, including at the ridiculous end multi million pound cars at huge premiums yet they all sell out before production is even finished with so much demand that even manufacturers like Ferrari will elect to choose who can buy their cars. I simply cannot see any way anybody could claim its too expensive as a statement of fact, everyone's opinion on price is purely personal as to whether you think its worth it. Dont forget this set will appeal to a huge amount of people who got into Star Wars over the past 20,30,40 years and are now in position with disposable income and I dont think Lego will lose one night's sleep about this selling well. Put it this way, who expects to see second hand sets on ebay at any kind of discount?